Fly Rods:
Multi-piece 6, 5 & 4 weight fly rods will cover most of the fishing situations you’ll encounter. If you enjoy streamer fishing, we recommend bringing a nice light weight, fast-action 6 or 7 weight. We strongly recommend a multi-piece travel rod (3, 4 or 5 piece). If you had to take one fly rod, take a 6 weight rigged with a floating fly line. Rods you might consider are:

Fly Reels:
Good quality, lightweight fly reels, with simple disk drags or pawl drags, are the best choice. Reels should be filled with fresh 20 pound backing. Reel models to consider might include:

Fly Lines:
Floating lines are used almost exclusively. If you have a type III sink tip for a 6-7 weight, be sure to bring it along.

Leaders & Tippet:
Keep it simple on leaders; 9’ leaders tapered to 6X, 5X, 4X and 3X (throw in a couple of 7.5’ 0X leaders for throwing big bugs). Two – three of each leader size should be plenty.  Bring fresh tippet in sizes, 6X, 5X, 4X, 3X and 0X. Scientific Angler, Rio, and Seaguar make some of the best tippet and leader material available.