About a 3 hour drive south of Cancun, on the oceanside beach of the little fishing village of Punta Allen sits the Palometa Club.

Its location is perfect for searching Ascension Bay for the fish it is famous for; Bonefish, Tarpon and the lodge’s namesake, Permit (“palometa” is Spanish for permit). Anglers also find barracuda and jacks to add some variety in the huge bay (a little over 100 square miles). The guides love nothing better than to chase permit, trying to setup the perfect shot for the angler on deck. They do it efficiently with two trained guides on each boat, giving anglers an extra set of eyes to search for the target fish. This newer lodge is very comfortable and managed by hosts whose only goal is to give each guest a trip beyond his/her expectations.

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Reservations & Rates

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Seasons at Palometa Club

The fishing is rated good to excellent during this whole time period. Tarpon can be found during any month of the year, but not in big numbers. Baby tarpon can be found in some of the bays and there are a few big tarpon around during most months. Permit can be found all season as well as bonefish. As with other Yucatan destinations, the weather will have a lot

to do with fish catching success. During the winter, (November through February) there is a chance of a cold front coming through, but they are usually short lived and after it has passed, the fishing usually picks up with a vengeance, as flats species pour back onto the flats to feed. So, by all means plan a trip during the winter to get away from shoveling snow and cutting wood. The safest months to go are probably March, April and May. This is usually after the cold fronts and before hurricane season (June through November).
As with most saltwater fly fishing destinations, consistent weather is what you are looking for. That said, if you can get three days of consistent weather (no matter what weather) you are more than likely going to experience good fishing.

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Getting to Palometa Club

Nearly every stay in a saltwater destination lodge in the Mexican Yucatan starts in Cancun.

It is easy to get there from most major cities in the US. Palometa will pick you up at the airport (you need to arrive before 2:00 PM) or at your hotel if you get into Cancun prior to your lodge arrival date. Their comfortable, air-conditioned 6-person van will transport you and your traveling

companions south, along the Mexican Riviera to Tulum where the road splits to bypass the northern edge of Ascension Bay. At that point, depending on road and weather conditions, they either take the jungle road down the Punta Allen Peninsula directly to the lodge or the main road along the bay to a boat launch across from the peninsula for a short boat ride to Punta Allen. The entire drive takes about four-and-a half hours and is very scenic and interesting.

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Lodging at Palometa Club

The lodge commands a view of the ocean from its beachside location in Punta Allen.

The open air bar outside is the perfect place for happy hour in the late afternoon before dinner. The lodge has 6 spacious guest rooms for up to 12 anglers. Each room has its own private bathroom with hot and cold water, air conditioning, two large beds and large closets for clothes and


The fly tier will find two fully supplied tying stations to create the newest "best fly" or to tie more standards for tomorrow's fishing.

There is a great room on the air-conditioned main floor along with the dining area and a modern kitchen. This very comfortable lodge is capable of 24 hour power, broadband wireless internet and a satellite phone for guest use.

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Fishing at Palometa Club

The smell of rich Mexican coffee will greet you each morning just after sunrise.

This is followed by a traditional hot breakfast of eggs, bacon and/or ham and cereal, juices, toast and pastries. There are two guides per boat which gives each angler a private guide and an extra set of trained eyes on each boat to spot the tough-to-see fish in less than ideal conditions

(clouds, deep water or heavy winds). It is one of the best fishing programs found anywhere.

Ascension Bay is huge and knowing where to fish is key to success and all of the guides are experts at finding fish in even the most difficult of conditions. You will have an opportunity to fish for Permit, Bonefish, Tarpon, Barracuda and possibly Snook. Palometa Club also has a deep water boat to fish beyond the reef for billfish, tuna, dorado, snapper and various other species. Off shore fishing is an add-on activity and can be arranged while at the lodge when immediate weather and water conditions can be taken into account (there is an additional fee for this and can be paid for at the lodge).

Boats are clean and uncluttered for ease of casting. There are life preservers and a first-aid kit aboard each one. They are as comfortable for the open water crossings as they are for poling and silent stalking in skinny water. Fishing the flats can be done by boat, by wading or both. Many of the flats in Ascension Bay are hard bottom and are easily waded.

Lunch is usually taken on the boat during the day so not to waste time traveling back and forth to the lodge for the mid day meal. This gives access to many areas of the bay that wouldn't otherwise be possible. This is a fishing trip and as much time should be spent in pursuit of fish as possible. Hardy box lunches are prepared for the fishing boats and typically include sandwiches, fruits, desserts, ice water and other beverages of your choice.

Depending upon your location and weather conditions, the guides will start heading back to the lodge around 4:30 PM. After arrival at the lodge, your guide will rinse your rod and reel in fresh water, clean and stretch your fly lines and stored safely ready for tomorrow's outing.

Between 6 and 7 pm, join the other anglers and guests at the lodge at the outside bar for a refreshing and cool cocktail and delicious hors d 'oeuvres. At 7 pm, a dinner of Mexican and/or Mayan cuisine is prepared for you served with the house wine. Your hosts Dick and Kaye Cameron assure everyone that your evening meal is not just dinner but a Feast! After dinner guests can retire to the palapa bar for an evening drink and more fish tales, tie a few flies at the tying stations or catch up on internet news and emails.

What Makes This Destination Special and Unique?

• Every panga has 2 guides for 2 anglers. One on the poling platform in back and one on the deck with the caster. This doubles the number of professional eyes looking for permit, greatly improving your chances at early fish spotting and opportunities for good shots. The extra guide on the deck with you is also hugely helpful with coaching techniques, relaying information being yelled from the guide on the pole, and line management before and after fish are hooked.

• The Palometa Club uses big 23 foot pangas. This is a giant advantage on the big water crossings of Ascension Bay. The boats are far more comfortable than flats boats in this bigger water, are are also very stable when you are up on the nose taking shots at permit. The large boats allow your guides to utilize the entire bay, instead of being isolated to the north or south shore as the lodges using flats boats are.

• The beachfront Lodge accommodations are super inviting and comfortable and the perfect setting for a flats fishing lodge. Right on the water in Punta Allen, the guide's pangas pull up to within 50 feet of the lodge’s backdoor, and the closest flats to cast at permit are only a 10 minute run. There is no better possible location to access the entire bay and the Boca Paya Lagoon.

• The American Lodge owners Dick and Kaye run this operation seamlessly. Their staff is super professional and English speaking, making the level of service at the Palometa Club second to none on Ascension Bay.

• This area of Mexico has some of the world’s finest permit angling and the Palometa Club has strived to become the most elite permit oriented lodge out there. The guides live and breathe permit, that is all they think about. You can choose to look for the other species in the Grand Slam, but if you are a permit Junky, this is your place… And the permit can be enormous here!

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Making Reservations to Palometa Club

To make a reservation, please give us a call at 800-669-3474 during business hours (Monday - Friday • 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM), or email us at travel@theflyshop.com anytime. We can give you the answers you need, detailed explanations to questions you might have, or check on availability and confirm your reservation in minutes.