2023 Fishing Report #3

Lava Creek Lodge Bright Chinook Salmon

Welcome Lava Creek Lodge, AK:

WIND – It was the story of the week for us here at Lava Creek Lodge, 4 out of 6 days it blew SE 25 – 35 MPH making fishing conditions tougher than we like.

Monday was a great day wind wise and we headed off the a nearby river in the float plane for a day of fly out fishing, we had really high expectations because the Saturday, two days before we had the best day on the river yet this season and the conditions were finally getting perfect.

After a short flight from the lodge under clear skies and light winds were shocked to see the river completely blow out and extremely high, almost out of the banks.  We made the decision to head back to the home water to fish.

Monday was great day for everyone and fishing was good with lots of new fish and finally some fish starting to hold in the upriver pools.

Lava Creek Lodge Guest with Chinook Salmon

We woke Tuesday to SE winds 20-25 mph and rain, the rain tapered off pretty quick but the wind stayed around for the next few days.  Fishing remained good all week with fresh fish on every tide, fresh chums were also more prevalent and a nice addition to the kings.  Lots people hate on the chums but the fresh ones still covered in sea lice are totally different animal compared to fish that have been in the river for a while.

Friday was the next day that the wind did not blow and we took advantage of it and had a stellar day on the home river with lots Kings being caught.

Saturday the wind returned in force and continued until midafternoon on Sunday, slightly delaying are change over time times but everyone made in and out safely.

Overall, considering the amount of wind we had, the fishing was pretty good, longtime client Paul brought his brother Dan along with him this year and Dan said he caught 26 adult kings for the week and lots of Chums and Jacks.  Not bad for a guy casting a single hand rod in the wind all week.

Lava Creek Lodge Guest with Chinook Salmon

We averaged 3 – 4 fish per angler per day which under any circumstances is great fishing but given the condition, it was outstanding, I can only imagine what it would have been like if we would have not had so much wind.

Flies and Equipment:
PINK seemed to be the color of choice this week, with blue and chartreuse being a very close second. MOW tips of 5 and 5 of T-14 and 2.5 and 7.5 of T-14 were the tips of choice for the week.

Next week looks promising as well with fish still coming in on every tide, although we are past what I would say is the peak run I think the fishing will be as good or better than it has been next week as the fish are now holding in some of the upriver pools and not sprinting to the spawning grounds like the first couple weeks.

All the best Fishing,

Phil Byrd and the Lava Creek Lodge Team


Lava Creek Lodge Guest with Chinook Salmon


Lava Creek Lodge Guest with Chinook Salmon