The steelhead rivers of the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska harbor fantastic runs of fresh steelhead in the fall months, providing a wonderful and diverse Alaskan steelhead experience. These rivers are gorgeous and super fishy, from small little coastal creeks, to big water that you will float… and all are extremely productive fisheries. Add to that the uniqueness that these are likely the furthest north latitudes that you can honestly target steelhead. We fish the fall season, when chromers begin to enter their natal streams in September, and continue to pour in and move upstream until late October.

We’ve been there, understand these travel details, and no-one is better suited to walking you through the process, and getting you to this amazing place on schedule. Tackle, flies, clothing, itinerary, whatever – we’re happy to talk you through what to expect. Feel free to call us at 800-669-3474, or email, and one of our travel specialists will respond promptly.

2023 – The trip exceeded my expectations. The staff was friendly, very helpful. The guides were fantastic with each bringing their own expertise on casting and catching fish. The cuisine was as advertised: delicious. The lodge is once of the finest lodges I have ever seen with luxurious accommodations.

The fishing was slow in the beginning as a result of sunny weather. Fortunately with big tides and some rainy weather the rivers turned on.

This was my first Steelhead fishing experience and first experience with Spey casting so I expected a challenge. With perseverance I was finally rewarded with 10 hookups and four fish landed in the last two days. In the last hour on the Kasilof, I landed a 28 inch Chrome bright Steelhead. What a fight. A life changing experience in fly fishing.

I Will be back.
Thank you so much.

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Reservations & Rates

$6,895 plus 3% tax ($206.85) ~ 6 Nights Lodging, 5 Days Fishing w/1 Day Heli-Fishing

Accommodations and meals at lodge, daily guided fishing, 1 day of Heli-fishing, round-trip ground transfers between the Kenai airport and the lodge, non-alcoholic beverages, rods reels and flies

Airfare to and from the Kenai airport, 3% tax, alcohol, fishing licenses, gratuities, additional helicopter flights, waders and wading boots

The Fly Shop® is not in the insurance business, but we recommend Travel Guard coverage as a service with a desire to see your best interests protected. It is impossible to know when an unfortunate situation (loss of luggage, fly rods, illness in the family, or an accident) may occur. However, such things can and do happen, and this insurance can provide a means of recourse against non-refundable financial losses.

Travel Insurance Information

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Seasons at Alaska Steelhead Company

Alaska steelhead season operates for 1 thing… Steelhead in the Fall! Steelhead season runs from early September through late October.

Fall in Alaska can be up and down in terms of weather. You want it to rain some, to bring in new fish and stir up the ones that are there already, but too much can ruin a steelhead trip. The rivers of the ASC though are some of the most stable we have ever come across. The main river comes out of a lake, glacial fed… it is virtually unblowable, a very special thing on a steelhead trip and the best trip insurance you could ask for. And the color of the water is just like the Caribbean! Absolutely gorgeous!

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Getting to Alaska Steelhead Company

Travel logistics to the ASC’s Lodge are simple. The day before arrival to the lodge - Fly to Anchorage, Alaska and overnight.

Day 1:
Flight to the Kenai Airport from Anchorage, via Ravn Air. The base rate calls for a relaxing afternoon arrival for a 6 night / 5 day angling package. Early morning flights allow you to get a full day of fishing in on arrival day, making it a 6 night / 6 day package.

Days 2 to 6:
Enjoy the excellent steelhead fishing, beautiful scenery, and unmatched hospitality that is the everyday standard with the Alaska Steelhead Company. Your days will be spent fishing out of the lodge daily, by drift boat, walk and wade, or helicopter.

Day 7:
Early morning departures from Kenai back to Anchorage will allow most North Americans to get home the same day. Or, you can choose to fish the last day, making it a 6 night / 7 day package, and then take an evening flight out of Kenai, then a red eye home, or overnight in Anchorage again that night.

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Lodging at Alaska Steelhead Company

The Alaska Steelhead Company’s accommodations are very comfortable and strategically located to take quick advantage of their fisheries. The lodge is perched high up on the edge of a giant bluff overlooking the Cook Inlet, close to the mouth of Deep Creek, the lodge’s home river. The views from the lodge on a clear day are spectacular, a panoramic of Chigmit Mountains and Mount Iliamna a 10,000 foot volcano. The lodge is modern and tastefully appointed, the perfect spot to hangout with fellow anglers after a day on the water and enjoy an adult beverage before a spectacularly prepared meal by chef Felix. Anglers enjoy fine meals around a large dining room table with a bar in

the common area, and comfortable couches in the living room to relax in. Double occupancy cabins are set adjacent to the main lodge, with en-suite full bathrooms with a flush toilet, shower, sink and vanity, and cozy beds with comfortable bedding.

Meals at ASC are in a class all their own, meticulously created by Chef Felix. Breakfast includes eggs, breakfast meats, hash browns, toast, fruit, coffee, juices everything you need to fuel up for a day of steelheading. Lunch is taken on the fly with freshly made sandwiches, homemade soup, snacks and your choice of beverages. All the guides have Jet-boils for coffee, tea, hot chocolate or cider including some Baileys to mix in, all provided by the guides. Cocktail hour is highlight with homemade pizza, several different cheeses, charcuterie, crackers, smoked salmon, local sausages, meat, etc. The three course dinner is served in the main dining room. Dishes include dry-aged beef, Alaska king crab, Alaska shrimp, short ribs, pork tenderloin, Bolognese sauce with homemade noodles, and lots of fresh vegetables, and homemade bread. Chef Felix knocks it out of the park with his meals!

The lodge can accommodate 12 anglers a week.

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Fishing at Alaska Steelhead Company

Anglers arise early each morning, eat a hearty Alaskan breakfast, then wader up and jump into their guide's truck and tow their drift boat to their float beat, or just head out to walk and wade some remote stretches of water… or jump into a helicopter right on the front lawn and fly into the middle of nowhere to discover some of the river's hidden secrets! Two anglers per boat and guide, except the head guide takes 3 in a power drifter. Guests will move from pool to pool throughout the day, covering

as much water as possible, getting out to wade and swing through each run, or fishing nymph rigs from the boat. The rivers are exceptionally friendly to swing with either single or double-handed rods, and it's not unusual for anglers to experience a few hookups before lunch. Sink these are fairly shallow rivers. Large Intruder-style patterns are favored, and the tight-line grabs can be unforgettable. After taking lunch on the river, fishermen will cover more water in the afternoon, returning to the lodge and a delicious dinner in the early evening.

What Makes This Destination Special and Unique?

• The Alaska Steelhead Company has a ton of water to choose from each day, allowing the guides to adjust for ever changing conditions. Some rivers will fish well in low water, but when it rains hard they may blowout… Many steelhead fisheries would be hamstrung by this, but the Alaska Steelhead Company has an ironclad guarantee! They have a river that flow from below a lake, making it impossible to blow. This will insure you will be swinging your fly over sea-run missiles, each and every fishing session, when others would be blown out.

• Alaska Steelhead Company’s lodge is one of the nicest lodges on the planet, hands down. The lodge itself is extremely comfortable and sits atop a 300 foot cliff overlooking the Cook Inlet, three active volcanoes and the mouth of their home steelhead river. It is over the top, a stunning location that you will never grow tired of. The level of service and accommodations assures you will be well rested, ready to attack the steelhead waters of the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska.

• The Alaska Steelhead Company is located just an hour’s drive from the Kenai airport, making this a very easy destination to get into and out of. Easy access to the lodge insures you are never delayed in starting or ending your steelhead adventure. And it is in the USA! No customs, no ravel restrictions, no passport required - easy travel!

• The guides of the Alaska Steelhead Company know every inch of their main rivers, but are still exploring more as they expand their range with via helicopter! This ensures that you will spend plenty of time in water that the guides have landed thousands of steelhead before, but also gives you the opportunity to go find undiscovered secrets! It's the best of both worlds, bank-on steelhead waters and a chance to discover a new fishery.

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Making Reservations to Alaska Steelhead Company

To make a reservation, please give us a call at 800-669-3474 during business hours (Monday - Friday • 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM), or email us at anytime. We can give you the answers you need, detailed explanations to questions you might have, or check on availability and confirm your reservation in minutes.