Rapids Camp Lodge, an easy to reach, full service fly-out lodge with excellent home water and one of the most diverse and exciting fly fishing programs in Alaska. The lodge is located on the Naknek River, near King Salmon, just an eighty minute flight from Anchorage.  They offer unparalleled fly fishing in the heart of the famed Bristol Bay watershed – home to enormous rainbow trout, all five species of Pacific salmon, Dolly Varden, Arctic char and grayling. They utilize float planes and a fleet of jet boats to access a wide variety of fisheries in the Bristol Bay region, Katmai National Park, and the Alaskan Peninsula.

The Bristol Bay/Katmai region is a pristine wilderness with majestic views, and the second largest national park in the United States. Katmai National Park encompasses 4.2 million acres of virtually untouched wilderness, home to brown bears, moose, caribou, and wolves. From the Valley of 10,000 Smokes to the deep turquoise of the Ice Age glaciers, you’ll see scenery that rivals the wildlife and fishing that leaves most anglers slack-jawed.

Seasoned hardcore fly anglers appreciate the wide range of water the lodge frequents. This includes staples like the Moraine, Battle Creek, Contact Creek, Headwaters Creek and American Creek as well as numerous prolific salmon and char fisheries. During the early and late season the lodge concentrates on fly fishing for large rainbows in the “rapids” of the Naknek River near the lodge. Anglers typically employ spey rods and steelhead-like tactics to entice these supercharged rainbows that commonly run in the 7-12 pound range – and larger!

Rapids Camp Lodge is one of the few destinations equipped and willing to handle a wide range of eco type activities including flight seeing the region’s many glaciers and volcanoes, bear and wildlife viewing, clam digging, and beachcombing. The lodge features eight comfortable double occupancy rooms with private baths, a detached private home that sleeps three, a large friendly bar, two gourmet chefs, workout room, state of the art tackle and waders for all who need them. With three Beavers and a turbine Otter, and handsome jet boats for the home water, Rapids Camp has endless options for all who visit. Whether you are after silvers or kings, massive rainbows on the spey rod, or a crack at wilderness rainbows that rarely see a fly, this operation has the flexibility and hospitality to keep you coming back, year after year.

Guests design their own day trips – there isn’t any set destination. The Rapids Camp team makes recommendations based on your goals and desires, and you make the decision where you want to go the next day.  Sightseeing, bear viewing, hiking and a wide variety of fishing, are all options. They provide everything you need for the fishing trip of a lifetime — the finest rods, reels, tackle and waders. Their plane options include two float equipped DeHavilland Beavers and a turbine Otter on floats. There are jet boats on the Naknek River, and half a dozen jet equipped sleds on other rivers in the immediate area.  The fishing in this region is simply outstanding! You can expect to catch trophy rainbow trout, grayling and Dolly Varden, and depending on the specific week, all five species of Pacific Salmon.

Rapids Camp Lodge is a beautiful log lodge and accepts no more than ten guests at a time. Each of the bedrooms has its own full bath and, more important to the angler, it is located within casting distance of the Naknek River.

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Reservations & Rates

• Full week trips are 7 nights lodging / 6 days of fishing for $14,950 per person. These trips are on a Friday to Friday schedule.

• Half week trips are 4 nights / 3 days cost $9,850 per person. Half week trips can be scheduled Monday to Friday or Friday to Tuesday, based on space availability.

Single accommodations and meals at the lodge, round-trip flight between Anchorage and King Salmon, transportation between King Salmon and the lodge, lodging tax, fly outs per your itinerary, guiding, beer and wine, any needed tackle including waders, fly rods, and flies.

Airfare to/from Anchorage, accommodations and meals in Anchorage, fishing licenses, hard alcohol, and the staff and guide gratuities.

The Fly Shop® is not in the insurance business, but we recommend Travel Guard coverage as a service with a desire to see your best interests protected. It is impossible to know when an unfortunate situation (loss of luggage, fly rods, illness in the family, or an accident) may occur. However, such things can and do happen, and this insurance can provide a means of recourse against non-refundable financial losses.

Travel Insurance Information

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Seasons at Rapids Camp Lodge

Resident species include rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, Arctic char and grayling. They are available throughout the season, and change their locations and feeding behaviors based on available food sources.

King (Chinook) salmon fishing begins the second week of June, and continues through the middle of July.

Chum salmon are available at the same time, with Sockeye (Red) salmon entering the rivers in mid July and into August. The ever popular silver (Coho) salmon are a target from late July through the end of August and in some coastal waters into mid September.

Later in the season, Rapids Camp guides target world-class trophy rainbow trout - some of the largest trout in the state of Alaska on their home water, the Naknek River. Rapids Camp’s fishing season runs from the third week of June through the beginning of October.

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Getting to Rapids Camp Lodge

Prior to Departure: To complete the arrangements for your trip you will need to:
• Arrange flights to/from Anchorage, AK
• Arrange accommodations in Anchorage (if applicable)

Fly to Anchorage, AK and overnight. However, if you can make connections, you can forgo the overnight in Anchorage and fly to King Salmon, your end destination, on your scheduled day of arrival into camp. Late afternoon or evening arrivals are fine.

Information and recommendations on Anchorage hotels are in our Alaska Pre trip tackle planner that you will receive with your deposit receipt statement.

Friday - Arrival Day:
Arrive Anchorage: Please arrive prior to 12:00 PM

Note: If you cannot arrive by 12:00 PM, you may elect to overnight prior to this day (independently arranged, not included).

You will be met in baggage claim by the lodge expediter, Michael Hartley (907.717.1544). He will transfer you to your flight from Anchorage to King Salmon (flight is included in your package price).

The lodge will arrange your flight to King Salmon. The details will be relayed to you nearer your trip date. Please forward your commercial flight details (not included, independently arranged) as soon as possible. The lodge will use these to schedule your flight to King Salmon.

You should arrive in King Salmon mid to late afternoon. Your day of arrival at Rapids Camp Lodge is not a scheduled fishing day. Upon arrival into King Salmon you will be met by a representative of Rapids Camp Lodge and transferred to the lodge via auto (15 minute drive).

You will have a chance to get settled into your room, organize your gear, and purchase a sport fishing license. The rest of the day and evening is at your leisure.

Saturday through Thursday:
For the next week or less, depending on the package you have purchased, you'll be fishing in one of the most famous and popular fly fishing regions of Alaska. Rapids Camp Lodge is a fine place that caters almost exclusively to fly fishermen.

Friday - Departure Day:
This morning after breakfast and packing, you will be transferred to King Salmon where you will take the lodge plane back to Anchorage (flight is included in your package price). Please send us your full flight itinerary and if possible, book your departure from Anchorage after 6:00PM.

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Lodging at Rapids Camp Lodge

Situated on 60 acres of private riverfront property on the Naknek River, the main lodge can accommodate a total of 10 guests in eight spacious, single occupancy rooms with private bathrooms and a detached private home originally built for the owner has also been added to the available accommodations at the lodge. It has two bedrooms and a living room.. Amenities include a hot tub, sauna, workout facility, bar, darts, shuffleboard, high speed wireless internet, and satellite television. The lodge also has a masseuse on staff.

Two gourmet chefs prepare everything from fresh salmon to succulent steaks. Breakfasts and lunches are served buffet style, in traditional Alaskan manner. Before dinner, hors d’oeuvres and cocktails are served. Dinner is a very nice plated service. Fresh pastries, baked bread and rolls complement your meals. Some lunches during your week may be shore lunches prepared and served by your guide streamside, wildlife permitting! Lunches include fresh fish, fresh fruit, baked goods, wine and beer.

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Fishing at Rapids Camp Lodge

Located just downstream of the famous “rapids” of the Naknek River, Rapids Camp Lodge has some of the state’s most remarkable trophy rainbow fly fishing just minutes from their dock. The local rapids section of the Naknek River is especially good early and late in the season, and holds great appeal to anglers who like to fly fish in a traditional steelhead fashion with spey rods.

With a fleet of four planes, anglers are able to access some of finest fly-out fly fishing the state of Alaska has to offer. Rapids Camp has an excellent king salmon fly fishing program as well as a very good coastal program targeting silver salmon. The lodge strives to have one guide for every two anglers. Fishing venues vary widely from days spent fishing from jet-powered aluminum boats, raft trips, and remote walk and wade venues best suited to the physically fit. At times anglers may fish from boats, but the majority of fly fishing is done while wading.

Each evening after returning from fishing, guests in the main lodge will enjoy wonderful appetizers along with complimentary beers and wine with cocktails for sale. The head guide will be on hand to discuss the day’s fishing and make suggestions on what fisheries are producing the best taking into account your wants and needs and make a fishing plan for the next morning, all weather dependent. With five different aircraft and aerial access to dozens and dozens different fisheries within a 150 mile radius, there is sure to be a spot Rapids Camp guide and pilots that offers world-class fishing.

One aspect of the fishing program that makes Rapids Camp Lodge unique is fact that guests help design their own trips. There isn’t any set program of fishery list to choose from. Of course the head guide will make recommendations based on your goals and desires, but in the end you make the decision where you want to go the next day.

Typical Day:
After a great night’s rest, fresh coffee is available and ready in the main lodge by 6:30AM. A full buffet breakfast is laid out in the dining room at 7:00AM and typically includes fresh fruit, baked goods, yogurt and hot or cold cereal. Our chefs are always happy to make guest 'eggs to order' and if you have any special request, we're happy to try and accommodate them.

After breakfast, you’ll return to your cabin, slide into your waders, grab your tackle, and take the short walk to the float plane dock on the Naknek River where your guide, pilot, and aircraft will be waiting. You’ll usually have a different guide every day, each of whom is a specialist on specific waters and understands the subtle changes in insect hatches, water temperature, etc.

You and your guide will take a scenic flight to your chosen stretch of water for the day, often sighting moose and bear from the air. You may be hiking a small stream and casting dries to rising fish, using a jet boat to access remote runs on a small river and swinging streamers, or floating downstream in an inflatable raft, wading freestone runs and sight fishing to monster rainbows in gin clear water.

Lunch is served on the stream, usually sandwiches, salads, hot soup, cookies, fruit, candy, chips, etc. Or you can opt for a classic shore lunch, just let your guide know the night before if you would like him to prepare fresh salmon cooked over an open fire with all the fixings... Please feel free to make requests. If you are fishing on the Naknek River “Home Water” expect a nice hot lunch at the lodge.

Returning to the lodge after a full day of fishing, arms weary of reeling fish, you'll be greeted by the lodge staff with cold tap beer or a glass of red or white wine. Maybe you opt for a massage, followed by a hot shower and then back to the bar and lounge for mouth watering appetizers, more complimentary beer or wine or a delicious cocktail, all followed by a gourmet meal. We serve only the finest meats and wild game and have fresh produce delivered to the lodge weekly. With the freshest Halibut and Salmon available, our chefs continue to create delicious culinary delights. They thrive in preparing exciting, yet hearty creations with ingredients from gourmet vendors from all over the country.'

What Makes This Destination Special and Unique?

• Rapids Camp Lodge location affords quick and easy access to all of the top trout fisheries in the Bristol Bay and Katmai National Preserve region. Equally appealing, their location is close to some of the best salmon fishing rivers on the Alaska Peninsula, with a short an scenic flight. Less time travelling to and from your chosen fishery for the day, means more time in the water fishing - there is no wasted motion at Rapids Camp Lodge.

• Rapids Camp Lodge has arguably the finest fleet of aircraft in all Alaska. Their fleet includes two de Havilland Beavers on floats, one de Havilland Beaver on tundra tires, and one Turbine Otter on amphibious floats. With a fleet like that, there is no water within a 150 mile radius that Rapids Camp can get you to. That’s just a peace of mind, that no matter what you want to fish for, and no matter where, the lodge can make it happen.

• The Naknek River is Rapids Camp Lodge “Home Water”. The Naknek is one of the largest migratory routes on the planet for Pacific Salmon and home to some of the largest rainbow trout in the world. That translates into great fishing, accessed directly from the lodge, and if the weather does not allow for a fly-out or delays your day, you have world-class fishing at your doorstep. There are NO days lost due to weather at Rapids Camp Lodge, count on fishing every day of your trip.

• Rapids Camp Lodge can accommodate a maximum of 10 angling guests, in comfortable single occupancy rooms and cabins, each with its own complete bathroom on 60 private riverfront acres. They can also provide all top quality fishing equipment, rods, reels, tackle and waders. This is an excellent fly fishing destination lodge for families and small corporate groups, and the added convenience of not having to purchase gear and haul it all the way to Alaska, makes it that much user friendly and economical. Rapids Camp Lodge is definitely a hassle and stress free fishing adventure.

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Making Reservations to Rapids Camp Lodge

To make a reservation, please give us a call at 800-669-3474 during business hours (Monday - Friday • 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM), or email us at travel@theflyshop.com anytime. We can give you the answers you need, detailed explanations to questions you might have, or check on availability and confirm your reservation in minutes.