One Angler’s Misfortune Is Another Angler’s Opportunity

If you’re one of those fortunate anglers that can travel on short notice, last minute cancellation deals and reduced rate trips are a great way to maximize your travel dollar. Usually these trips are offered at substantially reduced rates and the financial savings you gain more than compensate for booking last minute travel accommodations. Additionally, many of our outfitters offer discounts and incentives to fill open rods that would otherwise go unfilled. Bookmark this page, we will keep it updated with the latest and greatest travel specials and hook you up with a great fishing trip.

Fantastic Last Minute Trip Specials:

There is always a prime season fishery right around the corner, and with it comes some exciting last minute opportunities to enjoy some incredible fishing at some of the world’s most adventurous fly fishing destinations.  Although rare, as seasons approach we do sometimes have last minute cancellations for some truly amazing fisheries, usually spots that are booked years in advance. These trips all have a deposit already paid, which allows us to offer them at substantially reduced costs!

Below is a short list of a few great, last minute deals that just popped open.  If you’re interested in a smoking hot deal for any of these exciting destinations, or want to learn more about these amazing fisheries, please give us a call here at The Fly Shop® at 800-669-3474, or send us an email at

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Spatsizi Wilderness Lodge - B.C., Canada

Amazing savings on one of the most remote, beautiful and consistent trout fisheries in Northern British Columbia, Canada

Dates: July 29 - August 05, 2022 (1 rod)
Dates: August 5 - 12, 2022 (2 rods)
Dates: August 12 - 19, 2022 (1 rod)

Normal Rate: $8,000 USD per person
**Special Rate**: $6,930 USD per person

Spatsizi Wilderness Lodge is one of the most exclusive fly-out wilderness trips on the North American map. The comfortable log lodge is located on Laslui Lake, more than 200 miles north of Smithers, British Columbia. The package includes the round-trip charter flight from Smithers to the lake, and daily floatplane trips to some of the finest and most seldom-seen trout fishing on the continent. It is Canada's best-kept secret and may be the best value in the freshwater fly fishing world.

The Collingwood family operates Spatsizi Lodge, and the packages they offer compare favorably to the finest Alaskan fly-out lodges. Each two anglers share a well-appointed cabin adjacent to the lodge, and there are only eight fishermen accommodate each week. Spatsizi is the only lodge licensed to guide and fly anglers in the wild and pristine 3,600 square mile Spatsizi Wilderness Park that surrounds them.


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BC Steelhead Availability On The Skeena System

Now is your chance to finally make the pilgrimage to the Skeena River system, North America’s most iconic steelhead fishery! We have some amazing last minute availability at some of the most exclusive steelhead lodges in British Columbia, Canada, due to cancellations. Whether you are looking for your first steelhead trip ever, or looking to land the fish of your lifetime, there is no better time and place to make your dreams come true than at these top steelhead destinations.

Swinging flies for steelhead is not for everyone, but for the hard-core few,

there is nothing else. You can see it in their eyes… They get worked up talking about swinging flies. Their hands shake a little, their eyes glaze, they talk a little faster and they tell stories about the cold or the wind or that the water was huge or low, and the fishing was tough. But this is usually a point of pride, not a complaint...How can anyone get so excited about that?

There is no other grab like it in our sport. There is a moment when that slowly swinging fly stops moving, and your heart stops beating. You can’t breathe, you feel the sweat rise on your brow and your palms, even though it’s freezing cold on the river today. You just hope the fish will turn and burn with your fly. You wait another moment and start to panic… Is it going to take it? Then the fish does its thing. It feels the hook and gives you everything it’s got to get rid of it. As the line screams off of your reel, your only chance is to let it run, because there is no way you can stop a freight train with 15# Maxima. As it cartwheels across the pool, you will forget all of the long hours you waited for that grab. As you cradle the amazing fish, with its head under water before the release, you realize you are willing to throw another thousand casts for the chance that it might happen again.

Frontier Steelhead Experience - Bulkley
21 OCT - 28 OCT 2022 - 3 rods available
$8,380 + $100 Conservation Surcharge
7n / 6.5d

Babine Steelhead Lodge
14 OCT - 21 OCT 2022 - 2 rods available
$8,254 + $200 Conservation Surcharge
7n / 6.5d

Suskeena Lodge - Sustut River
15 OCT - 22 OCT 2022 - 6 rods available
7n / 6d

Bulkley Basecamp
14 OCT - 21 OCT 2022 - 2 rods available
$6,710 + $100 Conservation Surcharge
6n / 6d

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