The team here at The Fly Shop®, along with our at-large Pro-Staff Ambassadors, have hundreds of weeks of international fly fishing travel under our belts. Each year we coordinate anywhere from 25-50 weeks of familiarization or “hosted” trips to all corners of the globe, from Alaska to South America, the Caribbean to the South Pacific, Indian Ocean to the jungles of the Amazon, and just about everything in between. We put our extensive experience to work for you with every trip to book with The Fly Shop®, including the most detailed pre-trip planners in the business, and the attention to detail that helps ensure your own fly fishing adventures will go as smoothly as possible.

We understand that your angling holiday is special for you. Perhaps you go on several big trips a year; or perhaps you’ve saved up for years for this one memorable, “trip-of-a-lifetime.” Either way, we are here to help, every step of the way.

One of the best ways to discover a new exotic fishing destination, is to join one of our staff on our own “hosted” adventures. You’ll still enjoy the usual fantastic service The Fly Shop® is recognized for as you prepare for your trip. And you’ll have the added bonus on a Hosted Trip of our experienced staff right there to help throughout the trip itself. From helping rig your rods, to early morning casting lessons, to working with the lodge staff to fine-tune your daily goals and expectations, our staff will do everything possible to make sure your trip is a memorable and rewarding one. Too, we’ve found that lodges and fishing camps the world over roll the red carpet out when our staff is there!

There are no additional fees or costs associated with a hosted trip with The Fly Shop®. And, our staff usually travels with extra gear and flies, just in case!

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Pirarucú & Xingu River - 2022

Join The Fly Shop’s Justin Miller to chase two of the Amazon River’s most bizarre fly fishing targets! The gargantuan Arapaima and the saber-toothed vampire fish, the Payara!

Our first stop will be at Pirarucu, arguably the best place on earth to target the legendary Arapaima, the largest scaled freshwater fish in the world! They are known to reach lengths of up to 9 feet long and weigh up to 440 pounds! They are an air-breathing fish, resembling tarpon in both size and shape, though with more coloration and distinctly prehistoric fins.They may look slow and cumbersome, but when hooked, they are

absolutely brutal fighters! You will feel the fly get sucked into their mouth… then you strip-set as hard as you can into what feels like an immovable object… until all hell breaks loose! Watching 100-300 pounds of fish tail walking out of the water is something you will never forget…

While fishing for a true river monster is what is on every angler's mind, Pirarucú has much more to offer than just big fish. In addition to the true goliath fish, there are vibrant populations of “juvenile” arapaima from 20-60 pounds, which readily take large streamers on floating fly lines in the shallow lagoons of the reserve. You will also want to spend some time hunting for arowana, a fish popular in aquariums in the US but that average 2-8 pounds in the wild. You will stalk and sight cast to them with poppers and terrestrials. You would almost think you were throwing hoppers at laid up brown trout, if you weren’t in a jungle echoing the cries of the howler monkeys…

Get a look at some anglers going to war at Pirarucu here:
PIRARUCU - FlyFishing the Biggest Arapaima Reserve in the planet!

We’ll head back to Manaus for a day before heading right back out to the jungle in pursuit of one of the meanest looking fish in freshwater, the vampire looking Payara!

The Xingu River flows over granite bedrock, running clear and allowing for sight-fishing opportunities for a broad variety of species. Anglers will see fish sipping and rolling on the surface like trout, including insect-eating pacu and matrinxas, while aggressive predators like peacock bass, bicuda, and wolf fish also lurk along the deeper edges, ready to attack poppers or streamers.

But the main event at Xingu is the impressive numbers of large Payara. These “vampire fish” are famous for their fearsome orthodonture, and while they make for impressive photos they are also one of the hardest-hitting, strongest fighting fish in the Amazon Basin.

This is an adventurous trip in the middle of an extremely remote tropical jungle area, and all anglers must be physically and mentally prepared. You will see and experience many new things! You will want to come into this adventure with an open, exploratory mind. And, most importantly, respect for the land of the Kayapo warriors. It is their territory and their river, protected by their “warrior spirit” for centuries.

Get an eyeful of the incredible Payara here:
The Xingu Experience - Fly Fishing For Payara In Brazil

Call or email Justin Miller at The Fly Shop® today to join him on this epic hosted adventure into the Amazon Jungle!

When: October 30 - November 4, 2022 (Pirarucú) & November 5 - 12, 2022 (Xingu)
Your Host: Justin Miller
Availability: 04 rods at each destination (can be booked separately or as a bundle)
Price: $11,485 per person ($4,995/Pirarucú and $6,490/Xingu), based on sharing a room, boat and guide. (price subject to change)

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Trophy Tigerfish - Tanzania 2023

Join The Fly Shop’s Erik Argotti on an African safari to hunt the legendary Tigerfish in the jungles of Tanzania!

For nearly a decade, the Mnyera and Ruhudji Rivers in Southwestern Tanzania have quickly built their reputations as maybe the finest trophy tigerfish destination on the planet, and as being among the most exciting jungle freshwater fisheries on Earth. The monster tigerfish that call these rivers home are absolutely ruthless, hunting bait with lightning fast speed, and violent attacks. When hooked they go absolutely ballistic, jumping and cartwheeling, screaming into the backing, and then

stubbornly bulldogging until the bitter end. The Mnyera and Ruhudji Rivers are widely regarded as THE destination to target tigerfish in the 10 – 25lb range, and they have landed them up to 30lbs here!

The majority of the fishing is done from the boat, with 2 anglers fishing at all times… no sharing time on this program, just keep firing casts! Your attention will be focused on the river's many types of structure that the Tigers call home… fallen timber, long sandbanks, steep drop-offs and rocky outcrops depending on conditions. The 18ft aluminum boats are perfect to run the river comfortably with 2 anglers, along with your 2 guides, the professional guide, and the coxswain. All boats are fitted with 15 – 25 hp motors.

9wt - 10wt rods are ideal for these savage predators. On top of the necessity to wrestle these monsters away from the structure they want to destroy you on, you will also need to be throwing very large streamer patterns and big wind resistant poppers, as well as heavy sinking lines. You will appreciate any extra work that the rod will do for you… Your go to rig will be a heavy sink tip and streamer, but do not pass up the opportunity to get one of these ferocious predators to blow you up on the surface while you rip poppers back to the boat…

These rivers are extremely remote and have received very little fishing pressure over the centuries, they are as wild as they have always been… And with your help supporting sustainable catch and release fly fishing, it will remain that way!

Check out some hot action from the Tigerfish camps here:
Trophy Tigerfish - Dhala & Samaki Camp, Tanzania

When: October 14-21,2023
Your Host: Erik Argotti
Availability: 4 rods
Length of Stay: 7 Night, 6 days
Price: $11,400 per angler - based on sharing a room, boat and guide.

Included in your angling package at Tanzania Trophy Tigerfish is transfer from airport to/from Sea Cliff Hotel; transfer from Sea Cliff Hotel to charter flight on morning of departure; charter flight to/from camp; 7 nights in camp; 6 days fishing on the Mnyera and Ruhudji Rivers; professional guiding; all meals, accommodation, water, soft drinks, and limited beer; boats and fuel; fishing licenses and concession fees; Tanzania Government Conservation Levy.

Please contact Erik Argotti at The Fly Shop® for more information, and to confirm your reservation.