I was born in the bay area outside of Redwood City, then my parents made the move up to Northern California when I was still very young. My dad would take us up to the eastern sierras every year for the trout opener while we still lived in the bay for years before I could even walk. He spent his whole life fly fishing and spin fishing out there and knows it all like the back of his hand. He first put a fly rod in my hand when I was 5 years old, teaching me how to cast on our lawn or at least attempting to cast anyways. I really got a grasp on fly fishing when I was about 12, after spin fishing for years. After the move up north, I began exploring all of our creeks, lakes, rivers and every other piece of water I could find. When I turned 18 I started guiding locally as well as spending a few seasons in Alaska on the Upper Nushagak, at Outpost on The Nush.

Q&A with Cody Hunt:

Cody with his Dad as an infantHow did you get started in fly fishing?
My dad got me into fly fishing at an early age, but I fell out of it quickly and went back to spin fishing. When I was 12 I really started to get into it and realized how fun and much more exciting it is. My dad has always pushed me to get outside and fish as much as I can so that’s all I did growing up. He was definitely the biggest influence on my fishing background.

What does fly fishing do for you that keeps you coming back for more?
The chase and pursuit of fish just trying to trick them into getting a mouthful of feathers an thread. From making an accurate cast and a perfect dead drift to fool the fish into eating and just being outside. Not to mention the overall fight, that’s the best feeling around I don’t care who you are.

Favorite fish to pursue?
Easy answer, Steelhead!

Cody Hunt holding a steelhead

What fly fishing destination is on your bucket list?
That’s a hard one I’d have to say GT’s in the Seychelles or golden dorado in the Bolivian jungle.

Favorite fly rod and why?
It would be my Sage DS2 6wt that my dad gave to me when I first started fly fishing. I’ve taken it from the Lower Sacramento to Alaska and caught my two biggest rainbows both here and up north on it.

Favorite reel and why?
The Galvan Torque. It’s smooth, has a good drag and it’s a family owned company based out of Sonora, CA.

Favorite fly and why?
A straight up pheasant tail. It works on every piece of water that has fish in it. No Question.

What is your greatest fly fishing extravagance?
Guiding and fishing in Alaska.

Which living or non-living fly fisher would you want to spend a day fly fishing with?
Bill Schaadt, fishing the lost coast during the 50’s must have been unreal.

Who is your favorite writer?
Theodore Roosevelt and John Gierach

What single issue in fly fishing do you feel has the greatest adverse potential?
Social media causing over-fishing and overpopulation of anglers to fragile watersheds. From mishandling fish to environmental harm.

Cody Hunt holding a rainbow trout

What is  the most memorable fly fishing trip you’ve taken?
My last trip to the eastern sierras with my dad after us not fishing there for over 15 years. It was a very special trip full of big fish.

Which talent or natural gift would you most like to have?
To teleport – then I can fish wherever I want with a snap of my fingers.

Who are your heroes in real life?
My parents encouraging me and helping me follow my dreams on what i want to do.

What is your fly fishing pet peeve?
Elitism. Everybody has their own way of doing things and it doesn’t make one better than the other as long as you’re happy doing it. Also grabbing fly line with your teeth, like why.

What do you most value in your friends?
Humor, encouragement and loyalty.

If you were to die and come back as a person or a thing, what would it be?
Bald eagle