The Simms G4 lineup was made for those days when Mother Nature throws everything at you.  Whether it is freezing cold conditions, a pouring monsoon, and even in a blizzard snow storm, you’ll be comfortable and protected from the elements in this set up. The G4 lineup has you covered – it’s the best of the best!

Cody Hunt releasing a fish while wearing the new Simms G4 Pro JacketMen’s G4 Pro Wading Jacket:
Simms’ newly redesigned line is a big improvement over the previous G4 series. I’ve had the opportunity to fish in this new jacket for a little while now and have been very impressed. The G4 jacket is cleaner, has a more sleek design, from wearing it on the water, going for a hike, or taking it out on the town with your buddies. It can do it all. The pockets are much deeper to hold bigger fly boxes, tippet, and any other accessories you want to bring with you. There is even a little bungy on the inside with a microfiber cloth to wipe off your sunglasses. The pocket zippers are hidden with a storm flap to keep water from getting inside, unlike other traditional wading jackets. In the pockets themselves is another zipper you can access from inside the jacket. Once you unzip it, you can put your hands through the jacket itself, allowing you to put your hands into your wader pockets to warm them up on those frigid days when your hands feel like they are about to freeze and fall off. The 3-point adjustable hood tightens up nicely around your hat to keep water from getting in the jacket and creeping down your neck from all angles.

Quick Features:

    • 3-point adjustable storm hood with a high-visibility center panel
    • Unique storage array includes dual zippered chest storage pockets with interior stretch mesh dividers.
    • Zippered side-entry hand warmer pockets have integrated pass-through zipper for wader access without removing your jacket.

Cody Hunt wearing the new Simms G4 Pro WadersMen’s G4 Pro Zippered Waders:
Simms’ waders have many new features to them as well. The gravel guards are redesigned with a slimmer, snug fit to keep rocks and grit from getting into your boots and they took away the little hook for your laces to keep line from  getting stuck on them. Previous models had a bulky strap with heavy duty buckles. These are now much more slim-line and much more comfortable on the shoulders, reducing fatigue. Buckles are no longer a part of these as well, it’s all an elastic pull tab adjustment. You can change it all on the fly from a quick pinch onto the locking device, then  reaching into the waders to pull the tag ends tighter or looser. The 4-layer GORE-TEX® material comes up a little bit higher on the legs for a more rugged wader. Zippered pockets on the sides are much deeper, as well as having a very warm fleece lining on the inside to give you the feel of having a warm baby seal in there to hold onto. These pockets are now 100% waterproof also, so if you take a swim your keys, wallet, phone or anything else will be bone dry. Overall these are the best fit and most comfortable waders out of all previous G4 models. From the suspender system, the deeper pockets, the belt, it all adds up when you’re on the water to have a wader that is comfortable and can do it all for you. I am truly impressed with this whole lineup.

Quick Features:

    • Dual zippered stretch woven chest pockets for quick access to fishing necessities.
    • Zippered, high-pile fleece lined hand warmer pockets for storage and warmth.
    • Dual interior waterproof zippered pockets for totally submersible protection.
    • Low profile, adjustable spacer mesh suspender package.
    • Front belt loops allow you to unbuckle, have the belt stay in place and will not drop down behind you.

If you’d like to find more information on either of these products you can click on the product name above and it will take you to our online catalog which has more information on the products as well as full sizing charts for both.

In conclusion, I would say that this new and improved version of both the G4 Pro wader and jacket are worth the money. I’ve used several iterations of the G4 Series and this one is by far the best that I’ve worn. I’d highly recommend either or both of these items if you are looking for the best out there. If you have any questions on these G4 Pro products don’t hesitate to give me a call.

Cody Hunt
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