GPS Coordinates: 60°11’33.88″N  144°32’4.97″W

Trip Questionnaire: Please click on the link below. This will take you an electronic questionnaire form that we ask you to complete and submit to The Fly Shop®. Please be sure to click the “Submit” button at the end of the form. The information provided will help us — and the outfitter best coordinate your trip.  THANK YOU!

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Bringing Home Salmon:
If you would like to bring some salmon home from Hidden Cove Lodge, (approximately 35 pounds) just let the crew know on arrival. They will take fish you catch early in the week and have them vacuum packed, and placed in a special waxed fish box, frozen, and ready to hand to you just prior to your flying back to Anchorage from Cordova. Remember, this will cost you extra as checked luggage.

They can also, for an additional fee, smoke and package your fish.

There is no Wi-Fi at Hidden Cove Lodge.

Emergency Contact Numbers:
If you have any problems during your trip with missed connections, or want to leave an emergency number, the office phone for Hidden Cove is (907) 424-7249, (866) 424-6722.  You may also call The Fly Shop® at (800) 669-3474 | (530) 222-3555 |

Gratuities are a personal thing based on service rendered.  Normally guides and staff are tipped upon departure in accordance with their individual effort and service. In most cases we like to leave a gratuity with the camp or lodge manager. A good rule of thumb for figuring an amount to leave is between 10 and 15 percent of the package cost. If you have any questions concerning gratuities, please feel free to call or ask the lodge/camp manager for guidelines.

24-Hour Power:
Hidden Cove Lodge has 110-volt power available 24/7. When the generator is not running a battery bank keeps you in power all night. Don’t hesitate to bring your CPAP machines if you need one.

Hidden Cove Lodge provides towels, soap and shampoo for their guests.

Fly Rods:
Single handed rods are perfect for silvers, as casting distance is not critical, but actively stripping the flies back is important. We recommend an 8-weight graphite rod, 9’ or 9’ 6” in length. Generally speaking, a floating line is all you’ll need, though a Type III 15’ sinking tip can be a very effective streamer line.

Fly Reels:
A high quality, single-action (direct drive) fly reel with rim-control feature is what to look for in a fly reel appropriate to handle ocean-bright coho. The reel should be equipped with a smooth, reliable, preferably disk-drag system.  Reels should be filled with a minimum of 150 yards of fresh 20 lb. high-visibility backing.

Fly lines:
The proper collection of fly lines is critical to your success and will get your fly in the proper water column. You need two lines to effectively fish the Hidden Cove Lodge rivers:

  • Floating line: Preferably a weight-forward fly line like Scientific Anglers Freshwater Titan Taper, or their Anadro fly line. When conditions are right a floater can really come into play; either fishing a weighted wet fly just under the surface, or skating a Pink Pollywog across the surface. Often the only line you really need.
  • 10’ – 15’ sink-tip: This can be an important line for covering varying water levels on the river. A Type III is just fine.  We highly recommend Scientific Anglers Sonar sink-tip lines, in a Type III sink.

Silver Salmon Flies:
The Hidden Cove Lodge coho fishery is a typical Alaska summer/fall-run scenario – big, chrome-bright fish in the 8-15 pound range flooding into a late-season river with cold water temperatures. The fish are aggressive to the fly and screaming hot when hooked, and typically as aggressive to a surface popper as to a weighted streamer fished mid-depth. Floating lines – particularly those with extended, bulky front tapers – are usually all the angler will need here, though sink-tips can be quite effective for those who like to strip streamers. Traditionally-tied flies should be on hook sizes from 4 – 1/0. Egg-Sucking leeches should be full and long, up to 4 inches in length. Flies should be tied full with lots of flash in varying colors and color combinations.  Don’t be afraid to tie and throw larger flies for these fish, they love ‘em.

All you will need here are spools of Maxima Ultra Green Tippet in sizes 25#, 20#, and 15#. Most of the time you will just use a straight piece of 20# Maxima right off the fly line. No need to bring tapered leaders for this fishing.

The fishing at Hidden Cove Lodge is wonderfully straightforward – you have a modest-sized river full of large silver salmon, with guides and jet boats to move you around to a seeming never-ending procession of holding pools. A 9’ 8 weight rod is perfect for casting the required big streamers and poppers and fighting large numbers of ocean-bright salmon…and we strongly suggest bringing a back-up rod, as these fish have brutish strength and broken rods are not uncommon. Make sure your reel has a strong disk drag – it is not unusual to catch lots of fish daily here, and a great drag system will take a lot of the work out of the many battles. While we recommend having a sinking tip line, the truth is that most anglers use a floating line for most of their fishing, as the water is not large. If you have a sinking tip, though, bring it. No need to bother bringing tapered leaders – the guides will want you to show up with just the Maxima tippet spools. These fish are big and strong and anything but leader shy!

Chest high breathable waders are recommended when fishing any cold water these days and these rivers are no exception. Durability and comfort are key elements to consider when selecting a wader, there are many different manufactures that make quality products.

  • Wader brands to consider include: Patagonia, Skwala, and Simms.

Wading Boots:
Felt soles are not allowed in Alaska!  “Sticky” Vibram rubber-soled wading boots are mandatory. Korkers wading boots with interchangeable soles are a great option. We highly recommend studs on your rubber soled wading boots, you will wade better and feel safer and fish more effectively.

  • Boot brands to consider include: Korkers, Simms, and Patagonia.

Wading Staff:
If you’re used to using a wading staff at home we do recommend you bring it with you.

Rain Jacket:
It is important to have a good rain jacket with you in case of nasty weather.  Make sure this is a quality product that is both breathable and waterproof.

The “layering” system works best with today’s top quality synthetic and wool garments. The idea is that by adding or removing multiple layers of clothing, in varying thickness and insulation, you will be able to obtain ideal body temperature and comfort, instead of just one big layer that you are either hot or cold in. If you have any questions we would be pleased to offer advice on the many options of the layering system. Do not use COTTON layers in these conditions.

If unsure of what gear you need to fully enjoy a week at the Alaska Steelhead Company we would be pleased to recommend equipment options. Although we do not seek to endorse specific brand names, our extensive experience has shown certain products to be superior.

Packing and Gear Checklist

Our Recommended & Mandatory Items List

Packing and Gear Checklist

Recomended Items

▢ __ Chest Waders w/ Belt

▢ __Wading Boots with Studs

▢ __Rain Jacket - Top Quality

▢ __Base Layer - Top and Bottom; Thin Wicking Layer - 2 or 3 sets

▢ __Mid Layer - Top and Bottom; Medium Weight Fleece Insulators - 1 set

▢ __Insulator Layer - Top and Bottom - Heavier layer for cold - Nano Puff; Softshells - 1 set

▢ __Heavy Socks and Liners

▢ __Hats - Ball Caps / Tooks

▢ __Fleece Fishing Gloves

▢ __Camp / Lodge Clothes

▢ __Waterproof Camp Shoes / Lodge Shoes

▢ __Polarized Sunglasses

▢ __Fly Box - Full Diverse Selection

▢ __Fly Rods - at least 2

▢ __Reels - at least 2

▢ __Fly Lines

▢ __Sink Tips

▢ __Maxima Tippet

▢ __Airline Tickets and Itinerary

▢ __Valid Passport w/ Spare Copies Separated

▢ __Fishing Licenses

▢ __Wallet - Cash (Tips) - Credit Cards (Call - Report Travel)

▢ __Prescription Medication

▢ __Camera - Lens - Extra Battery - Chargers

▢ __Emergency Telephone Numbers – This sheet!

▢ __Reading Glasses

▢ __Charger: Phone / Other Device

▢ __Tablet or Kindle

▢ __Headlamp / Flashlight

▢ __Day Pack - Ideally Waterproof

▢ __Tools - Nippers - Debarb Hemos - Hook file

▢ __Tape Measure

▢ __Sunscreen/Lip Balm

▢ __Toiletries - Tooth Brush - Toothpaste etc

▢ __Duct Tape