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Anglers headed to the Outpost on the Nushagak River Camp to fly fish for rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, Arctic grayling, or five different species of salmon, will find the gear and techniques similar to that used for these species elsewhere in Alaska. As always, there is no substitute for quality equipment, the value of which is immediately apparent upon hooking into your first wild Alaskan rainbow trout!

Please remember that Outpost on the Nushagak has a limited number of spare rods and reels. They are intended only as emergency back-ups should anglers find themselves in need. As a general rule, you’ll need to bring all your fishing and personal equipment with you.

Single-Handed Fly Rods:
Single-handed rods are most commonly used on the Nushagak River, with a 9’ or 9’6”, 6 and 7 weight rods being ideal. It’s best to have two rods ready to fish, each rigged with different flies and lines according to your guide’s suggestions. This will maximize your time on the water, negating the need to continually change out fly lines, and flies. Sage, Scott, Winston, and The Fly Shop’s Signature Rods are all fine choices.

Single-Handed Fly Reels:
Single-action reels with rim-control features are needed for these hot rainbow trout. Your reel should be equipped with a drag system that’s smooth, and reliable. Extra spools rigged and ready to fish with sinking tips or spare floating lines are optional. Abel, Ross, Galvan, Hatch, and Hardy produce fine reels with excellent drag systems.

Lines for Single-Handed Rods:
A floating line is going to be your most fished line on the Nushagak. They allow for maximum flexibility with different fishing techniques. Anglers often switch from fishing weighted streamers to skating mice across the surface, both of which can be accomplished with a long belly floating line. Sink-tip lines are great for those fishing streamers, allowing you to present your fly under drowned trees, log jams, and through deep runs. Anglers are encouraged bring spare fly lines on their trip (preferably new).

Line Suggestions:
Bright-colored fly lines, such as yellow, and chartreuse, are a good choice. They help you keep track of your fly’s location, and the ability to avoid snagging submerged debris. Scientific Anglers makes excellent floating lines, specifically designed to cast and present large Alaska flies – we suggest their Freshwater Titan Taper. Scientific Anglers 15’ sinking tip line, in a type 3 or 4 sink rate, is an ideal choice, effective for fishing streamers to rainbows, and the silver salmon which ascend the rivers in the late summer.

Early Season:
Though fly selections for rainbow trout remain fairly consistent throughout the summer, early in the season big streamers are the flies of choice. Often times you’ll be stalking rainbows residing in structure. Anglers cast and strip leeches, sculpins, and wooly buggers in front of and behind downed trees and submerged logs. Nushagak rainbows are not your typical riffle-dwelling, dry fly sipping trout. They reside in and behind submerged “wood”, they don’t eat dries (with the exception of a skated mouse), and are not typically leader shy. Early season fish are most commonly the large resident “leopards” (as opposed to the siege of mid-sized downriver trout that invade the upper river, following the salmon migration in early July), so expect larger trout if you’re fishing early in the summer.

Fly Selections for the Early Season (June thru mid-July):

During July and August, Pacific salmon will be present in the Nushagak River and tributaries. With the arrival of these salmon, trout begin to move out of structure, feeding among and behind spawning salmon. As salmon eggs are a major part of the trout’s diet, guides often use double fly combos such as a flesh fly trailed by an egg (a.k.a Steak & Eggs), or an egg trailed by a streamer, which imitates a sculpin chasing an egg. Both of these combos are very effective and fun to fish. Many trout are in water so shallow that you can sight-fish to them and watch the take. Arctic grayling and Dolly Varden compete with the rainbow trout at this time of year; eager to take streamers and egg imitations. This is definitely the time of year for those who predicate the success of their trip on sheer numbers of fish!

Fly Selections for Mid-Season (mid-July thru mid-August):
In addition to the early season streamers, we also use the following:

Late Season:
Once the runs of spawning Pacific salmon subside, the rainbow trout typically return to feeding stations around bank-side structure. Streamers and mouse patterns will again swing under and over downed trees and through log jams for what are usually the largest and most impressive bows of the season. Along with the chance for a trout of a lifetime, there are silver salmon holding in some of the larger pools, and the sea run Dolly Varden are in spectacular spawning colors. Leaves are turning gold, days are getting shorter, and fall is in the air. This is a gorgeous time of the year to experience Alaska, and the trout are hungry.

Fly Selections for Late Season Trout (mid-August thru September):

Flies, Leaders & Tippet:
All flies, leaders and tippet are provided by the camp.

Wading Boot Regulations:
Footgear with absorbent felt or other fibrous material on the soles are prohibited while sport fishing in the fresh waters of Alaska. DO NOT BRING FELT SOLED BOOTS TO ALASKA.

As with most Alaska lodges, the camp has Wi-Fi available for clients who would like to bring their own Wi-Fi-enabled electronic devices. It is satellite-based and not completely predictable – some days it works better than others – but generally speaking it is more than adequate to send and receive emails. There is not adequate bandwidth to support sending images or for streaming videos.

If you are going to exceed the weight limit of 60 pounds, we must make special arrangements prior to your scheduled week. Weight is CRITICAL in the bush plane environment. Weight regulations are FAA required and enforced by the pilot in command. Absolutely no hard suitcases, avoid HUGE duffel bags and rod tubes must not exceed five feet. PLEASE DO NOT EXCEED 60 LBS OF GEAR!

Linens are Supplied:
Outpost on the Nush will provide sleeping bags with fresh liners, standard pillows with a pillowcase and a fresh towel.

Generator runs from 6am until everyone has showered at night usually 8-9pm
Power goes to the entire camp with outlets and lights in each tent.

The camp will provide a limited number of sodas, beer, and wine each day after fishing hours and at dinner. If you like something special for cocktail hour or a nice bottle wine for dinner, you should plan on bringing your own. The camp will have the most common mixers on hand. The camp will try their hardest to keep ample amounts of beer in camp for their clients. Because they are at the mercies of a limited “market”, they have little control over brand choices – they will purchase whatever happens to be available at the time and transport it out to camp. If you like to enjoy a cocktail in the evening, please bring your own bottle (plastic is best) and pack it in your checked baggage.

Alaska Fishing Licenses:
You will need to purchase an Alaska Sport Fishing License before you fly into Camp as licenses are not available for purchase there. The easiest way to handle your fishing license is to pre-purchase it online through the Alaska Department of Fish & Game at:

The custom of tipping is welcomed at Outpost on the Nush for exceptional service.  The employees understand this thoroughly and make every effort to give you 110% service.  The choice is personally yours, and management will be happy to discuss the norms with you at your request.  A good standard is somewhere in the neighborhood of $600-$800/person. A blanket gratuity can be left with owner Dave Pishko (easiest and most common method), or you may tip staff individually.  Remember, gratuities should be based on the service you received and are completely at your discretion.

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