“The very best Atlantic Salmon Rivers in the world are found on the Kola Peninsula”

The Atlantic Salmon Reserve (ASR) is an area of Russia’s Kola peninsula that has been set aside with the goal of preserving and protecting a wonderfully pristine, untouched wilderness while developing some of the best fishing for Atlantic Salmon to be found on the Kola.

The ASR is home to four of the world’s most prolific rivers for BIG Atlantic Salmon. Anglers visiting the ASR will find themselves above the Artic Circle, amongst only the most wild and undisturbed rivers found along the North coast of the Kola. The rivers of the ASR are world renowned among hard-core Atlantic Salmon anglers for good reason. The Atlantic Salmon found here are the biggest, strongest and fastest of the species.

The massive falls, raging rapids and lurid holding pools are the aesthetic signature of these rivers. Only a fish highly specialized in navigating the imposing characteristics of the ASR rivers could come from these mighty waters. The Atlantic Salmon of the ASR are the biggest, baddest of them all.

The ASR program is comprised of two remote “Camps” including the Kharlovka/Eastern Litza Camp and the Rynda/Zolotaya Camp. The venue is totally pristine and unspoiled. The ASR is able to accomodate up to 26 anglers for a week. When not fishing, guests relax in the luxury of the camp and their private cabin.

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Reservations & Rates

7 night, 6.5 day packages on the ASR (Kharlovka River & Eastern Litza) range in price from $5,950.00 to $19,900.00 USD per person, depending on the particular week.

Included in your angling package at the ASR is meet and greet at the airport, round trip helicopter transportation to and from the lodge, daily guided fishing, Daily Eurocopter transfers to your beat, accommodations, meals, laundry service and all alcohol, wine and beer.

Not included in your angling package to the ASR are flights to and from Murmansk, accommodations and meals in Helsinki, fishing licenses, gratuities and Salmon (these must be earned!)

The Fly Shop® is not in the insurance business, but we recommend Travel Guard coverage as a service with a desire to see your best interests protected. It is impossible to know when an unfortunate situation (loss of luggage, fly rods, illness in the family, or an accident) may occur. However, such things can and do happen, and this insurance can provide a means of recourse against non-refundable financial losses.

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Seasons at Atlantic Salmon Reserve

“The river is beautiful, rugged and full of Atlantic Salmon through the entire season”

The Kharlovka camp has undergone a near complete facelift over the last 5 seasons. All guests are now accommodated in private wooden cabins

with full en-suite facilities including warm heaters, drying closet, and 220V European two pin plug power points. The cabins are interconnected with the main lodge by an intricate network of walkways to preserve the fragile tundra below. Depending on the conditions, guests to the Kharlovka camp spend up to half their week fishing on the Litza River with some having the chance to spend the night there in the upgraded Tent camp. A maximum of 7 beats or 14 guests a week will fish the Kharlovka and Eastern Litza.

Over the last several years, the Rynda Camp has been improved to the highest standards. We have enlarged the dining room area last year and have built a new sauna. Nowhere else will you see the meticulous attention to detail, evident throughout the whole ASR, displayed so prominently and hence the overwhelming popularity of the Rynda for those wishing to take ladies and or children. All 12 guests are accommodated in the most sophisticated and fully fitted private log cabins on the Kola Peninsula, with views looking onto the Rynda Falls and Home Pool.

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Getting to Atlantic Salmon Reserve

“World class Atlantic Salmon fly fishing in an unspoiled wilderness”

Everyone will make their own arrangements to arrive in Murmansk by midday on the Saturday of the start of your trip. It is most convenient to stay in Helsinki on or before the Friday of each week and for their home departure on Saturday. Where possible on the return journey you are advised to allow at least three hours for transfer due to possible late

departure from Murmansk. However, all guests must appreciate there can be considerable delays on returning from our camps in the Arctic Tundra through Murmansk Airport such as fog, helicopter delays, airport procedures & baggage handling. In and out of Murmansk everyone will be aboard the Helsinki to Murmansk Charter Flight, operated by Finnair.

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Lodging at Atlantic Salmon Reserve

“If there is ever a destination where guests leave looking forward to coming back next year, and the year after... and after that, it's a fishing trip to the ASR”

It’s in the final days of May through early June when big chrome bright springers show. Many fish go over 20lbs and a 40lb or bigger salmon is no surprise, however it is a big time catch that doesn’t go unnoticed. Your

story about that giant fish will be retold over and over through out the season. Only a few get to see a fish that big. Those giant salmon are out there. Water temperatures are really cold at 33° F to 48° F.

By mid June through mid July, the rivers are mobbed with Atlantic Salmon. Anglers won’t see a big change in size other than there’s more fish in the 15lb range in addition to those 20-30 pounders you should expect. Wading is easier due to the decreasing volume of water. Some anglers believe this is the time of year for perfect wading conditions and numbers of salmon. Without a doubt, anglers will find Atlantic Salmon stacked in all beats, on all the rivers. And we can’t leave out water temperatures are climbing up between 46° F - 58° F. Perfect!

As the water level continues to drop through the end of July and into early August, expect a mixture of fish from hard fighting Grisle to fresh Atlantic's up to 20lbs. Bigger fish are always in the mix and there’s always a story at the end of the day backed up with photos. The fishing is always epic! Water temperatures are at the warmest hovering above 50° F.

Great fishing extends into mid September as we see colored up spring salmon starting to activate after a long spawn. Bright autumn fish start to show up and the river’s water levels are at their lowest. You’ll notice water temps are getting colder as winters bite is in the air. The fishing is amazing during the last days of the season. So you can see, the best time to fish the ASR is when you can get there between June and September.

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Fishing at Atlantic Salmon Reserve

“The excitement felt everytime the line goes tight is unreal. It could be that monster 40+ pound fish”

A typical ASR program day starts with a hearty breakfast made to order. Eggs, bacon, fruit or just cereal will get you started on the right foot. After breakfast you will wader up, grab your fly rod, reel and day bag. The guide will load their own backpacks with the days lunch that you will no

doubt enjoy riverside. All gear goes into the mini Eurocopter for your short flight to your fishing beat. Anglers in groups of two are assigned departure times between 7:50 and 8:30 am. There is nothing better than being shuttled in a helicopter to your daily beat. Talk about starting the day off with right! Everyone has a grin on their face.

Once you landed, the helicopter is unloaded of anglers and their gear. Rods are strung up and the fishing ensues! Each day your beat will have 2 to 6 amazing pools to spend your day covering, looking for the biggest and hottest Atlantic Salmon in the world. You will spend the day covering each pool and then walking up or dowstream to your next piece of water, spending the entire day covering your exclusive beat. The guides are amazing, some of them have been guiding these rivers for over 20 years. They know every grain of sand in the river and the exact spots the fish can be found.

What Makes This Destination Special and Unique?

• The rivers of the ASR offers some of the finest Atlantic Salmon fishing on Earth, with 4 different rivers boasting exceptional runs of fish each and every season, June through September! That translates into trophy salmon in every pool you swing your fly through, looking for the “grab”. Every cast you make has the chance of hooking the fish of a lifetime.

• The ASR runs programs on 4 different rivers. You will choose between 1 of the 2 different camps, which access 2 rivers each. Having 2 separate rivers to cover throughout the week gives you great variety, never having to cover the same beat twice, and making each day a fresh new experience.

• The salmon of the rivers of the ASR average 15 pounds or better, and one in 20 will tip the scales at better than 20 pounds. If you are a big fish-angler, the ASR is the spot – these are some of the largest Atlantic salmon in the world, and there is no finer fishery to hook and land the largest one of your life.

• The ASR utilizes helicopters to access your beat assignment every day. There is absolutely no time wasted getting you to the water. Not only do these lighting fast Eurocopters buy you hours of extra fishing throughout the week, vs boats or driving, they make the daily commute something to look forward too!

• Both camps have absolutely amazing home pools. In the midnight sun above the Arctic circle you can literally fish all night if your body can stand up to it. Many anglers can get a couple extra hours of fishing in the home pool after dinner, fishing well past 1am… and maybe scratch out that fish of a lifetime in the bonus hours!

• Everyone at the ASR gets single occupancy accommodations. You will have your own room, with its own bathroom, complete with toilet and shower. No sharing or letting your partner get first crack at it… space all to yourself.

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Making Reservations to Atlantic Salmon Reserve

To make a reservation, please give us a call at 800-669-3474 during business hours (Monday - Friday • 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM), or email us at travel@theflyshop.com anytime. We can give you the answers you need, detailed explanations to questions you might have, or check on availability and confirm your reservation in minutes.