The Fall River is the largest of California’s spring creeks, fed by several icy aquifers coming from the snows and glaciers of Mount Shasta.

It is the nation’s largest spring system, creating a wonderland of crystal-clear, 50-degree rainbow trout habitat. At the same time it is both the finest spring creek fly fishing opportunity in California and one of the best in the United States. It is certainly the angling showpiece of the entire Shasta Cascade region and one of the richest spring fed rivers in the world.

Costa Kick Plastic IconFall River itself is some fifteen miles long with an average depth of 7 feet of icy cold water, making it impossible to wade. The entire river bank, from where the headwaters bubble out of the ground to its confluence with the Tule River is privately owned, making public access along the river difficult even though the water itself is open to the public. Millionaires and savvy sportsmen have bought up every piece of river frontage creating exclusivity and privacy to be reckoned with. A notable lawsuit in 1971 declared the river navigable if you can get a boat in the water, and Cal Trout’s limited access point near the Island Road Bridge does allow for some accessibility for small prams or other watercraft, though gas motors are not allowed through the Cal Trout Access.

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Reservations & Rates

Rates (1-2 anglers):
• Full Day - $625/day (Package deal, including flies, tackle & equipment)

Included in your guided angling package on the Fall River is 8-10 hours of guided fishing with lunch provided. Your guide will also be providing all the necessary terminal tackle (flies, rods, reels, lines, leaders, tippet, indicators, and split shot).

Not included in your guided angling package on the Fall River are fishing license (regular license), waders, boots, and items of a personal nature.

All guided trips through The Fly Shop® will be Package Deals. Package Deals include the guide providing all the necessary terminal tackle for your trip (flies, rods, reels, lines, leaders, tippet, indicators, and split shot). You will still be responsible for any additional items needed for the trip such as waders, boots, wading staff, protective eyewear and proper clothing.

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Seasons on Fall River

The Fall River is now open to fishing year round.

The Fall is a spring creek, its flows mostly un-impacted by runoff, running clear and cold consistently almost every day of the season.

May through Mid-June:
May and June are generally considered the "prime time" months on the Fall River because of the daily morning and evening hatches and profuse spinner falls. The largest spinner fall on the river is a heavy hatch of PMDs that begin to hatch in the morning and fall spent to the river and drift placidly down to pods of rising trout throughout the middle of the day. This epic PMD spinnerfall hatch occurs near the headwaters of the Fall upstream of Island Road Bridge.

It's not uncommon to see hundreds of finicky rainbow trout throwing caution to the wind and rising simultaneously during the heart of the intense PMD spinner fall on Fall River.

Mid-June through July:
June and July are two of the most popular months of the year on Fall River, largely due to the famous Hexagenia mayflies hatching at dusk and bringing the biggest fish in the river to the surface every night. Many anglers in the know plan their entire angling season around the arrival of these giant, bright yellow mayflies. Hexagenia are the largest of the mayfly species, yet are only available to the trout for a short window of opportunity from the middle of June through July when they emerge, right at dusk, to mate. Their nymphs are burrowing insects, living in the silty river bottom until their emergence each summer.

In spite of the hype and excitement that always surrounds the Hex Hatch, there are still some great midday mayfly hatches and blankets of caddis that swarm the river every afternoon. Often the best fishing of the Hex hatch event is actually casting emerging caddis patterns in the hour or two before the big Mayflies begin to show.

In addition, there are consistent spinnerfalls every morning through the summer of a tiny species of mayfly. The Attenella, or tiny blue winged olive, hatch and mate at night throughout the warm summer months, falling to the river to waiting trout in the early to mid morning.

Our Fall River guides will put you on the water during the most productive times of day. Sometimes this means fishing early in the morning and taking a midday siesta before going out again in the evening to fish the Hex Hatch, while at other times they'll pick you up at midday and fish straight through till it's so dark you can't see any more.

August & September:
August and September is "trico time" on Fall River. These tiny mayflies hatch most mornings and provide a couple of hours of action casting tiny dry flies on even tinier tippets for some of the most challenging and rewarding spring creek fishing anywhere.

Callibaetis mayflies and small caddisflies are also prevalent at times on Fall River throughout the late summer months and early fall. August and September are sometimes considered the doldrums of the season, but our guides have discovered that these may be two of the best months of the year on Fall River. Hatches are less consistent, but nymphing and swinging wet flies and streamers on intermediate lines is very productive and angling traffic is light.

October through end of November:
October and November also don't get much attention from anglers, but have great hatches of tiny Tricos and Baetis mayflies, and larger Callibaetis mayflies, too. Trout will consistently feed on a variety of dry flies, nymphs, and even slowly swung wet flies or streamers throughout the course of a fishing day. Fall River regulars don't talk much about the fall season, mainly because they don't want everyone to know how good the fishing can be at that late time of year.

December through April:
The recent changes to the California inland fisheries regulations have opened Fall River to fishing all year. We have no experience fishing this time of year. However, in late March through April the upper river will see some large hatches of Blue Wing Olives and the small black Caddis. With an abundant population of scuds and leeches, swinging a Zug Bug should be a good tactic to keep your rod bent all winter. Travel through Burney can be difficult when it storms, so check the forecast and road conditions before you head out.

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Fishing on Fall River

For the most part, Fall River is wide, slow moving, and it is the waters in the mid section of the river that provide the best fly fishing opportunities for both nymphing and dry fly action.

The combination of the character of the river and the limited public access make this an equipment intensive experience. Specialized, shallow-draft John boats, equipped with both small outboard and electric motors are absolutely necessary to navigate the river. Once a pod of selectively feeding trout is located, guides and anglers anchor the boats upstream of

the fish and cast slack-line presentations downstream to the feeding trout.

Limited public access is only one of the many reasons that Fall River is so popular with spring creek fly fishermen. The valley that the river winds through is spectacular, with the visages of both Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen to the west and south. The river bank abounds with wildlife, as waterfowl, otter, muskrat, eagles, osprey, heron, and deer all make regular appearances during a typical fishing day. Nature lovers, bird watchers, duck hunters and wilderness-oriented fly fishers covet this exclusive California resource. Bing Cosby, Clint Eastwood, and Walton Powell have all navigated and savored this natural spring fed ribbon of glass-like waters. The wild rainbow trout in the river, however, are certainly the main attraction.

The fishing on Fall River is technical and demanding because of its gin-clear water and slow-moving currents, but with a skilled and properly equipped guide these incredible fish and the full length of Fall River become accessible to anglers of all skill-levels. This fantastic spring creek is located only an hour and a half east of Redding (75 miles) near the small (population 648) historic community of Fall River Mills.

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Lodging on Fall River

Fall River Mills is approximately 75 miles east of Redding on California Highway 299. There are several wonderful places to stay while fishing Fall River, from motels to all inclusive lodging.


Circle 7 Guest Ranch
Phone: 530-222-3555
Website: Circle 7 Guest Ranch
• Circle 7 Guest Ranch is located across the river from Bob Wilson's Riverside House near Island Bridge, offering accommodations, river access, and boats.

Fall River Hotel & Restaurant
Phone: 530-336-5550
• When you plan your next hunting, fishing, family vacation make the Fall River Hotel & Restaurant your choice for lodging in the Fall River Valley! Built in 1939, the Fall River Hotel is located in the center of Fall River Mills California. We are open year round and would love to host your next vacation or business trip.

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Getting to Fall River

The Fall River is approximately 1 hour, 20 minutes northeast of The Fly Shop.

Most Fall River fishing trips will start by meeting your guide at 8:00 am either at Spinner Fall Lodge, Circle 7 Ranch, or at the Glenburn Church (corner of Glenburn Road and McArthur Rd in Fall River Mills), unless prior arrangements have been made.

From Redding: Travel East on Hwy 299E to Fall River Mills. Just after you pass the golf course on the West edge of town you will see County Road A20 (Glenburn Rd) heading North. Turn left (North) on A20 (Glenburn Rd) and travel 5.5 miles to a stop sign. Turn right and go 1/4 mile to the Glenburn Church.

Additional Information

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Booking a Guide for Fall River

To book a guide, please give us a call at 800-669-3474 during business hours any day of the week, or email us at or anytime. We can give you the answers you need, detailed explanations to questions you might have, or check on availability and confirm your reservation in minutes.