Fishing Report
November 03 – 10, 2019

Greetings Esb Lodge Anglers,

We’ve enjoyed another week here at Esb Lodge. Our operation is nearing the end of our 2019 season and we have been fortunate to share our wonderful place with so many guests. This last week we saw many returning guests who in turn towed along some new friends as well. We had fair weather and had some days of good fishing.

ESB Lodge Report - November 3 - 10, 2019FISHING
We had a strong week of fishing and our numbers of fish caught and located was average for what guests should expect for this time of year. Unfortunately, we are battling high tides with additional fresh water in the backcountry and occasional winds still from the east. This continues to stack water high and eliminates quality snook fish that we enjoy so much this time of year.

With higher tides guides worked hard to capitalize on higher tides and targeted bonefish and permit. We noticed our backcountry fisheries on the north side held decent numbers of smaller permit at the break of fresh and salt. Normally this is not a high producing time of year for permit compared to the summer months. Our water temps are still warm and we are still seeing decent numbers of fish. Our big bay to the north Ensenada produced a few permit for our guests as well. I was also happy to see our first river system clear out and produce all species for guest and helped seal some memorable grand slams for out fisherman.

ESB Lodge Report - November 3 - 10, 2019Six out of our eight guests landed permit and two were able to land grand slams. Sekhar Bahadur enjoyed his first week fishing with us at Esb Lodge.  Sekhar is an accomplished saltwater angler and is transplant living in London and we appreciate his long commute to join us for the week. He succeeded in landing his first permit and was able to land an additional two more. Returning guests Joe Deatherage and Ken Ewing were able to each land the slams with a couple additional permit as well. Guest John Jones came down as new saltwater angler and was excited and slightly nervous about his first week in the salt. John rode next to me in the SUV from the airstrip last Sunday and mentioned that he was here to enjoy himself and catching fish was necessarily a concern. This is a great attitude to have and we like to see people with low expectations that also have a willingness to absorb and learn from everything around them. John along with guia Pepe was able to land his first permit. This is a great accomplishment for John and it was fun for us to see him progress throughout the week. By the end of the trip you couldn’t pick up on John’s inexperience and he was alongside the rest of the guests swapping stories of fortune and mishap through his days of fishing. It’s great to see group support and the comradery that’s formed amongst anglers. Returning guests Ron Lowry and Mike Tennent (aka Dog) also were able to pick up a permit a piece. Those two had an incredible day on their last trip here permit fishing that would be hard to replicate in any fishery!

Collectively the group of eight anglers landed 10 permit for the week.  This brings season totals to 340 permit landed with 241 guests.

As mentioned before our tides were too high for much of the day to focus on tarpon and snook. They are still good numbers of fish in their regular haunts, but we see them tucked back in the mangroves out of reach with a fly. Guests were still able to pull some fish that came out close along the mangroves and we had one small island in our third river system that held decent numbers of tarpon.

ESB Lodge Report - November 3 - 10, 2019Bonefish were readily available, and we were able to see good numbers of fish scattered throughout our fishery. Our close friend Ron Hagan was also able to add a big jack to his list of fish for the week!  These fish are much underappreciated, and we encourage guests to chase these fish when they around.

Our weather for the week was mixed sun and clouds with the last couple days being mostly sunny. Wind direction was northeast mostly with a couple afternoon that redirected from the east. Wind speed average was round 10 mph with the last day being an exception and tapering off to no existent. Tides were lower in the morning but incoming and resulted in a high throughout the week.

Squimps on a #2 hook, Casas Blanca style ragheads, and, assorted spawning shrimp contributed to our permit landed for the week.

ESB Lodge Report - November 3 - 10, 2019Toads and EP style baitfish worked well for the few tarpon and snook we saw. Color schemes black/purple, white/chartreuse, white/tan, white/grey.

Bonefish were landed on most shrimp patterns ranging in sizes #2 to #8 with bead chain eyes for shallow water fish.

Our house staff did a wonderful job providing delicious meals and creates a functional and comfortable atmosphere for our guests.

ESB Lodge Report - November 3 - 10, 2019We’re excited for this up coming week and we have guests that have all been with us for years and come multiple times in a season. This is a great way to see our fishery and how seasonally things change on the flats and back country. I am happy and sad for this being our last week of the 2019 season and I have enjoyed our incredible operation and all the great memories made.

We hope your enjoying your fall season thus far and are enjoying the transition into winter. Please give our friends at The Fly Shop a call to inquire about this special place or any info on other destinations you may be considering.  Have a great week and please stay tuned for next week’s report!

All our best,

Saludos desde el Caribe Mexicana

Dane & Chiara

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