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Spatsizi Wilderness Lodge – British Columbia, Canada
Openings at Spatsizi Wilderness Lodge are as rare as rocking horse manure. And at a reduced rate that much rarer. Here’s your chance to fish  Spatsizi Plateau Wilderness Provincial Park, a 3,600 square mile chunk of raw land that is loaded with more rainbow trout streams and lakes than could possibly be fished in a lifetime. This is one of the all time greatest North America adventures ever!
June 27 – July 4, 2024 (4 rods) & August 1 – 8, 2024 (4 rods)
The standard rate is $8,800 USD per person, however the reduced rate is $7,400 USD – a $1,400 SAVINGS! Don’t miss this the opportunity, email Pat Pendergast

Duncan’s Steelhead Camp – Kodiak Island, Alaska
WOW, we just heard from Brad Duncan, and due to some cancellations, he has three rods available at their Kodiak Island, Alaska Steelhead Camp, week of October 05 – 12, 2024. This is an absolutely prime week for wild steelhead, outfitted by the legendary Duncan Clan.  Don’t miss this opportunity, it won’t last long! Contact Mike Mercer for more information.

Kendjam Lodge, Brazil
HUGE DISCOUNT! Due to an unfortunate cancellation we have two rods available at Kendjam – the amazing multi-species jungle fishery in the heart of Kayapo Indigenous lands, Brazil. (July 13 – 21 2024. Normal rate for this one week package is $6,990 per angler and we are now offering it at $5,490, a $1,500 per rod discount.!

Kendjam is the top multi-species jungle destination in the Amazon. There are about a dozen target species that you can actively pursue throughout your week, each uniquely adapted to a different niche of the river. You can encounter peacock bass in one pool, wolfish in the next, and multiple different species of pacu in the one after that. Matrinxa, bicuda, and even some payara are other worthy target species, among others… The water is clear and often you can sight-cast to fish or fish top water dries or poppers, watching as the fish come up to blast your offering on the surface!

There is a lot of wading and scrambling over hard rock to get yourself into position. You need to be capable of this in order to take advantage of the fishery. It is not boat fishing… It is also not wading over big, nasty, round boulders in current though, the river carves its way over solid bedrock. Often you are casting from up out of the water into small pockets and pools. If you are not familiar with the fishery, have a look through the attached introduction below. It will give you a better idea of what you can expect as far as the fish, as well as see the terrain you need to be able to navigate over and around to be effective…

If you are interested in one or both of these last minute openings, please contact me immediately to secure your spot. This opportunity is first come first serve. We can not put a hold on these to check dates etc. The 1st anglers that are ready to go will get them.

There are also some slots that remain available during a few other weeks of the Kendjam season. These weeks are available at the standard price, but if the week above does not fit your schedule and you still want to go, these dates might work better for you.
● 14 JUL – 21 JUL 2024 (4 rods)
● 25 AUG – 01 SEPT 2024 (3 rods)
● 08 SEPT – 15 SEPT 2024 (4 rods)
Contact Justin Miller for more information Justin Miller

Chosen River Outfitters, Alaska
Our friends at Chosen River Outfitters have some prime weeks available on their fabulous Alaskan Float Trips. These guys are the best in the business and their wilderness float trips are legendary!
● July 14-20, 2024 KANEKTOK 4 Seats Open
● July 22-28, 2024 KANEKTOK 2 Seats Open
● August 17-23, 2024 KANEKTOK 1 Seat Open
● August 22-28, 2024 GOODNEWS 2 Seats Open

Rapids Camp Lodge, Alaska
Our friends at Rapids Camp Lodge, located in King Salmon, AK are offering DIY trips for groups of four or six anglers.  For self sufficient anglers, here’s your a chance to fish the famous Naknek River for giant rainbows at a fantastic rate! Contact us for more information.
● June 8- July 1, 2024
● Sept 13- Nov 1, 2024
For Groups of 6
7 Nights / 6 Days of Fishing for 6 people – $3,900.00 per person
4 Nights / 3 Days of Fishing for 6 people – $2,500.00 per person
For Groups of 4
7 Nights / 6 Days of Fishing for 4 people – $4,500.00 per person
4 Nights / 3 Days of Fishing for 4 people – $2,600.00 per person

Tsimane, Bolivia – Sécure Lodge
August 23 – 30, 2024 (1 rod)
This week at Sécure Lodge is absolutely dead-center, it doesn’t get any better.
Experience the greatest and most unique dorado fishing in the world.  A trip like this will change you for life!
Email Justin Miller to learn more about Sécure Lodge, he fished this week in 2023.

Andros South, Bahamas
WOW, check out this prime week at Andros South, does it get any better?  We don’t think so… Get your bonefish on next spring in the Bahamas. This week is being hosted by at TFS staff member.
March 02 – 09, 2025  (12 rods) – new moon April 8th | Email Eric Ersch to learn more about this prime week!

Soul Fly Lodge – Berry Island Bahamas
Arrive – May 25th, 2024
Fish – 4 Days
Depart – May 30th, 2024
Available – 2 rods & 2 rooms
Tides – Half moon trip with an average amount of tidal flow. Really nice timing on the tides. Great time of year for species diversity. Lots of wading available. High tide at 11a on day 1 of fishing – opportunity to fish both the incoming and outgoing.

Arrive – June 2nd, 2024
Fish – 5 days
Depart – June 8th, 2024
Available – 2 rods & 2 rooms
Tides – Excellent late spring bonefish and permit tide. Coming into the new moon on June 6th. Great tidal flow. Low tide at noon on day 1.


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Prime Travel

Prime Travel is your definitive source of information on the finest fly fishing destinations in the world. Whether you are looking for a family holiday, a last minute cancellation special, or a prime week at a high demand fishery, Prime Travel is a resource-tool to help find exactly what you are looking for.
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