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Kendjam Lodge, Brazil Amazonia
Due to a recent cancellation, we have 3 rods available the week of August 25th to September 1st – a prime week!
REGULAR RATE: $6,990 + $600 (native fee) per person; double occupancy
CANCELLATION OFFER: $5,250 + $520 (native fee) per person; double occupancy
Email The Fly Shop to learn more about this prime week!

Chosen River Outfitters, Western, Alaska
David Stelling, owner of Chosen River Outfitters on the Kanektok River, AK, has some very hard to secure float trip weeks become available due to some recent cancellations.  Normal rate for this float is $7,500  he is now offering them at $6,000 – a $1,500 discount! David’s float trips down the Kanektok are legendary, what Alaska was like 40 years ago!  Great fishing, seasoned guides, state-of-the art equipment, awesomeness start to finish…  Contact Pat Pendergast for more information.
July 14 – 20, 2024 (4 rods available)
July 22 – 28, 2024 (2 rods available)
August 17 – 23, 2024 (2 rods available)

Duncan’s Steelhead Camp – Kodiak Island, Alaska
We’ve just been made aware of two last minute openings at the Duncan’s Invitation Creek Steelhead Camp on Kodiak Island, specifically for the dates of:
October 5 to 12. 2024 – 1 spot
As the camp’s name (Invitation) would suggest, open space almost never come available for this wilderness steelhead experience…with only 6 anglers a week, a short season, and a stream full of steelhead, demand understandably outstrips availability. Both weeks traditionally see steelhead entering the stream in numbers rarely seen in the steelhead world – the earlier dates will also see a lot of silver salmon. It is small water, great for dead-drifting or swinging, though only with single- handed rods – double-handers are just too much for the size of water. These wild fish are mint- bright and only a rifle shot from the salt, averaging 24 to 27-inches with quite a few from 28 to 30. A big steelhead here will be 32 to 35 inches. The river is too small to run boats on, so all fishing is accessed via hiking the river and rewards those who are comfortable hiking one to three miles a day. Contact Mike Mercer for more information.

Talaheim Lodge, Alaska
Here’s a great opportunity in Alaska that our friend Mark Miller made us aware of. He has six rods available September 1 – 7, 2024 that he is discounting a $1,000 off the normal $8,600 per person weekly rate. This is Mark’s #1 week – wade fishing for big trout and char using helicopters to access very remote fisheries. Contact Mike Mercer for more information.

Andros South, Bahamas
WOW, check out this prime week at Andros South, does it get any better?  We don’t think so… Get your bonefish on next spring in the Bahamas. This week is being hosted by at TFS staff member.
March 02 – 09, 2025  (12 rods) – new moon April 8th | Email Eric Ersch to learn more about this prime week!


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Prime Travel

Prime Travel is your definitive source of information on the finest fly fishing destinations in the world. Whether you are looking for a family holiday, a last minute cancellation special, or a prime week at a high demand fishery, Prime Travel is a resource-tool to help find exactly what you are looking for.
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