The team here at The Fly Shop®, along with our at-large Pro-Staff Ambassadors, have hundreds of weeks of international fly fishing travel under our belts. Each year we coordinate anywhere from 25-50 weeks of familiarization or “hosted” trips to all corners of the globe, from Alaska to South America, the Caribbean to the South Pacific, Indian Ocean to the jungles of the Amazon, and just about everything in between. We put our extensive experience to work for you with every trip to book with The Fly Shop, including the most detailed pre-trip planners in the business, and the attention to detail that helps ensure your own fly fishing adventures will go as smoothly as possible.

We understand that your angling holiday is special for you. Perhaps you go on several big trips a year; or perhaps you’ve saved up for years for this one memorable, “trip-of-a-lifetime.” Either way, we are here to help, every step of the way.

One of the best ways to discover a new exotic fishing destination, is to join one of our staff on our own “hosted” adventures. You’ll still enjoy the usual fantastic service The Fly Shop is recognized for as you prepare for your trip. And you’ll have the added bonus on a Hosted Trip of our experienced staff right there to help throughout the trip itself. From helping rig your rods, to early morning casting lessons, to working with the lodge staff to fine-tune your daily goals and expectations, our staff will do everything possible to make sure your trip is a memorable and rewarding one. Too, we’ve found that lodges and fishing camps the world over roll the red carpet out when our staff is there!

There are no additional fees or costs associated with a hosted trip with The Fly Shop®. And, our staff usually travels with extra gear and flies, just in case!

Christmas Island, The Villages

Shane Kohlbeck - January 2020

Join The Fly Shop’s Guide, Shane Kohlbeck, on his annual quest for some of the best flats fishing on planet earth!

Shane first started guiding for The Fly Shop® in 1997. In the years since, he has also spent time guiding all over the world, including Los Roques, Venezuela, Penrhyn Atoll, Rapid's Camp Lodge, and Hoodoo Lodge, as well as guiding all of the fabled waters of Northern California. He’s been hosting annual trips to Christmas Island for many years, knows all the guides and some of the fish by name! Shane's experience and expert instruction (he's also an FFF certified casting instructor) make him an ideal host, and his group trips fill quickly so contact us right away if you want to join Shane in Kiribati in 2020!

Christmas Island is one of the most prolific bonefish destinations on the planet. The protected lagoon provides ideal habitat to provide unbelievable populations of bonefish. It is one of the few places in the world where anglers of any skill level can expect multiple shots at good numbers of bonefish, every day, 365 days a year. Fishing on Christmas Island is done the way it should be – on foot. This is the largest coral atoll in the world, and the lagoon is loaded with miles upon miles of fishable water, and there are additional miles of Oceanside reef flats as well. Fly fishers spend the entire day stalking bonefish (or other species) on solid, white-bottomed flats that often stretch as far as the eye can see. In addition to the great bonefishing, there are many other exciting fish species you can target on Christmas Island. The atoll is home to several different species of Trevally, including the notorious Giant Trevally, beautiful and powerful Bluefin Trevally, and rare Golden Trevally. Tailing triggerfish have become a favorite target species for many Christmas Island regulars. Add in sweetlips, milkfish, parrotfish, goatfish, snapper, and offshore species such as tuna and wahoo, and the opportunities abound to put a bend on the end of your rod with many different beautiful, hard-fighting fish.

Take this opportunity to join Shane on our 2020 The Villages at Christmas Island adventure. Give us a call today at 800-669-3474, or send an email to with any questions regarding this angling odyssey.

When: January 27 - February 4, 2020
Your Host: Shane Kohlbeck
Availability: 12 rods
Length of Stay: 7 nights - 6 fishing days
Price: $2,990 per person (double occupancy lodging, single guide)

Cosmoledo Atoll, Seychelles

Ross Purnell - March 2021

Join Fly Fisherman magazine’s editor, Ross Purnell, on his return to the wilderness flats of the Seychelles, hunting for monstrous Giant Trevally at Cosmoledo!

As editor for Fly Fisherman, Ross has unique opportunities to travel the world, pen in hand, in search of great stories to share with the magazine’s broad readership. So it’s always worth noting when he returns from a trip super excited, which is exactly what happened in January 2019 after his first trip to Cosmoledo:

"Cosmoledo Atoll was one of the best saltwater fishing experiences I’ve ever had, and the new eco-lodge there is something truly special. It is really such an incredible place... so many GT’s right on top of rays, and triggers just tailing as far as you can see at low tide. I loved it so much."

It was such a great experience, in fact, that he insisted upon returning as soon as possible! Unfortunately Cosmoledo is so good -- and therefore so popular -- that the soonest we could get him back there wasn’t until 2021! The good news is, we were able to secure a really spectacular week, with great tides. There will be a full moon in the middle of the week so spring tides, ideal for marauding GTs on the flats.

Cosmoledo is perhaps the best GT fishery in the world. The atoll’s large white sand flats, lagoon edges and channels are without question ruled by the notorious Giant Trevally. It’s a perfect environment for these hyper-aggressive aquatic predators, and there may be no better spot on Earth for multiple opportunities, every day, as these powerful fish.

GT’s are not the only species which can be found here in fantastic numbers, however, as bonefish, milkfish, the finicky indo-pacific permit, and a host of triggerfish species all call Cosmoledo home and hence make this a truly special fishing destination.

Give Michael Caranci a call today at 800-669-3474, or send an email to with any questions regarding this exotic angling odyssey.

When: March 25-April 1, 2021
Your Host: Ross Purnell, Fly Fisherman Magazine
Availability: 6 rods available
Length of Stay: 7 nights - 6 fishing days
Price: Pluma Lodge: The trip cost is US$ 15,575 per person (double occupancy), or $18,550 if you’d like a single room

Mongolia w/ Hatch Magazine

Earl Harper & Chad Shmukler - Fall 2020

Join professional photographer Earl Harper, and editor Chad Shmukler on an incredible adventure to the birthplace of Ghenghis Khan on remote steppes of Mongolia in search of the world’s largest trout, the taimen.

Earl and Chad have fished all over the world in pursuit of incredible imagery and spectacular stories, but this may be the grandest adventure of them all: 3 weeks in the remote Mongolian Steppe! Earl is no stranger to Mongolia, as he’s visited these amazing rivers several times in the past (and can’t wait to return again).

Taimen are the largest salmonid on earth, aggressive predators that attack streamers or top-water patterns with reckless abandon. These fish average 25 - 40 inches, and fish over 50 inches are landed every season. The main diet of a taimen is composed of baitfish, but they’re top tier predators in their ecosystem, opportunistic feeders that will attack anything that might fit in their gaping jaws. Streamers work well, and so do rodents and big poppers on the surface. Taimen will absolutely explode on the fly, sometimes coming completely out of the water on the strike. And they’ll keep coming back, over and over until they capture their kill, so if you miss the first strike you’ll typically get more opportunities to hook the fish of a lifetime. Mongolia is a “Bucket List Adventure”; fulfill your fly fishing dreams hunting and landing the largest salmonid in the world!

Earl and Chad will enjoy 3 different trips, and guests interested in joining them have the option for one week, two weeks, or the extended full 3 week adventure.

• Trip #1: Buryat Headwaters Expedition - September 20-29, 2020 - 2 rods available
• Trip #2: MRO Upper River Float - September 27-October 5, 2020 - 6 rods available
• Trip #3: MRO Lower River Float - October 3-13, 2020 - 6 rods available
* Dates include a night in Ulaanbaatar on either end of the fishing trip *

Give us a call today at 800-669-3474, or send an email to with any questions regarding this exotic angling odyssey.

When: September 20-29, 2020 (Trip #1)
            September 27-October 5, 2020 (Trip #2)
            October 3-13, 2020 (Trip #3)
Your Host: - Chad Shmukler and Earl Harper
Availability: 2-6 rods
Length of Stay: Varies depending on trip
Price: $6,950 per person, double occupancy

Tsimane Pluma & Agua Negra Lodges

Christiaan Pretorius - September 2020

Join The Fly Shop’s Pro-Staff Ambassador, Christiaan Pretorius, on one of two (or both) expeditions to the jungles of South America, fly fishing for what may be the world’s greatest gamefish: golden dorado!

Christiaan has experience guiding in some of the most remote, adventurous fly fishing locales across the globe, including the Zambezi River in Africa, St Brandon's Atoll, Alphonse Atoll, and Astove Atoll in the Indian Ocean, the Zhupanova River in Kamchatka, and he is now the manager at Abaco Lodge in the Bahamas. He's also a great photographer and an up-and-coming filmmaker. Most important, he’s a great guy to be around!

Tsimane is the most unique golden dorado fishery in the world, a place where you can wade fish in clear mountain streams for Dorado. Tsimane is an extremely unique fishery, an exotic jungle fly fishing adventure, far off the beaten path and the #1 jungle fishing trip in World. If you had to make one jungle trip in your life, this is the trip; it will change you for life.

Pluma Lodge (September 26-October 3, 2020): The Tsimane Pluma Lodge experience is based on one very comfortable jungle lodge, built entirely from sustainable wood cut from the nearby jungle. There are also two smaller headwater out-camp options, one on the upper Pluma River and one on the upper Itirizama River, one of the main tributaries to the Pluma. Based out of the comforts of the main Pluma Lodge and the headwaters out-camps, anglers have access to three different rivers, each different and unique: the Pluma River, Itirizama River, and the lower Secure River. This broad variety of waters and pools allow groups to fish fresh water every day, and rarely, if ever, repeat the same fishing beat. The water types vary from deep pools to rugged terraced pocket water.

Agua Negra Lodge (October 3-10, 2020): The Tsimane Agua Negra experience is based on a comfortable jungle lodge. Each room features double accommodation. Agua Negra operates a lodge located in an unspoiled area close to the junction of the Agua Negra and Secure Rivers, and is suited for no more than 4 anglers at one time.

Give us a call today at 800-669-3474, or send an email to with any questions regarding this exotic angling odyssey. You can also email Christiaan directly to find out more at

When: September 26-October 3, 2020 (Pluma Lodge)
           October 3-10, 2020 (Agua Negra Lodge)
Your Host: Christiaan Pretorius
Availability: 1 rods available at Pluma Lodge
                   0 rods available at Agua Negra Lodge
Length of Stay: Each trip is 9 nights, 6 days fishing; or can be combined for 15 nights, 12 days fishing
Price: Pluma Lodge: $7,600 (*plus a $670 Native Fee)
          Agua Negra Lodge: $5,800 (*plus a $570 Native Fee)

Pirarucú & Rio Marie’, Amazonia, Brazil in 2020

Hosted by Peter Fong

BIG Fish Jungle Fly Fishing Odyssey

Peter Fong, award-winning author, renowned Mongolia flyfishing guide, and international explorer is hosting a trip to the Pirarucú and the Rio Marié, Amazonia, Brazil in 2020. Peter and a small group of friends will be targeting giant arapaima—the planet’s largest scaled freshwater fish, reaching lengths up to 9 feet and weights to 440 pounds—as well as the largest peacock bass in the world. It’s a big-fish jungle flyfishing odyssey, led by an experienced angler and adventurer who will be running point and taking care of all the details: start to finish.

Our first stop will be at Pirarucú, located within the Mamirauá Reserve, about 600 km west of Manaus. Mamirauá is a complex of lakes, lagoons, and channels between the Solimões River and the Japura River. Mamirauá was the first Sustainable Development Reserve in Brazil, designated by the Government of Amazonas in 1996, and remains the largest arapaima reserve in the world at 1,124,000 hectares—over 4,000 square miles. Although we will be targeting the massive, air-breathing arapaima, we will also be looking to hook up with other exotic jungle species like arowana and tambaqui—two hard-fighting gamefish that readily eat flies.

Although the unique fishery at Pirarucú is our primary draw to the region, you’ll quickly be amazed at the incredible nature of the place itself. The floating lodge at Pousada Uacari is nestled in a bend of a channel that connects a series of lakes and lagoons. Once settled into your cabin, you’ll be immersed in jungle, surrounded by the sights and sounds of giant arapaima rolling and splashing in all directions (and at times literally right beneath the floor)! As a bonus, the Mamirauá Reserve is one of the top birdwatching destinations in the world, and every day you’ll see countless species of birds in the trees and along the banks.

We will stay four nights at Pirarucú, with three-and-a-half days of fishing, which should give us plenty of opportunities to connect with arapaima as well as other exotic jungle gamefish. Uacari Lodge, constructed of local woods, is simple, beautiful, and very comfortable. The floating structure has a dock for the guide boats, along with a covered palapa furnished with a large table and some chairs for relaxing on the front deck. The main lodge is a two-story structure housing a kitchen, dining room, and bar (with a few couches for lounging). There are a total of five guest cabins, all connected with wooden walkways. All cabins have full ensuite bathrooms with flush toilets and good hot-water showers.

The lodge is eco-friendly and runs entirely on solar electricity. Rooms are spacious with lots of screened-in windows, with additional ventilation provided by bedside and ceiling fans. If you need to connect with the outside world, the wi-fi is fairly reliable, though slow.

The fishing is done in teams of two using specially designed fly fishing boats, accompanied by both a fly fishing guide and a local native guide. Because each boat is equipped with two large casting platforms, both anglers will have flies in the water all day. You’ll want an 11- or 12-weight outfit for arapaima, as well as an 8- or 9-weight for other species.

Exploring the tributaries and lagoons at Pirarucú will provide an ideal introduction to the rhythm of the jungle, before we head out to the Rio Marié to tackle its legendary peacock bass—some of the hardest-hitting and hardest-pulling freshwater gamefish on the planet.

After breakfast and saying goodbye to our new friends at Pirarucú, we’ll take a quick boat ride back to the village of Tefe, where we will meet a floatplane coming from Manaus, then continue on to the mothership for a week of chasing the largest peacock bass in the world.

In the opinion of Brazilian government biologists, Rio Marié has more double-digit peacock bass—and a higher percentage of trophy specimens—than any other river in the Amazon. At more than 350 miles by floatplane from Manaus, it also is the most remote river in the region. Through a joint venture with the local indigenous community, each week of the short 10-week season gives 8 anglers exclusive fly fishing-only access to a protected area that encompasses more than 400 miles of virgin water.

As at Pirarucú, anglers will fish in teams of two, with one professional English-speaking fly fishing guide and a local native guide in specially designed boats. These wide-bodied, 20-foot center consoles have two casting platforms—one at either end of the boat—so both anglers can fish at the same time. They are powered by 90-hp, 4-stroke outboards, as well as remote-controlled electric motors. And the mobile mothership, the Untamed Amazon, allows us to find and stay on the fish—no matter where they are in the basin.

When targeting large peacock bass, we will be casting large streamers to structure, using 8 or 9-weight rods with aggressive, jungle-tapered fly lines. There will also be sight-fishing opportunities for smaller butterfly peacocks over white-sand shoals and beaches. The Untamed Amazon will anchor in a different place every day, allowing unprecedented access to new tributaries and lagoons.

Each day teams of two anglers fish one of the beats in the Marié River (including tributaries and lagoons), with one professional English-speaking fly fishing guide and a local Indian guide in specially designed fishing boats. These wide-bodied, 20-foot boats have two casting platforms (one at either end of the boat so both anglers can fish at the same time), a center console, and are powered by 90hp, 4-stroke motors, as well as remote-control electric motors. We will be casting 8 – 9 weight rods, with jungle tapered fly lines and large streamers, to structure for large peacock bass. There are also sight fishing opportunities for smaller butterfly peacocks over white sand shoals and beaches.

When: November 28 - December 10, 2020
Your Host: Peter Fong
Availability: 6 - 8 rod

The Untamed Amazon, our lodge for the week, is a three-story, state-of-the-art mothership, specifically designed for river navigation and low environmental impact. The vessel has its own sewage treatment plant as well as an advanced system for solar-power generation and storage—including 96 German solar panels and 3 tons of Hitachi batteries. Propulsion is provided by twin 200-hp engines.

The main deck of the Untamed Amazon has 8 guest suites—each 18 square meters in size. Six of these are double suites, each of which can accommodate two guests in super single beds, with private bathroom, air-conditioning, and plenty of space for clothes and gear. The remaining two suites are designed to accommodate single guests, with similar amenities. All suites feature outside-facing, floor-to-ceiling windows.

Pirarucú Lodge
November 29 through December 03, 2020
4 nights and 3 and a half days fishing is $3,995 per person plus $390 native fee

Rio Marie’
December 03 through 10, 2020
7 nights and six days fishing is $7,325 per person plus $670 native fee

All total we will be gone two weeks, door to door and I can’t be more excited about our adventure. BIG fish, are BIG fish, no matter where they live. Like the taimen in Mongolia that I have pursued and guided for more than a decade, I look forward to putting those decades of knowledge and experience to use and sharing with each and every one of you on the Arapaima at Pirarucú Lodge and the trophy Peacock Bass on the Rio Marie’. Come join me - Peter.

Writer and conservationist Peter W. Fong has been the head guide at Mongolia River Outfitters for more than a decade. His stories and photographs have appeared in American Angler, Fly Fisherman, Gray’s Sporting Journal, the New York Times, and many other publications. In 2018, he led a first-ever scientific expedition from the headwaters of Mongolia’s Delgermörön River to Russia’s Lake Baikal. His first novel, Principles of Navigation, won the inaugural New Rivers Press Electronic Book Competition. Over the past twenty years, he and his family have lived in Pray, Montana; Woodstock, Vermont; Tokyo, Japan; Shanghai, China; Noord, Aruba; and Tangier, Morocco.

For a full itinerary and all the trip details, please contact The Fly Shop at