The team here at The Fly Shop®, along with our at-large Pro-Staff Ambassadors, have hundreds of weeks of international fly fishing travel under our belts. Each year we coordinate anywhere from 25-50 weeks of familiarization or “hosted” trips to all corners of the globe, from Alaska to South America, the Caribbean to the South Pacific, Indian Ocean to the jungles of the Amazon, and just about everything in between. We put our extensive experience to work for you with every trip to book with The Fly Shop®, including the most detailed pre-trip planners in the business, and the attention to detail that helps ensure your own fly fishing adventures will go as smoothly as possible.

We understand that your angling holiday is special for you. Perhaps you go on several big trips a year; or perhaps you’ve saved up for years for this one memorable, “trip-of-a-lifetime.” Either way, we are here to help, every step of the way.

One of the best ways to discover a new exotic fishing destination, is to join one of our staff on our own “hosted” adventures. You’ll still enjoy the usual fantastic service The Fly Shop® is recognized for as you prepare for your trip. And you’ll have the added bonus on a Hosted Trip of our experienced staff right there to help throughout the trip itself. From helping rig your rods, to early morning casting lessons, to working with the lodge staff to fine-tune your daily goals and expectations, our staff will do everything possible to make sure your trip is a memorable and rewarding one. Too, we’ve found that lodges and fishing camps the world over roll the red carpet out when our staff is there!

There are no additional fees or costs associated with a hosted trip with The Fly Shop®. And, our staff usually travels with extra gear and flies, just in case!

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El Faro Lodge - Cuba

Join The Fly Shop’s saltwater travel expert, Eric Ersch, fishing the waters surrounding El Faro Lodge. Eric has managed lodges and guided saltwater anglers in the Bahamas, Mexico, Panama, South Texas and Florida, bringing decades of experience to this adventure, exploring the newest fly fishing destination in Cuba.

Untamed Angling’s El Faro Lodge is located 225 miles southwest of Key West Florida, and 122 miles northeast of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula on Cuba’s Guanahacabibes Peninsula. This national park and biosphere reserve is interlaced with miles of grass flats, sand beaches, mangrove

clad shorelines, coral reefs, dropping off to cobalt blue ocean. Tarpon, bonefish, permit, snook, triggerfish, and a wide range of blue water species swim in waters that have been largely untouched and remain wild and natural. Home to some of the best tarpon, bonefish, and permit fishing in the world, anglers will find that the flats are filled with healthy populations of numerous species. In addition to the “big three,” anglers can take on giant barracuda, triggerfish, jacks, and more. And guests aren’t limited to the flats on this trip. From sailfish to wahoo to tuna, Cuba has drawn anglers from all over the world, and offshore fishing can be a great way to add even more to a diverse angling experience.

Anglers will appreciate single occupancy, air conditioned accommodations in spacious wood cabins, each with a private bathroom. Including first-class service and many luxuries, guests enjoy the sunrise from their rooms in the morning and dinner on the beach in the evening. Gourmet food is a hallmark of all Untamed Angling destinations, and you can count on many modern comforts during your stay while fishing and enjoying the wilderness of western Cuba.

When: June 12 – 19, 2021
Your Host: Eric Ersch
Availability: 5 rods
Length of Stay: One Week
Price: $5500 per angler, $4,000 non-angler.

Included are your transfers to and from Havana to the lodge, seven nights and six full days of guided fishing, all beverages including nightly cocktails, wine, rum, and outstanding meals.

Please contact Eric Ersch at The Fly Shop for more information, and to confirm your reservation.

Give us a call today at 800-669-3474, or send an email to with any questions regarding this exotic angling odyssey.

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Mongolia Headwaters & Canyon Float

Join Erik Argotti, our in house destination specialist, on one or two (or both) weeks in western Mongolia to chase the largest Salmonid in the World - The Taimen.

Erik has guided in Alaska, Kamchatka, Argentina and Montana and has traveled all over chasing salmon, trout and steelhead. Join him on a great adventure spending two weeks packing in close to the Russian border on the Headwaters Expedition and continue on the second week doing the Classic Canyon Float. The Headwaters is going to be a little more adventurous and requires packing in on Horseback or foot, twelve miles

after a five hour truck ride from the little town of Murun in Northwestern Mongolia. The Classic Canyon is an amazing way to float and see one of the most beautiful parts of Mongolia. Great for anybody who wants to see this unique part of the Mongolian countryside.

Mongolia itself is a remarkable place, and its people are truly wonderful. While the fishing is so often what draws people to this unique world, it is usually the sheer beauty of the landscapes and smiling faces of those met along the way that keeps them coming back. Mongolia is the least densely populated country in the world. It is roughly the size of Alaska, yet outside of the main capitol city of Ulaanbaatar the remainder of this vast wilderness is sparsely populated by nomads who live off the land tending their herds of cows, sheep goats, yaks, and camels. There is no property ownership outside of Ulaanbaatar and a handful of small villages. No fences, very few roads, and what people you encounter once you leave the city will likely be upon horseback.

Taimen are prehistoric Mega fish that attack streamers or top-water patterns with reckless abandon. These fish average 25 - 40 inches, and fish over 50 inches are landed every season. The main diet of a taimen is composed of baitfish, but they’re top tier predators in their ecosystem, opportunistic feeders that will attack anything that might fit in their gaping jaws. Streamers work well, and so do rodents and big poppers on the surface. Taimen will absolutely explode on the fly, sometimes coming completely out of the water on the strike. And they’ll keep coming back, over and over until they capture their kill, so if you miss the first strike you’ll typically get more opportunities to hook the fish of a lifetime. Mongolia is a “Bucket List Adventure”; fulfill your fly fishing dreams hunting and landing the largest salmonid in the world!

Your Host: Erik Argotti
      • Headwaters Expedition (1 rod)
      • Classic Canyon (0 rods - week sold out)
Length of Stay: One or two weeks
      • $6,950 per person, double occupancy (1 week)
      • $11,950 per person, double occupancy (2 weeks)

Give us a call today at 800-669-3474, or send an email to with any questions regarding this exotic Fly fishing adventure.

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Christmas Island

Join the Fly Shop’s Shane Kohlbeck on Christmas Island for a week of unforgettable flats fishing. With an ideal location on the pristine white sands of Discovery Beach, anglers need only walk a few steps from their cabana door right out to the water each morning to board their South Seas outrigger style boat for the day’s fishing. This is the only lodge on the island with this unique advantage. Many of the flats are reached within fifteen minutes after leaving the beach. This feature offers a longer day of fishing and less time traveling to the fishing spots.

Christmas Island offers more than just spectacular bonefishing. Giant trevally have an aggressive tendency to crush flies, and test your tackle to the limits. There are many other species on the flats and in blue water, including triggerfish and sweetlips, bluefin and golden trevally, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, milkfish, and more.

Shane, a certified casting instructor, will be on hand to assist you with everything from fly selection to specific presentations for the variety of species available. With better than a half dozen trips to Christmas Island, you can’t help but learn something important during your trip.

When: April 13 – 10, 2021
Your host: Shane Kohlbeck
Availability: 7 rods
Length of stay: one week
Price: Double occupancy angler - $2,990 - 7 nights/6 days

Included are your airport transfers on Christmas Island, meals, bottled water, lodging, and daily guided fishing with a ratio of one guide per angler.

Give us a call today at 800-669-3474, or send an email to with any questions regarding this Fly fishing adventure.

This will be Shane's eighth hosted trip to Christmas Island and you could not find a better companion to have at your side, run point and make a good trip a GREAT trip.

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Andros South Hosted Trip with The Fly Shop's Erik Argotti

Join The Fly Shop’s Erik Argotti for a week of superb shallow water sightfishing for bonefish on the famed Andros Island, Bahamas. Erik bring’s years of experience, fishing, guiding and traveling the world chasing fish. The lodge is nestled into the coconut palms on a white sand beach, staffed with warm and welcoming native Bahamians, and a quiver of skilled and experienced guides.

Andros Island itself is riddled with innumerable tidal creeks and inland flats, all home to untold numbers of bonefish. Variety is definitely the call when fishing at South Andros. There are miles and miles of easily-waded white sand flats as well as hidden, unspoiled lined mangrove creeks. Inland lakes fill up with eager schools of bonefish, while expansive ocean-side flats attract double digit bonefish from the deep. Remote, rarely visited cays are home to massive schools of bonefish, while hefty singles tail along the mangroves. The diversity and size of the fishery offers a completely different fishing experience, every day of your trip.

Due to their position on the island, the guides at Andros South have an incredible number of locations to choose from. After assessing the tidal phase and current weather conditions, some may motor to the west side of the island, famous for harboring large bonefish. Others may run south, fishing miles of flats bordering the south tip of the island, or choose to fish the complex of interior creeks and lakes that penetrate the island. You simply can’t fish every possible flat in a week.

When: March 7-14, 2021
Your host: Erik Argotti
Availability: 9 rods
Length of stay: 7 nights, 6 days
Price: $5,200

Included are your transfers between Andros South and Congo Town, double-occupancy guided fishing (two anglers per/boat), single or double-occupancy lodging as preferred, meals, all beverages (including beer, wine and spirits), loaner rods and reels, flies.

Give us a call today at 800-669-3474, or send an email to with any questions regarding this Fly fishing adventure.

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Providence Atoll with Justin Miller

Join Justin Miller of The Fly Shop on the fly fishing adventure of a lifetime, fishing Providence Atoll in the Seychelles, Indian Ocean.

Providence hosts two prominent land masses with Providence in the north and Cerf Island in the south. This remarkable atoll has remained largely untouched, with fewer than a thousand people visiting this tropical wilderness in the last century. It is undeniably a flats fishing paradise, with massive giant trevally patrolling the flats, countless bluefin trevally attacking anything that moves, monstrous bumphead parrotfish grazing the turtlegrass flats, and colorful triggerfish hunting for small crabs. And the list continues including milkfish, bonefish, sailfish, tuna, bohar snapper, grouper, and napoleon wrasse.

Your base will be the 150 foot expedition vessel Maya’s Dugong, staffed with the most experienced crew in the region. Sleeping 12 guests comfortably in double cabins, while dining in air conditioned comfort in the spacious dining salon; she’s the ideal vessel for long range fly fishing expeditions in this area.

Justin’s led fly fishing expeditions on nearly every continent on the planet, and anybody who’s fished with him knows that a good time will be had by one and all.
2 rods remain available, so give Justin a call for all the details.

Providence Atoll, Seychelles - Indian Ocean
March 30 – April 6, 2021
7 nights / 6 days: $14,000.00/ person – 2 / room, 3 / boat & guide

Your angling package includes round trip transfer flights from Mahe to Farquhar, 7 nights shared accommodations, meals, soft drinks and bottled water, landing fees, 6 days guided fishing (3 anglers to a boat and guide), $100 Global Rescue Membership.

Give us a call today at 800-669-3474, or send an email to with any questions regarding this Fly fishing adventure.