Fishing Report #16
May 15 – 22, 2022

Angler group at ESB Lodge May 15-22, 2022

Welcome to the Caribbean!!

We have had a very interesting week! At the beginning we had excellent weather like last week, with very little wind and throughout the days it increased slightly until a storm arrived on Friday and Saturday.

This week we were joined by Larry Jones, Scott Petersen, Fred David, Frank Hatanaka, Richard Sato, Liane Forrester and her husband Bill Forrester, all of whom have chosen us again, some of whom have been doing so for years.

Angler with Permit at ESB Lodge May 15-22, 2022

The week, somewhat cloudy, the fish, perhaps anticipating the change in weather, moved away from things towards deeper waters and in the case of the highly prized Permit perhaps they really started their spawning seasons in this area and were very elusive and selective when it comes to reacting before the flies that our fishermen presented to them.

Although they were seen in the bay in deeper waters which makes them more difficult to find and to persuade with the deception of our flies, most of our clients had shots and some managed to feel them on their lines, but for things of destiny or simply because the Permits are Permits, they could not count them in their fields.

Larry continued to add tarpons and snooks to his personal account throughout his second week with us, Richard, who was his fishing buddy this week, did the same.

Liane and Bill had a great week catching bonefish, tarpon and snook with all of our guides.

Angler with Jack at ESB Lodge May 15-22, 2022

Fred and Frank also applied the wise words that say “for lack of bread, cookies are good” they did not give chances to all the species that can be found in the bay, landing bonefish, tarpons, snooks, barracudas, jacks, snapper, etc.

Angler with Triggerfish at ESB Lodge May 15-22, 2022This week Scott achieved a super grand slam landing a permit, a bonefish and a snook from the boat with Marcos Neri and before dinner I added two beautiful tarpon from the coast of the lodge, his dedication and commitment as a fisherman is truly admirable.

In summary, an interesting week that leaves us with a lot to learn about Permits and their behavior.

We close the week with a total of 4 permits with 7 anglers, which brings our season numbers to 272 permits with 117 guests!

Guest Bonefish Tarpon Snook Barracuda Permit
Richard Sato X X X X
Larry Jones X X X X
Scott Petersen X X X X X (4)
Frank Hatanaka X X X
Fred David X X X X
Liane Forrester X X X
Bill Forrester X X X
Total Permit this season: 272 Total Guests: 117

Angler with Permit at ESB Lodge May 15-22, 2022Flies:
Permit: Although they were not mainly attracted to any particular model, they did follow the classics, such as Flexo, ESB Spawning Shrimp, white house and Esb Yellow Eyes Raghead Crab.

Bonefish: Follow fly styles like Chili Pepper, ESB Spawning Shrimp, Squimp.

Tarpon and Snook: EP’s imitation baitfish are still the favorites.

While the week began with excellent weather with a few isolated clouds, very little wind (between 7 and 9 mph) by the end of the week picked up and with it came dense clouds.

At the end of the week, the winds varied between 14 and 25 mph, and the chances of rain dissipated despite the forecast predictions.

The predictable tides of the beginning of the week and they were not so predictable with the arrival of the wind.

Angler with Snook at ESB Lodge May 15-22, 2022

This week it was Fernando’s turn to rest, who was replaced by Marcos Neri in the middle of the week. Freddy as always at the foot of the canyon to anticipate everything our guests may need to make their stay as pleasant as possible.

Carlos and Luis once again received applause for their dishes, and their work is worthy of all my admiration running two kitchens (guests and staff) making everyone more than happy with their magical dishes.

Isabel and Carlo… I no longer have words to describe their excellent work to ensure that nothing is missing in the lodge and so that our clients with special requirements feel at home.

Taak ulak k’iin and Ka xi’ik teech utsil!!
(See you later and good luck! in Mayan language)
Martin Ferreyra Gonzalez and the entire ESB Family