Mike Michalak and his partner Brad Jackson opened The Fly Shop® in 1978. After their modest start Brad left the business in 1987 to move into the world of stocks and bonds. With a little help from the bank and a lot of hard work, The Fly Shop® is proudly celebrating its 45th anniversary this year.

Mike MichalakOver time, The Fly Shop® has fortunately attracted the employment of some of the best talent in the West. Much of our success is due to these honest and loyal employees. Since the second year of the company’s existence, Mike Mercer has been an integral part of the team. Pat Pendergast, who has worked for The Fly Shop® for almost 30 years, manages our travel department. Zack Thurman oversees our retail department while Bryan Quick and Chris King supervise our International School of Fly Fishing, Kidscamp, Private Waters, and Northern California guide service.

Our retail staff includes professional people who have chosen The Fly Shop® as an opportunity to display their talents and to advance their personal success. It has been these kind of people working for the shop that have helped to build our reputation. A host of well-known fly fishermen like, Brian O’Keefe, John Dietz and Andy Burk, have cashed paychecks from The Fly Shop®.

“Here at The Fly Shop®, it’s always been about people. Since April of 1978, I’ve worked to surround myself with the most talented staff, the best products, and the finest angling travel destinations in fly fishing. Along the way, most of our customers became our friends. Everybody says they’re the best, but my people have been proving it since our doors opened. And after 45 years our reputation says it for us.”

Thank you to all,
Mike Michalak – Owner