If one were to dream up the perfect location for a saltwater flats fishing lodge, it would be hard to find one better than on the private island of Punta Pajaros directly between Ascension Bay and Espiritu Santo Bay in the Mexican Yucatan (south of Cancun) in the middle of the Sian Ka’an Bioshpere.

Casa Blanca sits on the northern side of the island, on the southern edge of Ascension Bay and Playa Blanca sits on the southern end of the island, about 9 miles away, on the northern edge of Espiritu Santo Bay and on the eastern edge of Santa Rosa Lagoon. Both lodges are under the same ownership. The island where these two famous saltwater fishing lodges are located are literally surrounded by the 1.3 million acre Biosphere. In the bays and the lagoon are found some of finest flats fishing possible in Central America.

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Seasons at Casa Blanca

Anytime is a good time to be in this part of the world looking for an opportunity to cast to fish on the flats.

As in other places in the Yucatan, there are fish available year around for both Casa Blanca and Playa Blanca.

The weather will play a big part in fishing success during the winter months. However, both places have such a huge area to fish, that during all but impossible conditions, fishing is nearly always possible with good probabilities of the chances of hooking fish. Both lodges are closed during July, August and September.

There are baby tarpon found in every month of the year and large tarpon are more common during the spring and summer months. Although tarpon are around, neither place should be considered a tarpon destination. They are really known for the bonefish and permit fishing, both of which are excellent. They are both available all season. There have been permit hooked during every week they are open and Grand Slams are a definite possibility.

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Getting to Casa Blanca

Like other places in the Mexican Yucatan, you will need a passport and you will need to get from your home to Cancun and arrive there before 2:00 PM to get to the lodge in the same day.

If you cannot arrive before 2:00 pm, you will need to arrive a day or more earlier and spend the night(s) in Cancun until the day you are to arrive at the lodge. Upon arrival at the airport, you will go through customs and

make your way outside the terminal. There, look for the Casa or Playa Blanca representative. He will be holding a sign with a bonefish and the name Casa Blanca on it. If you do not see him right away, DO NOT leave the area. He is probably transporting other lodge guests to the General Aviation Airport, 5 minutes away. Stay in the area just out side the terminal and he will return shortly and find you. Part of your package price is the air charter flight between the lodge and Cancun. This flight is definitely the way to get to the lodge. Otherwise it is a 4 – 5 hour drive to Punta Allen and a long, possibly rough, wet boat ride across the mouth of Ascension Bay to Punta Pajaros where the lodges are located. The boat ride could take between 45 minutes and 1 1/2 hours depending upon the weather. The charter flight is a comfortable 50 minutes and a short 5 minute boat ride.

After arriving on the island, your luggage will be delivered to your room. Relax, have a cool drink and de-compress. You are in the heart of a tropical paradise.

Returning, is just the opposite of the above, but you need to schedule your departing flight out of Cancun after 11:00 AM.

There is no guided fishing on arrival or departure day but you can feel free to wade the flats around the lodge or along the shoreline.

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Lodging at Casa Blanca

All rooms at Casa Blanca are air conditioned, have private bathrooms with hot and cold running water and all rooms have an ocean view.

The layouts are different to accommodate an individual or groups needs. There are 10 rooms at Casa Blanca and 10 boats for it's guests for up to 20 anglers.

The grounds and beach areas are kept immaculate and there is daily room service. There is wireless service in all CB rooms. A central Palapa area is a favorite meeting place for guests to gather for cocktails before dinner. It has numerous chairs, couches and hammocks for general lounging. It is open sided with a cool breeze nearly always blowing through it keeping it very comfortable. Delicious meals are served in the dining hall next to the palapa. A favorite place to gather after dinner at night is at the end of the concrete pier to cast to the various fishes that are attracted to the area by the lights and baitfish.

Playa Blanca is smaller and more intimate than Casa Blanca. There are only 7 rooms here. They are 3 duplex cabanas and one single-room cabana spaced out just back from the ocean beach in a park-like setting. Each of the rooms have ceiling fans and floor-stand fans, plus ocean breezes to keep guests cool. Two of the rooms have air conditioning units. There is no wireless service at Playa Blanca. The electricity is powered all night at both lodges. All drinking water is purified and can be found in your room in a cooler. It is refilled daily.

All bar charges and lodge purchases are placed on your personal account which is payable on your day of departure. Dollars and pesos are accepted for payment. Credit cards or checks are not. There is a very limited laundry service. Talk to the lodge manager about this service when you need it.

A short walk from any of the cabanas is the main lodge with ocean-view patio. The main lodge is a stand-alone structure where meals are served and the bar is located. There is an on-site manager to assure your stay is as good and comfortable as possible. Any problems or concerns at all, just get in touch with him.

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Fishing at Casa Blanca

The areas in both Ascension and Espiritu Santo Bays are so vast that there is nearly always a good place to fish on any given tide and phase of that tide.

Breakfasts are taken in the main dining area each morning. An assortment of fruit, cereal, hot coffee, juices and hot meals are offered each morning. Your guide will fill your boat cooler with beverages and

your prepared lunch (if you prefer to return to the lodge for lunch, be sure to let the camp manager know the night before) to be eaten out on the water close to the fishing. The fishing hours coincide with the best viewing on the flats; generally between 8:00 am and 3:30 pm. You will be back at the lodge between 3:30 and 4:30 pm.

If you wish to target a specific fish or want to try more wade fishing (or more boat fishing), discuss this with you guide before setting out. This is your trip, so let him know what you would like to do each day. Or, take guide's choice and put yourself in his hands and let him call the shots taking in consideration the weather, water and fishing conditions.

From Casa Blanca Lodge there is a small lagoon called Tarpon Lagoon. There is limited space available to fish this body of water on only two days per week. You need to apply before arriving at the lodge if you want to schedule a day to fish it. Just let us know at the time of the booking.

What Makes This Destination Special and Unique?

• Getting to Cancun Mexico is simple and easy with daily flights from just about every major airport in the USA. Once you arrive at the Cancun Airport you will be met by a Casa Blanca staff member, transferred to a private airport where you will board a charter and fly directly to the Lodge’s private airstrip. From Cancun to the lodge usually takes less than three hours. Easy travel to and from the USA to Cancun, no long car rides minimizes airport and travel frustration which makes for enjoyable fishing holiday, start to finish.

• Casa Blanca Lodge lies within the Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve. This vast region is a UNESCO World Heritage site, protecting the unique ecosystem restricting fishing access. This ensures very limited fishing pressure, and fish that aren’t used to the slap of a fly line or purr of a motor so they behave like fish are supposed to behave, readily and aggressively taking well-presented flies.

• Casa Blanca is located on a private piece of property, far off the beaten path, and offers very nice ocean-front double occupancy accommodations. All the rooms feature private bathrooms, air conditioning and are plenty big to spread out your gear and get organized. This ideal setting and facility was specifically built for anglers. Leave the logistics and mechanics of your trip to the folks at Casa Blanca, all you need to do is fish hard and enjoy this world-class lodge.

• Casa Blanca’s location affords quick access to Ascension Bay and Santa Rosa Lagoon, two massive fisheries with thousands of flats, back bays, lagoons and creeks. Boat rides to your fishing location for the day are measured in minutes, not hours and less time travelling to and from your fishery, means more time fishing for you.

• Ascension Bay and the Santa Rosa Lagoon have healthy populations of all four of the primary flats species: bonefish, permit, tarpon, and snook. With all of these diverse species, anglers have a daily opportunity to pick their target species, or hunt for them all. Casa Blanca Lodge is easily one of the world’s top locations for you to score your Super Grand Slam!

• Casa Blanca employees a great management team with a very solid pool of experienced guides providing a first class trip from start to finish. This is a worry free fishing trip and the staff will take care of every facet of your trip – start to finish!

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Making Reservations to Casa Blanca Lodge

To make a reservation, please give us a call at 800-669-3474 during business hours (Monday - Friday • 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM), or email us at travel@theflyshop.com anytime. We can give you the answers you need, detailed explanations to questions you might have, or check on availability and confirm your reservation in minutes.