Playa Blanca is a beautiful full service resort located on a secluded white sand beach with several guest bungalows and a central lodge for meals, meetings and cocktail hours. Playa Blanca is located 10 miles south of Casa Blanca (its sister lodge) on Isla Punta Pajaros. Playa Blanca offers world class facilities, a solid fishing program and is a perfect venue for anglers, non-anglers and inclusive groups and families.

Fishing at Playa Blanca is more than just another bonefish trip, it is a step back into a world where only the Mayans once walked, and you have only to look at the features of the guides and staff to recognize that their Mayan influence lives on! Like the Yucatan experience, it is not entirely Mexican. The fly rodding at the Lodge is great, and the guides and accommodations are second to none in all of Mexico.

Playa Blanca features ten miles of secluded beaches on a small private island. The operation offers a high level of seclusion and personal service in pristine natural surroundings.

Playa Blanca is located on a small private island 120 miles South of Cancun, Mexico on the Yucatan’s Caribbean coast. It also happens to be in the center of one of the world’s largest protected wild areas… the Sian Ka’an, Biosphere Reserve, a pristine reserve covering over 1.3 million acres. The hotel’s aircraft provides convenient service from Cancun to Casa Blanca. Untouched, white sand beaches lined with coconut palms, stretch as far as the eye can see. The climate is wonderful year round. From November through June, the days are dry with an average midday temperature of 88 F.

5 guest rooms overlooking the beach. Rooms are decorated in white with bright Caribbean accents. Rooms have private verandas, large baths, and ceiling fans. Each room is different and may be reserved by room number.

Playa Blanca is an all-inclusive property serving three meals a day with light snacks available between seatings. The restaurant is casual. Seating is flexible. Meals are served indoors or on the covered veranda per guest request. The menu features fresh seafood and a variety of regional specialties. A choice of two entrees is offered at each meal. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated with advance notice.

The bar is located in the restaurant and offers a changing atmosphere throughout the day. The bar offers indoor and outdoor services as well as a covered seating on top of the building…a perfect spot to sip a tropical drink and watch the waves on the beach.

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Reservations & Rates

Rates (effective May 1, 2024)

7 night / 6 day all-inclusive rates (Saturday – Saturday)
High season (February – June)
All Inclusive Guided Fishing per Person Double Occupancy Rate $6,915
All Inclusive Guided Fishing per Person Single Occupancy Rate $9,240
All Inclusive Non-Fishing per Person Double Occupancy Rate $5,556

Low season (July – January)
All Inclusive Guided Fishing per Person Double Occupancy Rate $6,526
All Inclusive Guided Fishing per Person Single Occupancy Rate $8,829
All Inclusive Non-Fishing per Person Double Occupancy Rate $5,131

All-inclusive + alcoholic beverages. Add USD$500 to All Inclusive rates

5 night / 4 day all-inclusive rates (Saturday – Thursday) (Monday – Saturday)
High season (February – June)
All Inclusive Guided Fishing per Person Double Occupancy Rate $5,840
All Inclusive Guided Fishing per Person Single Occupancy Rate $7,850
All Inclusive Non-Fishing per Person Double Occupancy Rate $5,258

Low season (July – January)
All Inclusive Guided Fishing per Person Double Occupancy Rate $5,482
All Inclusive Guided Fishing per Person Single Occupancy Rate $7,005
All Inclusive Non-Fishing per Person Double Occupancy Rate $4,590

In addition - All-inclusive + alcoholic beverages. Add $500 to all-inclusive rates

*Special arrival or departure days will be charged according to air rates quoted at reservation time.
**On 5-night rates, when groups of less than 4 persons reserve, special air fare rates will be charged.

Air Charter Surcharges
For all late arrivals, early departures and / or partial week itineraries:
Costs of air charter are included in the above rates tables and apply only to flights on Saturday as schedule published by the company. For itineraries other than the schedule published by the company, a surcharge will apply based on the number of passengers: 1 Passenger = US$1,818; 2 Pass. = US$909 each / 3 Pass. = US$606 each / 4 Pass. = US$454 each.

Anglers reserving space for a non-fishing guest and a fishing guest, sharing a room / single boat should add US$470 to the fishing rate.

All guests of Playa Blanca Fishing Lodge may request a specific room or guide assignment for their stay.

Guide & Room requests are determined by a "first pay, first choice" policy, as well as the guide´s rest roll. All reservations not including specific room or guide, will be assigned according to spaces and personnel available at reservation and payment moment. Playa Blanca lodge requested will always be respected as in reservation send by the client.

No Guide & Room requests can be 100% guaranteed. Our staff will do their best to honor all requests, exceptions like sickness of one guide will be informed as soon as the event occurs.

Round trip air charter Cancun - Playa Blanca Fishing Lodge - Cancun | Fishing guide | Boat lunch and beverages | Deluxe seaside accommodations | All meals | non-bottled beverages | Use of all recreational equipment | Wi-Fi. WhatsApp and Zoom work fine, 2 – 3 seconds delay due to satellite communications (no streaming apps, movies, YouTube, etc.) | Rate does not include alcoholic beverages, laundry, guide and staff gratuities

Included + alcoholic beverages
Round trip air charter Cancun -Playa Blanca Fishing Lodge - Cancun | Fishing guide | Boat lunch and beverages | Deluxe seaside accommodations | All meals | non-bottled beverages | All alcoholic beverages, including wine, up to 3 bottles per person | Use of all recreational equipment | Wi-Fi: WhatsApp and Zoom work fine, 2 – 3 seconds delay due to satellite communications (no streaming apps like movies, YouTube, etc.) | Rate does not include, laundry, guide and staff gratuities

Airfare to Cancun, accommodations, meals, and transfers in Cancun, alcoholic beverages, phone service, gratuities, flies, laundry service, and departure taxes. Any flight changes received less than 72 hours prior to arrival may incur an extra charter fee. Additional air charter charges will apply to all flights taken on a day other than a Saturday.

The Fly Shop® is not in the insurance business, but we recommend Travel Guard coverage as a service with a desire to see your best interests protected. It is impossible to know when an unfortunate situation (loss of luggage, fly rods, illness in the family, or an accident) may occur. However, such things can and do happen, and this insurance can provide a means of recourse against non-refundable financial losses.

Travel Insurance Information

Seasons at Playa Blanca

In Ascension Bay there are hundreds of square miles of crystal clear flats where it's common to bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook and jacks or barracuda in the same day, all year round! That is the beauty of fishing this area. There is no bad season. It is like everywhere else in the Yucatan; if the weather is good, the fishing is good.

Unlike most of the Bahamas, they can fish for bonefish 365 days of the year. Of course in Tulum and all the Yucatan Peninsula, they get very windy days, from Southeast, East and North, but they can always find protected flats or lagoons where you can see and cast at bonefish and/or permit. tarpon, snook, jacks, barracudas and other species are also available at times. Peak season at Playa Blanca is from March to June.

More groups are coming during October and November to enjoy beautiful sunny days, with a nice breeze but usually low winds. Lot's of local bonefish, permit and some baby tarpon, plus bigger migrant tarpon that arrived in June and depart in December. When weather is good this is a perfect time to fish, but rain might appear for one hour or two and disappear, or stay for 2-3 days. It's also Hurricane season. In such event, if they have to evacuate, or close to repair the damage, they will reschedule your trip. 10% off during this season.

December, January and February are dry months, offering many hours of sun. Plenty of local bonefish, with permit, a few tarpon and barracuda around. Snook fishing can be very good during the late fall and winter months. Winter makes a perfect time to run away from the cold weather and be fishing in the Caribbean. This time of the year might be windy, when cold fronts coming from the north pass through the Caribbean. They also offer 10% discount during these months.

March, April, May and June make up the peak season. In general, during this time of the year weather is better with lots of sun and lower winds, but sometimes they do have heavy winds and rain. So, always bring raingear, no matter what season you visit. More and bigger permit are around and migratory tarpon start moving in. The bones are numerous and the other shallow-water species are present at this time.

If you want to fish without wind, summer is the time to do it. Flat and crystal clear water is more likely at this time than at any other time of the; plenty of migrant tarpon and hungry fish are around. Average temperature is higher than the rest of the year, but not too much. Summer is rainy season, so you might have some clouds and rain, but they usually come and go in short amount of time. But you might want to take advantage of their 20% discount during this season. Those who fish this area a lot usually consider this their favorite time to fish for a number of reasons; fewer anglers and more fish to name two. Give some serious thought to this season.

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Getting to Playa Blanca

You'll want to schedule commercial airline reservations to Cancun.

Arrive in Cancun:
You'll want to schedule commercial airline reservations to Cancun. Upon arriving in the Cancun airport you will be processed by Immigration. You will them claim your baggage. Next you will clear Customs. After customs, proceed to the Arrival Lobby. If you are scheduled to fly to Casa Blanca or

Playa Blanca on your day of arrival, the lodge's local representative will meet you in the Arrival Lobby. The Arrival Lobby will be full of tour operators and arriving passengers, and is usually somewhat chaotic. The Casa/Playa Blanca representative will have a sign printed with "Casa Blanca" and a bonefish. If you do not immediately see him, this means he is transferring other guests to the charter plane and will return shortly. This is a rare occurrence. If you do not see him when coming out of customs, stay in the Arrival area. Do not leave this area in an attempt to find him. He will find you.

The Casa/Playa Blanca representative will arrange for you and your baggage to be transferred to the General Aviation Terminal by car. The transfer will take less than 5 minutes. You will then board a plane and fly directly to the Casa Blanca airstrip. The flight takes approximately 50 minutes. If more than eight guests arrive in a 2 hour period, the later arriving guests may have a layover of up to two hours in the General Aviation Terminal. The terminal has a very comfortable lounge and small bar which serves drinks and sandwiches.

Staying in Cancun:
If you plan to spend a night or two in Cancun before you go to Playa Blanca, no representative will meet you when you arrive. You must arrange your own transportation to your hotel. There are a wide range of transportation options available in the airport. Remember to supply us with the name of your hotel 30 days before you arrive in Cancun. Casa/Playa Blanca recommends The Courtyard by Marriot. It is close to the airport and has hotel shuttles between the airport and the hotel. Please mention you are guests of Playa Blanca and The Fly Shop® to get the best price. The night before you are scheduled to take the air charter to the lodge, you will be contacted at your hotel at around 8:00 PM by a Casa/Playa Blanca representative who will tell you what time to arrive at the General Aviation Terminal to meet your air charter to the lodge. You must take a taxi to the General Aviation Terminal. In Spanish, the terminal is referred to as Aviacion General. It is located approximately two blocks north of the International Arrival Terminal.

Surface Transportation to Playa Blanca:
Should someone elect not to take the air charter, the alternate surface transportation would be a 4 hour drive to Punta Allen. You would then have a 1 hour ride in a wet, open boat.

Arrival at Playa Blanca:
When you arrive at Casa Blanca, you will land on the lodge's airstrip, approximately 3 minutes by boat from the main lodge. There is a short walk from the plane to the boat dock, so change into your boat shoes before departing Cancun. Insects can be a problem on the airstrip because it is protected from the wind. Or, when you arrive, walk immediately from the plane to the small pier at the end of the runway where the breeze will alleviate the problem. Your baggage will be transferred by the lodge staff and placed in your room. The boat ride can be wet, so dress accordingly or pack your rain gear on top and put it on before you leave the pier.

When you arrive at the Casa Blanca main dock, lodge staff will greet you and give you instructions for the transfer to Playa Blanca. Your baggage will be sent with you to Playa Blanca.

Lodge Orientation:
There is no guided fishing on the day you arrive, but feel free to wade the flats around the lodge or fish along the beach. Guests have had very good luck in these areas. On the day you arrive, after dinner, lodge staff will provide a general orientation explaining daily schedules and lodge policies. If you are unsure about some aspect of your trip, please be sure to ask questions.

Departure Day:
There is no guided fishing on the day of departure. Each departure day is scheduled differently depending on guests' airline departure times. Generally, you will depart the lodge in the morning. Your schedule will be posted the evening before you depart for your convenience. On the day you depart, please be sure to clear your lodge account and have your bags packed and ready for transfer to the airstrip one hour before your scheduled departure. If you are scheduled to depart on an early flight, you should clear your account the evening before.

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Lodging at Playa Blanca

What really makes this an adventure resort unique is all the other activities outside of fly fishing for bonefish, permit, tarpon and snook in the Santa Rosa Lagoon and the mysterious Espiritu Santo Bay; snorkeling over a seemingly endless coral reef, back country kayaking through jungle lagoons, trekking the islands seaside road, exploring the nearby Mayan ruins, bicycling down remote stretches of beach, or simply relaxing in a hammock beneath the palms.

Playa Blanca accommodations are seaside, thatched roofed, duplex cabanas. The rooms are large, well-appointed with all the modern amenities, large bathrooms set with tropical accents; each with its own patio overlooking the tropical grounds and nearby Caribbean.

The food rivals any of the best restaurants on the Yucatan coast. All meals are served at Playa Blanca's beachfront restaurant and bar. Feel free to enjoy a cocktail under our rooftop palapa overlooking the Caribbean and Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve. No worries, the chef will call you when dinner is ready.

Playa Blanca is perfect for world class anglers, adventurers, honeymooners, active families and groups. Playa Blanca offers 7 rooms. It accommodates 14 guests perfectly.

Deluxe Single Cabana – 1:
Located on the dunes overlooking the beach and ocean, private veranda, queen size beds, large bath, couch, indoor and outdoor seating.

Deluxe Duplex Cabanas - 2:
Located on the dunes overlooking the beach and ocean, private veranda, queen size beds, large bath, couch, indoor and outdoor seating.

Deluxe Rooms - 2:
Beach and ocean view, private veranda, queen beds, outdoor seating, en suite bathroom.

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Fishing at Playa Blanca

At Playa Blanca you have access to one of the saltwater jewels, spectacular fly fishing frontier, Espiritu Santo Bay. Espiritu Santo Bay is shared with only one other licensed lodge, that being Espiritu Santo Bay Lodge located to the south of the Bay.

Espirtiu Santo Bay is loaded with bonefish, permit and tarpon. Some other species anglers might try their skill with are snook, jacks, snapper,

triggerfish and BIG barracuda. Laguna Santa Rosa is famous for its year round juvenile tarpon population as well as some excellent bonefishing and occasionally some great snook fishing. The Caribbean surf offers up a variety of fishing opportunities, best of which might be fishing top water plugs for big 'cudas and jacks.

Tarpon Lagoon Fishing:
If you are interested in fishing the tarpon lagoon, requests must be made prior to your trip and will only be considered upon receipt of ALL monies due paid according to our policy. Lodge manager reserves the right to protect the Tarpon Lagoon and its resources.

Full Fishing Days:
The daily schedule is flexible, so discuss your plans with the lodge staff every day. Most anglers choose a schedule that takes advantage of the best time to spot bonefish and permit on the flats, generally between 8:00am and 3:30 pm. Before 8:00 m and after 3:30 pm, the angle of the sun produces a glare, making fish more difficult to see.

What Makes This Destination Special and Unique?

• Fished by anglers that stay at Playa Blanca, Espiritu Santo Bay lies protected within the Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve. This vast region is a UNESCO World Heritage site, protecting the unique ecosystem restricting fishing access to just eight permits. This ensures very limited fishing pressure, no shoreline development, and a true wilderness flats fishing experience.

• Flying to Cancun is easy, with daily flights from just about every major airport in the USA. Upon your arrival at the Cancun airport you will be met by a Playa Blanca staff member, transferred to a private airport for your charter, and fly directly to the lodge’s private airstrip. Easy travel to and from the USA to Cancun, and no long car rides minimizes airport and travel frustration which makes for an enjoyable fishing holiday from start to finish.

• Espiritu Santo Bay holds strong populations of all four of the primary flats species: bonefish, permit, tarpon, and snook. With this extreme species diversity, anglers have a daily opportunity to select their target species, or hunt for them all. Playa Blanca Lodge is absolutely one of the world’s top locations for you to score your Super Grand Slam!

• Playa Blanca fishes Dolphin skiffs that silently float in just inches of water. These boats are ideal for two anglers and their guide to access the seemingly endless flats and backcountry of Espiritu Santo Bay. This skiff access provides anglers even more opportunities for tailing bonefish and permit – as well as marauding tarpon and snook – in the farthest reaches of the most remote fishing area in the Mexican Yucatan.

• Playa Blanca is located on a remote piece of beachfront property, featuring large duplex cabanas nestled among the palms. Guest rooms have terracotta floors, large bathrooms with marble vanities, and natural wood furnishings set in white interiors with tropical accents. Each cabana has its own patio overlooking the grounds and nearby Caribbean. This ideal setting and facility was specifically built for anglers. Leave the logistics and mechanics of your trip to the staff at Playa Blanca, and all you need to do is fish hard and relax at this world-class wilderness lodge.

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Making Reservations to Playa Blanca Lodge

To make a reservation, please give us a call at 800-669-3474 during business hours (Monday - Friday • 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM), or email us at anytime. We can give you the answers you need, detailed explanations to questions you might have, or check on availability and confirm your reservation in minutes.