Fly Rod Review — The Scott Centric for Trout, Steelhead, and More

The Scott Fly Rod Company has just announced their newest fly rod series — the Centric — and we couldn’t be more excited about this rod. In fact, it’s been hard for many of us at The Fly Shop to contain our excitement.

As a Scott dealer, we were able to test out the new Centric fly rod, and this rod is everything you might want from a fast action rod. Scott claims their newest rod is “next level,” and even before casting, you can see how this rod is shaped by what they call “the Scott Difference.”

Much of what is appealing about this rod is in the components. New tapers, a new resin system, and “multi-modulus layups” make the Centric very light yet very strong. Add in high end cork, titanium guides, and much more, and you’ll discover Scott didn’t cut any corners with this rod.

But it’s not just about the materials, because in the end, it all comes down to performance. For The Fly Shop’s Chris King, an FFI Master and Two Hand Certified Casting Instructor, the Scott Centric was nothing short of impressive. Chris quickly discovered that what stood out was that the rod felt feather light in the hand and had a smooth load from tip to butt. Additionally, the Centric had excellent tracking and was extremely accurate. For Chris and all of us who have spent time with the rod, we all agree the Centric can be described as being fast with feel. This generally means anglers can use the rod for casting double nymph rigs from a drift boat in the wind but also find the same rod is perfect for delicately delivering a dry fly to a rising trout on a spring creek.

Many of us in Northern California take on a variety of waters for different fish. The 9-foot 5-weight is already going to be a favorite for many at the shop, and with the Trinity River just up the road, we are confident we’ll be seeing the 10-foot 7-weight out there once the steelhead start coming in.

Scott Centric rods cost $895 and are available in line weights 4 to 7 and in lengths ranging from 8-foot, 6-inch to 10-foot rods.

Learn more about the new Scott Centric:

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