Gear Review:  Skwala Fishing Waders

Last fall Skwala Fishing created a bit of excitement when they released their new lineup of fly fishing waders. These feature-loaded waders were touted as the most innovative waders in the fly fishing world, and having spent some time in them, we’d have to agree.

Skwala didn’t flood the market with their new waders. Instead they chose to start small with a soft distribution model, opening only five shops in Montana. Of course, this only created more buzz for their product line, as limited supply usually creates high demand.

Skwala currently offers two wader models, the Carbon and RS. Let’s take a more in depth look at each wader.

Skwala Carbon Wader:
The minimalist, but extremely technical, approach on the design is perfect for the everyday angler who doesn’t want to break the bank but wants an amazing wader. This wader is highly breathable and very comfortable. Skwala added every necessary feature to make your day on the water enjoyable, comfortable and safe.

  1. Skwala Fishing Carbon wadersAdvanced shoulder harness is constructed with a heat-set and anatomically patterned shoulder yoke for optimum fit and comfort. Shoulder straps are low profile and buckle-less by utilizing concealed G-hooks for reduced bulk and easy adjustment.
  2. Innovative drop-top feature utilizes magnetic attachments to allow simple and sleek conversion from chest-high to waist-high waders.
  3. Articulated fourchette leg patterning provides excellent fit and enhanced mobility.
  4. Anatomically patterned booties feature fully glued and taped 4mm neoprene and abrasion resistant sole panels for comfort and protection. Interior neoprene is lined with an anti-microbial jersey fabric to help reduce bacteria and odor build up.

Nothing was missed in the design and production of the Carbon waders, which are the perfect choice for the angler who lives in their waders 100-plus days a year; these offer a lot of features and functions along with value.

The Carbon Wader is made with an ultra-dense 100% nylon face textile built for increased durability and smooth comfort and is finished with a 4-layer waterproof/breathable laminate for unmatched breathability and a fully submersible textile. You don’t have to worry about bushwhacking in these babies as they can handle anything you throw at them.

Fit & Use
Your fishing gear shouldn’t slow you down. Skwala designed and developed the Carbon Collection as a “wading-system” featuring a full-length jacket paired with a lightweight convertible wader. Lightweight, waterproof textiles finished with highly breathable laminates are implemented to provide protection from the elements for your pursuits in warmer environments. The Carbon Collection was made for variable days when the forecast goes from warm to chilly. Not to mention that most sizes has a foot option of either 9-11 or 12-14 to give you the perfect fit.

Skwala RS Wader:
This is the bad boy of the Skwala collection with a waterproof zippered front for easy on/off.  The YKK zippers are the best waterproof zippers you can use, and Skwala didn’t cut corners in using them. These are the waders for those anglers who love to fish in cold weather and be chest deep in the river – all day. Throw in a good layering system underneath and you can spend the entire day in freezing weather and be very comfortable and dry. Never before seen, this wader has a built-in wading belt that assists lumbar support – lower back support and is sure to reduce back fatigue from a full day of swinging flies in cold waters.

  1. Skwala Fishing RS wadersAdvanced shoulder harness is constructed with a heat-set and anatomically patterned shoulder yoke for optimum fit and comfort. Featuring low profile and buckle-less G-hooks for reduced bulk and easy adjustment.
  2. Wader torso features a waterproof center zip; two zippered, fleece-lined, hand-warming pockets, and two exterior stretch-woven storage pockets.
  3. Integrated wading belt provides added stability in the lumbar and waist.
  4. Anatomically patterned booties feature fully glued and taped 4mm neoprene and an abrasion resistant sole panel. Interior jersey features an anti-microbial to help reduce bacteria and odor build up.

Skwala built the RS Wader with an ultra-dense 100% polyester microfiber face textile for increased durability and smooth comfort, and then finished it with a four-layer, waterproof/breathable laminate for submersible functionality. An anti-microbial finish to the interior wader scrim prevents odor and mildew build up. This textile package provides an ultra-durable shell fabric for increased resistance from punctures and tears. The RS Wader was designed for extreme performance, unmatched durability and incredible comfort.

Fit & Use
Fishing gear should keep you dry and handle the adventures you take it on. The RS Collection was carefully constructed as a complete system, consisting of a center zip wader and full-length jacket to keep you dry in the harshest conditions. Skwala combined innovative textiles and laminates to construct a line that is as durable and waterproof as it is comfortable. They made a system that can handle whatever you dish out. As with the Carbon, most sizes have a foot size option (9-11 or 12-14).

We couldn’t be more impressed with the Carbon and RS waders from Skwala. They knocked it out of the park, and we look forward to hearing from our friends and customers after using their waders.

Pat Pendergast just got back from a trip to Alaska where he put the Skwala RS Collection to the test.  Read his Gear Review at –