2% for Trout

Partnering for Conservation

The Fly Shop® is proud to announce our partnership with Trout Unlimited, Cal Trout, Wild Salmon Center and The Conservation Angler to help fund their efforts with a significant portion of our domestic and international travel sales.  Now, every time a member of these organizations makes a reservation with The Fly Shop® to Alaska, Argentina, the Bahamas, Brazil, Kamchatka, Mexico, Mongolia, or any of our other worldwide freshwater or saltwater fly fishing destinations (or even with one of our local guides) we’ll be making a donation to one of these organizations (the one you belong to) equal to 2% of the cost of the package.

That’s not 2% of the profit, or some artificial figure modified by inflated expenses.  It’s a major percentage of our gross income as angling travel agents.

These donations are a reflection of The Fly Shop’s 45-year history of commitment to angling conservation and belief that the health of our sport and of the planet is umbilically linked to our rivers, streams, and oceans.

We call all of this 2% for Trout and there are no exceptions.  As a member of Trout Unlimited, Cal Trout, Wild Salmon Center or The Conservation Angler, we’ll donate 2% of the cost of any of your international packages booked through The Fly Shop® to one of those four (4) conservation groups.  That also includes reservations made with our local guide service and any of our local “Private Waters“.

The Fly Shop® has a well-deserved reputation as America’s number one international fly fishing travel agent.  Our portfolio of lodges, camps, and outfitters has no equal in our sport and 2% for Trout is a great way of supporting the organizations dedicated to protecting our fisheries with your travel dollars.

Book your trip with The Fly Shop® to nearly any fly fishing
lodge in the world and become a part of the solution.

In our estimation, the four (4) groups we’ve partnered with are among the most conscientious environmental angling stewards in North America.  Each works tirelessly to ensure the well-being of our trout, steelhead, and salmon habitat and advocates for the protection, scientific study, and conservation of our rivers, streams, and oceans.

We’ve been putting our money where our mouth is for 4 decades, and now we’re doing even more.  We hope you’ll consider booking your next fly fishing holiday with The Fly Shop® and join us in supporting:

• Cal Trout – www.caltrout.org
• Trout Unlimited – www.tu.org
• The Conservation Angler – www.theconservationangler.com
• Wild Salmon Center – www.wildsalmoncenter.org

We were there with Cal Trout getting our hands wet and dirty during the first stages of their iconic restoration of Hat Creek’s wild trout fishery.  The Fly Shop® spent 3 years with Venezuelan biologists in the early 80’s to establish comprehensive regulations protecting it’s off-shore National Park, Los Roques.  We worked with officials to create the first fly-fishing-only river in Chile and then partnered with Wild Salmon Center in Kamchatka in the 90’s to help establish eco-tourism and simultaneously protect their trout and salmon.  Later we teamed with The Conservation Angler and Russian biologists to establish the Kamchatka Steelhead Project and support science and conservation initiatives in Kamchatka and elsewhere.

Without question, The Fly Shop® has devoted more time, effort, energy, and money to support fly fishing clubs and angling conservation than any business our size in the industry.

Now we hope that 2% for Trout will become a revolutionary conservation alliance in our sport.  We expect that this is only the first of many similar announcements as The Fly Shop® expands our support and adds other like-minded conservation advocacy organizations to this already impressive list of environmental groups.

We’d like nothing more than the checks we write to these organizations be huge and with your support, they can be.

The Fly Shop® team helped with the formation of Shasta Trinity Cascades Chapter of Trout Unlimited.

In the past 2 years they’ve rescued thousands of trout stranded from huge water, removed nearly 8 tons of trash from regional waterways, and coordinated a large-scale project creating in-river habitat for endangered Sacramento River Winter Chinook Salmon.

No other fly shop in America has ever committed more time,
more money, or made more of a difference in the
health and quality of our nation’s fisheries!