One Angler’s Misfortune Is Another Angler’s Opportunity

If you’re one of those fortunate anglers that can travel on short notice, last minute cancellation deals and reduced rate trips are a great way to maximize your travel dollar. Usually these trips are offered at substantially reduced rates and the financial savings you gain more than compensate for booking last minute travel accommodations. Additionally, many of our outfitters offer discounts and incentives to fill open rods that would otherwise go unfilled. Bookmark this page, we will keep it updated with the latest and greatest travel specials and hook you up with a great fishing trip.

Fantastic Last Minute Trip Specials This Summer:

Summer is right around the corner, and with it comes some exciting last minute opportunities to enjoy some incredible fishing at some of the world’s most adventurous fly fishing destinations.  Although rare, as seasons approach we do sometimes have last minute cancellations for some truly amazing fisheries, usually spots that are booked years in advance. These trips all have a deposit already paid, which allows us to offer them at substantially reduced costs!

Below is a short list of a few great, last minute deals that just popped open.  If you’re interested in a smoking hot deal for any of these exciting destinations, or want to learn more about these amazing fisheries, please give us a call here at The Fly Shop at 800-669-3474, or send us an email at

Dorado on the Fly
Northern Argentina

Argentina - Early Season Fishing Opportunity

Dorado on the Fly - These guys forget more about Dorado fishing, then most claim to know...

Dorado on The Fly, owned by Ricardo "Pinti" Pinto is an exciting dorado fishing destination on the upper Parana River, located near the small fishing village of Ita Ibate, in Northern Argentina province of Corrientes. Pinti is a passionate fly fisher and recognized expert on dorado with a sincere desire to show his guests the very best fishing experience possible. Pinti and his guides are recognized experts when it comes to targeting big dorado on the fly.

The Parana River is closed to fishing November 25 through December 26, to protect dorado while they spawn. This is a unique opportunity to fish for Dorado "Post Spawn" when they are hungry, aggressive and active. Be the first angler of the season to target massive dorado - some exceeding the 30 pound mark.

Why Dorado on the Fly is so Unique and Special

• Dorado on the Fly is easy travel to from Buenos Aires (45 minute flight), has no set arrival and departure days and short stays are welcome. This is a terrific and easy add-on to any Patagonia fishing trip, no hassle travel, about as simple and expedited a trip as you can arrange in South America.

• The lodge is very comfortable, located on a high bank above the Parana River and in most cases single private rooms can be secured for each angler. No need to worry about your roomie being a snorer, you have your own private accommodations. And there is no wasted motion with the fishing program, the boats leave and return from the lodge – more time on the water, less travel to and from, more fish to the boat…

• This is a fishery where fly anglers should expect to hook up with a real monster Dorado. Fish over the 20 pound mark are landed every week of the season. If you are looking to land a true monster, this is the place and we know of no other destination where there is a higher potential for a dorado of a lifetime. If size is your thing, then this is the place.

• Ricardo “Pinti” Pinto and his guide staff are world-class professionals, with decades of experience fishing and guiding Dorado all over South America. These guys have forgotten more about Dorado than most experts’ claim to know and are terrific communicators, coaches and fun to spend a day on the skiff with. They’ll fast-track you on the fly fishing tactics needed to be a successful Dorado angler and you’ll learn something new every day.
Give us a call today at 800-669-3474 or email us at

When: December 27, 2018 - January 03, 2019
Length of Stay: 7 nights - 6 fishing days
Price: $4,980 per angler

Winter Bonefishing
by Greg Vincent of h2O Bonefishing

Grand Bahama Island

Fantastic winter bonefishing opportunities exist on Grand Bahama Island with h2O Bonefishing, January 1 to February 15 2019. This really is a trophy fishery at any time of year but especially during peak winter months. The fluctuation in water temps push the smaller school fish off the flats for longer periods leaving the more ‘acclimated ‘, multi-wintered fish on their own or in small groups.

The one challenge we sometimes have in the winter are the occasional cold fronts which in this period are usually our strongest. That said, the cold fronts we experience, usually the strongest of the season, are often a bonus for us here in the northern Bahamas. This is such because the cloud-line moves to the south of us quicker and does not always stall out here in the north, more in the south when it hits warmer air. Grand Bahama Island is more temperate than the southern Bahamas. The back edge of the cloud is often defined as a line across the sky. Behind the front is dry air and the sunny and cool conditions we are exactly looking for. Sunlight as we all know is generally the main ingredient needed to sight fish bonefish. We have caught some of our largest bonefish here in the very worst cold fronts. The months of December through March offer the most sunlight on Grand Bahama Island, more than any other time of year. We need to take advantage of that. The above however is just not a true representative of the winters here. So what is the best of the winter season? 2 words...HIGH PRESSURE. So on a much more positive note we do get winter high pressure systems which if centered over us can create the most spectacular bonefishing weather; sometimes as long as a week or 10 days at a time. So ironically some of the best weather available for bonefishing in the northern Bahamas is during winter months. That may go against what you have read and heard for better than 30 years, but I can tell you from experience over the last 18 years I have watched ideal weather day after day and sometimes week after week go by with few if any anglers out taking advantage of the bounty it provides.

Additionally, when we get a cold front the wind generally blows form the North/North West. We have access to 45 miles of south facing ocean side flats that are always accessible and easily fishable and flat as a pancake with this wind direction so we do have a back-up plan no matter what. There is hardly ever a situation where it’s not fishable and ironically you will have more unfishable days in the spring and early summer when winds are light because of thunder storms and lightning possibilities.

We also use several more remote ramp accesses, that are tidal based and allow us entrance to more protected areas limiting open water runs in windy conditions.

We have been programmed to think that peak season for the Bahamas is March, April May and October, Nov!! These may be the safest months, no doubt, but boy oh boy are anglers missing out on some truly world class-winter fishing as we will see some of the most spectacular trophy bonefishing available anywhere in the world let alone in the Bahamas. It is not only the fact that the fish are big but the fish here will ‘crawl‘ into skinny, skinny water which only adds to the sight fishing experience. It’s not about throwing at shadows as this time of year it’s a far more intimate experience between angler and fish. And having access to darker flats also helps as these warm up quickly in the winter, giving us additional advantages.

It should be noted that Freeport has far more commercial flights than any other Bahamian dedicated Bonefishing location. There is never a need for small craft domestic connections. There are direct flights from the States to Freeport daily – ideal for anyone willing and/or able to move quickly.

Once an angler has experienced stalking and then hooking a 8+lb pound bonefish that had its back arched completely out of the water while feeding in only a few inches of water and that screams out over 150 yards of backing, then a 20 fish day of 2 pound fish understands what I am describing – quality rather than quantity! This said numbers are always a possibility here no matter what time of year it is. It’s just that you catch bigger and more fish at this time of year. The majority of the fish we encounter in the winter are in the 4-6 lb range and anglers should always be prepared to throw at the magical double digit fish, often a daily encounter.

Anglers have wonderful trips with h2O January - February. We want to show our winter bonefishery to a select group of anglers that want to hunt trophy bonefish and can appreciate that sometimes when you want the very best in something, and not just the ‘safest‘ option then you have to step out of the box. To minimize weather impacts and encourage anglers to give our winter fishing a try (January 1 – February 15, 2019, we have designed a special package.

Winter Packages will include 2 extra weather days – (7 nights lodging /4 days fishing) (6 nights lodging /3 days fishing) or a (5 nights lodging /2 days fishing). We will pick the best potential fishing days upon arrival. We are basically adding 2 days onto every trip as ‘security fishing days’ and h2O Bonefishing will ensure that there are boats and guides available. Additional fishing on the security days is available at a hugely discounted rate of only $ 400 per day for any unused days (optional), to be paid on site. Or you can take a day off, kick back and relax are our full service resort and our own clubhouse ' Bones Bar '.

This entire winter bonefishing program is about catching big bonefish. This is not about catching numbers nor is it necessarily about ' playing it safe '. There are and will be weather risks. These winter bonefishing trips are for fly fishers that want to step up a level and put themselves into position to experience quality, big bonefish flats fishing. Anglers should not expect big numbers of bonefish during winter fishing. Let's throw off the security blanket and get down to the nuts and bolts of flats fishing for true trophy bonefish – beat your personal best and hang-out with some experienced anglers. If you have never hooked and landed a bonefish larger than 6 pounds then you are most certainly going to get the chance to beat that, get on board and introduce yourself to trophy bonefishing

h2O Bonefishing Winter Specials:
5 Nights Lodging / 2 Days Fishing: $1,595 per angler
6 Nights Lodging / 3 Days Fishing: $2,495 per angler
7 Nights Lodging / 4 Days Fishing: $2,995 per angler
Shared room, boat and guide

5 Nights Lodging / 2 Days Fishing: $2,895 per angler
6 Nights Lodging / 3 Days Fishing: $4,195 per angler
7 Nights Lodging / 4 Days Fishing: $5,185 per angler
Private room, boat and guide