GPS Coordinates: 19°17’38.66″N  87°27’43.13″W

Trip Questionnaire: Please click on the link below. This will take you an electronic questionnaire form that we ask you to complete and submit to The Fly Shop®. Please be sure to click the “Submit” button at the end of the form. The information provided will help us — and the outfitter best coordinate your trip.


ESB Lodge Fishing Reports:
For the latest on what flies are working the best at ESB Lodge, please visit our weekly fishing report. Click HERE

Espiritu Santo Bay Lodge Travel Information

Passport Required:
All citizens of the United States must present a valid passport when entering Mexican territory by any means of transportation. There are no exceptions for minors. Your passport will be digitally scanned by a Mexican Immigration Official and you are free to proceed to the luggage carousel and Customs. Click Here for more information.

Booking Airfare to Cancun, Mexico (CUN):
Now is also the time to secure your commercial airline reservations to/from Cancun, Mexico. You will need to make these arrangements on your own, though of course feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about your specific itinerary before you make any purchases.

Cancun is serviced daily by nearly every airline with multiple flights daily to and from the U.S.A. Major airlines to consider include United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, Aero Mexico, Virgin America, and Alaska Airlines.

Arrival to Cancun (Saturday):
On the day prior to your scheduled arrival date in the lodge, you should plan on traveling to Cancun (CUN) and overnighting at one of the many fine hotels in the area.

We strongly suggest you overnight at the Courtyard Cancun Airport by Marriott the night before you are scheduled to arrive at the lodge. This is the location where the private transfer driver Manny Quezada will meet you and drive you to the FBO, Private Aviation Terminal on Sunday morning for your charter flight to the ESB Lodge. The hotel is very close to the Cancun International Airport, provides free shuttles at half-hour intervals, has a great pool, bar, free breakfast, and the rooms are modern and spacious. If you don’t want to wait for the hotel shuttle, you are welcome to hire a cab for transfer to the hotel.

Courtyard Cancun Airport:
The hotel offers bi-hourly complimentary shuttle service, airport-hotel-airport, picking up guests at any number of stalls just outside the terminal. Courtyard Cancun Airport by Marriott is very nice and comfortable and the closest hotel to the Cancun Airport, extremely convenient.

Departure From Cancun to ESB Lodge (Sunday):
Sunday Morning: You need to be in the lobby of the Courtyard Cancun Airport by Marriott with your entire luggage at 8:10 a.m. The shuttle will depart for the FBO to meet your air charter to the lodge at 8:15 am sharp!

Manny Quezada will be your transfer driver.
Sian Kaan Premium Transfers  Mobile +52 (1) 984 114 9894

Please, DO NOT BE LATE, or too early! And DO NOT take the free hotel shuttle! Go with Manny! Any of this will throw a monkey wrench into the entire day and flight schedule, possibly affecting people’s flight departures from Cancun in the later afternoon. Here is the schedule we will be running every Sunday:

The charter flight is scheduled to depart the FBO at 9:10 a.m. The FBO Private Aviation Terminal, in Spanish, the Aviacion Privada, is located approximately two blocks from the Courtyard Cancun Airport by Marriott, Providencia 807-1er piso, Col. Del Valle. C.P. 03100, Mexico, D.F. You will be flying with Cancun Airplane Tours.

Departure Tax:
A Departure Tax will be collected at Private Aviation Terminal of approximately 253 MXN Mexican Pesos or $14 USD. They accept $US dollars or credit cards for payment. If you are flying into Cancun the same day you are catching the charter flight to the lodge you do not have the pay the departure tax, just show the official your international flight ticket.

The flight from Cancun to our designated airstrip just down the coast from the lodge departs the Private Aviation Terminal at approximately 9:00 am and lasts approximately 1 hour.  You should be on the ground no later than 10:30 a.m. You will be met by the lodge staff and transferred by air-conditioned van to the lodge, an approximate 1 hour and 15-minute drive.

Upon arrival to the lodge, your baggage will be transferred by the staff to your room as you settle for your week of fishing.  Guests enjoy a delicious lunch followed by a 20 minute orientation that breaks down the upcoming week and information about the lodge.  You are free the rest of the afternoon to relax, roam the beach with a fly rod, and piece together your equipment for the following six days of fishing.

Departure Day (Sunday):
There is no guided fishing on the day of departure.

Departure Flights from the Cancun International Airport (CUN) back home must be no earlier than 2:00 p.m. Be prepared to depart the lodge for the local airstrip no later than 8:30 a.m. The charter flight back to Cancun is scheduled to depart at approximately 10:30 a.m. The night prior to your morning departure, please reconfirm your flight departure time with the manager to ensure proper transfer arrangements. Please also be sure to clear your lodge account and have your bags packed and ready for transfer to the airstrip two hours before your scheduled departure.

Notification of Flight Times:
It is imperative that The Fly Shop® be notified of your airline flight times in and out of Cancun and the hotel you will be overnighting before arrival at the lodge a month prior to departure in order to guarantee proper transfer arrangements to and from ESB Lodge.

Luggage Guidelines:
In order to insure SAFER and more EFFICIENT transfer flights between the Cancun airport and Espiritu Santo Bay Lodge please make sure that everyone in your party complies with the guidelines below:

  • Pack lightly
  • Favor the soft-sided luggage NO hard sided or hard bottom luggage
  • It is best to have two small pieces of luggage rather than 1 big one
  • Limit your luggage weight to 50 pounds TOTAL this must include your carry-on as well!
  • No non-collapsible rods/rods cases, especially long bazooka type cases
  • Some examples of what luggage NOT to bring are: (Bags that will NOT fit in charter planes):

* Long Hard Bottom Roller Bags Measuring 38”x16”x18”*

Missed Shuttle or Changes in Transfers:
In the event you miss the window of transfer time listed above please contact The Fly Shop as soon as possible.  If incoming flight/emergency prohibits you from arriving to Cancun Saturday, please contact Chiara De Tomaso @ +1-970-712-3963 as well as

We will work with you to arrange a private charter flight or ground transfer to the lodge.  Cost and availability fluctuate given the time of year.  Guests are responsible for all additional charter costs.

Early Departure:
In the event you need to leave the lodge prior to departure day please contact The Fly Shop® and there will be a coordinated transfer via air or ground transfer back to Cancun.  Guests are responsible for all additional charter costs.

Travel to Latin America:
We, at The Fly Shop®, do not handle airline ticketing. We leave that to the professionals. Many of our clients have wonderful travel agents, or a corporate office doing an excellent job of caring for their needs. Others are using frequent flier discounts on the international portions of the trip, and some of you are not concerned at all about saving money on the airline’s portions of the packages.

However, for those traveling anglers interested in what may be a significant savings, we highly recommend Holdy Tours for their service, modestly priced packages, and the detailed knowledge of travel that has helped us unravel some of the mysteries of South and Central American travel. If you are interested, please contact:

Weekly Itinerary at ESB Lodge

Full Fishing Days:
Each evening, during cocktail hour or after dinner, the angling options will be discussed with fishermen and a plan will be devised for the next day.

  • 6:00 a.m. – Wake-up – Most commonly, anglers are up at 6:00 a.m. Fresh coffee, juices and a delicious breakfast will be ready to go at 6:30 a.m.
  • 7:30 a.m. – You should be out the door and on your way to the fishing grounds no later than 7:30 a.m. The drive from the lodge to where the boats are moored takes no more than 15 minutes. The guides, who have left earlier in the morning, will be waiting at the flats skiffs, ready to go for the day. The fishing days at ESB Lodge are full, no less than 8 hours total. The most distant fishing areas in Espiritu Santo Bay are no further than a 45-minute boat run under normal conditions, with some areas as close as five minutes from the dock.  Lunch usually happens between 12:00-1:00 PM.
  • 5:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. – The guides will have you back to the lodge between 5:30 and 6:00 p.m. for a shower, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.
  • 7:30 p.m. – Dinner is normally served at 7:30 p.m.

Contact Numbers

If you have any problems during your trip with missed connections, or want to leave an emergency number for family members or office:

Holdy Tours
Alicia Regueiro
(800) 446-1111 | (925) 927-6617 |

  • Can book your air and any additional hotel rooms you may request.

The Fly Shop®
4140 Churn Creek Road
Redding, CA 96002
(800) 669-3474 | (530) 222-3555 |

ESB Lodge
Dane Emersons phone number: 1.231.590.0519 |
Chiara Emerson phone number: 1.970.712.3963 |
Martin Ferreyra Gonzalez (manager) +54 9 2944 32-8359 |

In Mexico – Dane Emerson and Chiara de Tomaso: Owners | Operators of ESB Lodge
24 Hour TEXT with Espiritu Santo Bay: Another great option to communicate directly with ESB Lodge is to download the FREE App to your smartphone called “WhatsApp” and enter Chiara’s phone number: 1.970.712.3963. This texting app works on Wi-Fi or cell phone and Chiara has access to it 24 hours a day.

Cancun Hotel:
Courtyard Cancun Airport
Blvd. Luis Donaldo Colosio, Km. 12.5, Lot 1, SMZA. 301, Cancún, México, Quintana Roo 77560
Tel: +52 998-287 2200

Shuttle to and from the FBO charter Flight:
Manny Quezada will be your shuttle transfer driver in Cancun
Sian Kaan Premium Transfers | Mobile 011 52 (1) 984 114 9894

Manny Quezada – Transfer Agent

Recommended Equipment

Carrying more than 4 rods and reels to the Mexican Yucatan can result in an extra fee at customs.

Permit Tackle

Fly Rods:
Multi-piece 8, 9 or 10 wt. fly rods in 9-foot lengths are our favorite choices.  We like fast tapered saltwater rods that have been specially designed for the rigors of the salt. Good models to choose from include Scott, Sage, and Winston.

Fly Reels:
Reels specifically designed for saltwater fly fishing ARE A MUST. Smooth, sealed disk drags, plenty of backing capacity, and sturdy machined aluminum anodized frames are features to search for in a reel.  Brands to consider include Hatch, Abel, Hardy, and Galvan. Must have a minimum of 200 yards of 30lb gel spun backing or more.

Fly Lines:
A floating fly line specifically designed for saltwater is what you want. These lines are designed with a special braided monofilament core that provides the proper stiffness while maintaining shooting capabilities and resisting tangles, even in tropical heat. Scientific Anglers and Rio make excellent saltwater fly lines.

Fluorocarbon leaders are the best choice. They are nearly invisible in the water and sink quickly, perfect for spooky fish in very clear water.

We ask that you bring tapered saltwater 9 – 12 foot leaders in an assortment of both 16 and 20 lb test.  You must also have spools of 16 and 20 lb Fluorocarbon Tippet.

Permit Flies:
Below is a list of our 8 proven flies.  This list is compiled from 6 seasons and is responsible for the majority of permit landed at the lodge.  We encourage guests to bring other personal “tried and true” patterns but to also keep in mind our success largely revolves around the following:

Tarpon Tackle

Fly Rods:
Multi-piece 8, 9 or 10 wt. fly rods in nine-foot lengths are the best choices.  We like fast tapered saltwater rods that have been specially designed for the rigors of the salt. Good models to choose from include Scott, Sage, and Winston.

Fly Reels:
Reels specifically designed for saltwater fly fishing ARE A MUST. Smooth, sealed disk drags, plenty of backing capacity, and sturdy machined aluminum anodized frames are features to search for in a reel.  Brands to consider include Hatch, Abel, Hardy, and Galvan. Must have a minimum of 200 yards of 30lb gel spun backing or more.

Fly Lines:
For 90% of your tarpon fishing a weight forward floating line is all you need. Scientific Anglers and Rio are excellent choices. These lines are specifically designed for saltwater fly fishing with a special core that provides the proper stiffness to allow excellent shooting while resisting tangles, even in tropical heat. In addition to your floater, an intermediate sinking line has been found exceptional when fishing over rolling tarpon and fish working the edges of deeper channels. The Scientific Anglers Sonar Saltwater Intermediate line is our line of choice in this situation.

Leaders need to stand up to the abrasion of a tarpon’s sandpaper like lips. Choose nylon for shallow water and floating flies, and fluorocarbon for deeper presentations. You will need 50 lb. 60 lb. and 80 lb. shock tippet. The guides like the Fluorocarbon; we personally don’t think it makes a huge difference.

Dane Emerson and the guides really like Sufix Zippy in 110-yard spools of 80 lb. @ 0.80 mm. This stuff rocks, very supple and easy to tie with and lays out beautifully. The 80 lb. is almost smaller in diameter than the other 50-60 lb. shock/tippet(s). It’s really the best of both worlds in our opinion and doesn’t cost a fortune. This is Dane’s personal favorite for snook. It has strength, smaller diameter, and doesn’t curl when you lay your fly out. We highly suggest a spool of this in addition to what is written above.

Tarpon Flies:
Below is a list of go to resident Tarpon flies that have been proven winners for us.  We always encourage guests to bring a mix of additional flies but to also have the basis covered with the following:

12-Weight Big Tarpon:
We have large migratory tarpon, some exceeding 125 pounds in Espiritu Santo Bay starting in May and running through September. If you are headed to ESB Lodge during the second half of the season and want to fish for big tarpon, consider bringing an 11 or 12-weight fly rod and reel outfit rigged with an intermediate or sinking head fly line. The Rio Leviathan 26-foot Sink-tip 350 or 450 grain line will come in handy when the traveling tarpon are in deeper water, up to 30 feet. Flies should be large, tied on stout and sharp hooks – Tiemco 600SP 2/0, 3/0 or 4/0.

Snook Tackle

Generally speaking we use the same set-up for Snook as our resident Tarpon.  Snook tend to lean towards more natural/neutral-colored flies.  If you wish to make Snook a key species, please emphasize your selection to cater accordingly.

Leaders need to stand up to the abrasion of a snook’s sandpaper like lips. Choose nylon for shallow water and floating flies, and fluorocarbon for deeper presentations. Forty to sixty pound test is recommended. See tarpon leaders for specifics on snook leaders.

Snook Flies:
Please refer to our resident Tarpon selection listed above.

Bonefish Tackle

Fly Rods:
Multi-piece 7 or 8 wt. fly rods in 9-foot lengths are the best choice. We like fast tapered saltwater rods that have been specially designed for the rigors of the salt. Good models to choose from include Scott, Sage, and Winston.

Fly Reels:
Reels specifically designed for saltwater fly fishing are the best and should hold a minimum of 200yds of 20lb backing. Smooth disk drags, and sturdy aluminum anodized frames are features to search for in a reel. Brands to consider include Hatch, Abel, Hardy, and Galvan.

Fly Lines:
A floating fly line specifically designed for saltwater is what you want. These lines are designed with a special braided monofilament core that provides the proper stiffness while maintaining shooting capabilities and resisting tangles, even in tropical heat. Scientific Anglers and Rio make excellent saltwater fly lines.

We like 9’ 16 lb. fluorocarbon leaders which can also substitute as a smaller “schoolie” permit leader. Guests should also have 12 lb. fluorocarbon tippet to add to the leader if need be.

Bonefish Flies:

Barracuda Tackle

Espiritu Santo Bay is absolutely loaded with barracuda. There are countless times when we are standing on the bow of the skiff hunting our main four adversaries, and the guide spins the boat to position for a cast only to realize it’s a barracuda. Seeing good numbers of these fish really defines how healthy this fishery is. At ESB we have begun to really target these remarkable fish on fly. Everything about them caters to many saltwater flats enthusiasts. Their streamlined profile, shallow water application, and the most aggressive, explosive takes will provide you with as much fun as any other fish we have seen on the flats.

For barracuda fishing, you’ll need a spool of nylon covered braided wire such as Rio or SA Knottable Wire Tippet in 30- or 40-pound test.  We ask that you do not to try any wire rated under 30 lbs.  We will help tie a leader up using your shock tippet for Tarpon/Snook and add 2 feet of the knottable wire.  Premade Toothy critter leaders designed for barracuda is not our preferred leader set up.

Your ideal barracuda rod set up can be the same that you use for permit or tarpon, usually a 9 or 10 weight.

Barracuda Flies:

General Information

Please keep an open mind to the wonderful variety Espiritu Santo Bay offers to its fishing enthusiasts. At any given moment you can encounter all four of the flats species mentioned above. It is highly recommended and suggested that you properly outfit yourself in the correct manner to accommodate these targets. Properly outfitting yourself will have you prepared for consistent fishing and action. You owe it to yourself as a guest of ESB to put together a proper selection of flies, leaders, and rods/reels.  Come prepared to succeed; the lodge is too far away from civilization to have everything you will need on hand. ESB does understand that you may not want to commit yourself fully in on buying a couple saltwater rod and reel set ups in addition to flies, leaders, and tippet, so the lodge will have a limited supply of rod and reels set ups available for you to use. PLEASE NOTE: These set ups are based on availability.  For example, if a group comes down the week before and breaks half the rods, this might put you in a very tight spot…  ESB will work to get them replaced ASAP, but it may take a couple of weeks to months to receive repairs from rod manufactures. They will also have a limited number of flies available for purchase (cash only). They range in price up to 10$ US. It is much cheaper to arrive in Mexico prepared, than having to buy flies from the lodge. There will also be a small amount of leader and tippet available for purchase.  Pricing varies and is generally 30% more expensive than US prices.

*Please do not rely on the lodge to supply all your tackle*

ESB will have equipment available for you in the case of that forgotten spool or extra permit fly you left on the tying bench… Have The Fly Shop® totally outfit you before you arrive. Come fully prepared!!

At least three quality set ups with your choices lying between 8 thru 10 wt. Please have the appropriate line, backing and a reel designed for saltwater use.  Note:  Taking more than 4 rods could potentially add an additional charge in customs.

ESB Lodge Fly Selection from The Fly Shop®:
We have assembled a custom selection of the most essential fly patterns for Tarpon, Snook, Permit and bonefish. The flies are hand selected by our travel team, specifically for ESB Lodge and the time you will be fishing there. The fly package includes approximately 50 flies at a cost of $319 (a 20% discount if the flies were purchased individually) and includes a fly box.  Item #4935

Alternatively, if you would like to get a specific fish species custom selection of flies for ESB Lodge, that is hand selected by our travel team, we have those available as well.

*Espiritu Santo Bay Lodge is a fly fishing only catch and release destination*

Your Hosts:
Dane Emerson has been involved in the fly-fishing industry for better than 15 years and resides in Traverse City, Michigan when he’s stateside.  A veteran guide and former shop owner finds him seated in one of the most sought out flats fisheries in the world.  His experience lends him as a tremendous asset in the aid of all ESB guests.  Attentive, thorough, with a never-ending desire to create a special week for every guest sets him apart.  Dane cherishes Espiritu Santo Bay, strives to protect its wonderous beauty, enjoy, and share it with his wife Chiara, and their three dogs.

Chiara de Tomaso has a master’s degree in industrial engineering, with a major in Business Administration. She has worked in logistics for Multinational companies in FMCG industries in Argentina and Australia. Chiara oversees the administration and finances of ESB Lodge as well as being an onsite hostess. She helps with daily lodge operations and the staff to ensure that the standards of hospitality are met to the highest potential. Chiara is always smiling, a lover of the outdoors, and a definitive shining light for ESB Lodge.

The guides are excellent fish finders with excellent eyes. Listen to their instructions on distance and direction of fish and they know the best flies for the area. They are quiet people so listen up or have the angler in the middle relay the message to the caster on the bow. They are willing to assist with knots and releasing fish, but if you can handle it, you may want to remove your own bones and snappers and jacks etc. and tie on your own flies and let the guides stay on the platform hunting. They will always come down to assist with large fish or toothy critters.

ESB Lodge is a beach front facility and will accommodate a maximum of eight anglers per week, in four double occupancy rooms comprised of two duplexes built off the sand and connected in the middle by an open kitchen, dining room and a huge palapa. Each room is approximately 250 square feet in size and features a full bathroom, separate toilet area, shower, double sinks, two beds, two dressers and lots of shelving and hooks to store gear.  Each room has its own thermostat-controlled air conditioner, ceiling fan, and plenty of windows to take advantage of ocean breezes. The lodge building shares a common deck overlooking the ocean with chairs; a perfect spot to enjoy a cold beer or ready your gear for the day.

The main lodge consists of massive traditional thatch roof palapa where the bar, lounge and gift shop are located. Attached to the palapa is a spacious air-conditioned dining room and open-air modern kitchen. The main lodge faces the barrier reef and Caribbean and the large front deck will certainly be a popular gathering spot as fresh fish is grilled on the barbeque and the day’s fishing stories are told.

Food at ESB Lodge is a blend of traditional Mexican food, with a Mayan flair, taking advantage of fresh fish, lobster (in season) fresh produce and regional meat dishes. Dinners are simple and delicious, often fresh off the barbeque and accompanied by locally grown vegetables, salads and plenty of fresh fruit. Dinners are served with table wine. Breakfast is served buffet style with plenty of fruit, cereals, toast, juices and starches and meats.

Their power comes from a generator and solar panels. Electricity is 110 volts AC, 60Hz. American-style two-pin plugs.

Water & Ice:
All drinking water and water for ice is purified. The water from the tap and shower is from a well (don’t drink).  Do not drink the water from the tap and shower. Please help the lodge conserve water when possible.

Liquor & Refreshments:
The lodge has local Mexican beer, tequila, vodka, gin, and rum for cocktails. If you enjoy any specialty beverages, such as single malt scotches or hard to find bourbons, you should bring your own. Cold beers can be packed in your cooler for each day you are on the water and delicious Chile and Argentine wines are available for purchase.

Liquor Purchases in Cancun:
If you want to purchase any liquor while in Cancun you must purchase it the night before you are scheduled to depart for the lodge. A new law in Mexico does not allow liquor sales before 10:30 am on Sundays. You can take a cab or arrange with the hotel for a shuttle transfer to the liquor store, very close to Courtyard Cancun Airport by Marriott.

There is a hosted/free “Happy Hour” serving beer and margaritas, after fishing and before dinner. The lodge has a full bar where cocktails and beers are available for purchase between $2 and $5. You are welcome to bring your own spirits – the lodge has plenty of ice and mixers.

Centerpiece of the Lodge is the lovely dining room where your meals are served. Meals are an excellent blend of Mexican and international cuisine, with emphasis on fresh meats and fish, and fresh fruits & vegetables. Before or after meals, relax in the comfortable lounge area looking east to the Caribbean. Enjoy your favorite book or magazine or just contemplate the beautiful seaside scenery or tie some special fly patterns. Long strolls on the beach or a swim in the Caribbean are yours for the taking. If you require a special diet, please let us know well in advance so your needs can be accommodated.

Boat Refreshments:
Every morning your boat’s cooler will be well stocked with complimentary non-alcoholic beverages. Boat beers can be ordered and cost $2 per bottle. Be sure to inform someone if you would like more or less of a specific beverage.

Dress Attire at the Lodge:
The atmosphere is very laid back at ESB Lodge. You’re on vacation! Please feel free to wear whatever is comfortable during the day.

Lodge Account:
Payments for gratuities or items of a personal nature should be made in $U.S.D. The lodge does not have the ability to accept credit cards.

Maid & Laundry Service:
The lodge has daily housekeeping while guests are on the water. No laundry service is provided.

The lodge uses 4 shallow water flats fishing skiffs powered by 40-50 horsepower Yamaha’s both 2 and 4 stroke.

Communications, Internet & Wi-Fi:
There is Starlink wireless satellite internet access at the lodge for those who desire to check in with their family or friends. The connection is not fast, but good for text, simple emails, and internet calls.


Upon your return from your last day of fishing on Saturday you will find two clearly marked gratuity envelopes on your bed.  One will represent staff which includes Chef, sous Chef, housekeeping, and maintenance.  The other represents the guides for the week.  Please refer to our standard tipping recommendations below and bring your envelopes before dinner.  The guides and staff will distribute this amongst themselves.  This has been a trusted program and is a fixated norm for all ESB employees.

Double Occupancy Gratuities:
Shared boat/room guests are suggested to meet tipping rates at $450.00 USD for guides and $250.00 USD for staff.  This applies per person and USD only.

Single Occupancy Gratuities:
Private boat/room guests are suggested to meet tipping rates at $600.00 USD for guides and $300.00 for staff.  This applies per person and USD only.

Extra Gratuity:
Chances are you will find yourself enjoying a particular catch with a specific guide, a special meal, or a consistent helping hand for your duration with us.  These all hold ground to provide an additional tip for that specific employee.  We ask you to request an extra envelope(s) from Dane or Chiara on Saturday before dinner.  Please write the name of the individual who you wish to receive extra and who it is from.  All extra tips are given to employees when they receive normal lodge gratuity.  Extra tip amounts can range from $50.00 USD – $100.00 USD or above per individual employee.

It’s imperative to appropriately take care of those that worked hard to take care of you for your week with us.  Gratuity is a mindful, kind way of saying thanks for a great week.  If for any reason you cannot meet our recommended tipping standards or have questions talk with Dane directly.

Extra Expenses & Checkout from the Lodge:
Any extra charges including gifts, souvenirs, hats, shirts, flies, and alcohol will be billed to your room account. You must pay with cash – USD dollars ONLY. Sorry, credit cards, personal checks and traveler’s checks are not accepted. You are asked to settle any extra expenses the morning before you depart.

ESB Lodge Re-Booking Policy

ESB Lodge is a small, highly sought-after operation, and despite being only a few years old, demand for rod space has already greatly exceeded availability. To be honest, even taking in consideration our enormous enthusiasm for this new operation, we have been taken by surprise by the wildly successful return rate…we really didn’t understand just how happy our lodge would make anglers, and how quickly and repeatedly they want to return.

Each guest will now have the opportunity to rebook the same corresponding week the following season. To do so a written or verbal commitment must be made known to The Fly Shop within 7 days after the departure date from ESB Lodge. At that point you will be invoiced for a 50% deposit to guarantee your reservation.

If we do not hear from you within the 7-day allotted grace period, we will release the space to other interested anglers.

Thank you for your cooperation and thank you for your support, we greatly appreciate it.

General Information About Mexico

Mexican Customs with Rods & Reels:
Please be aware, that officially Mexico Customs only allows you to enter the country with four (4) fishing rods and their accessories (reels) without having to pay import taxes.

Arrival Taxes:
There is sometimes an entry fee to the country of Mexico of roughly $20.00. This fee is most often included in the price of commercial airfare. However, if not, and when enforced, is payable in U.S. dollars or Pesos.

Departure Taxes:
While departure taxes have not been enforced in a few years, approximately $20 USD may be payable at the airport when leaving Mexico. Airlines usually include this tax as a part of your fare.

Lost Luggage at the Airport:
If you arrive in Mexico and you cannot find your luggage, you must report it to an airline representative before you leave the baggage claim area. If you do not, it is likely that you will not recover these items. Do not surrender your original baggage claim ticket stubs when making a lost baggage claim with the airlines.

Insist that they make photocopies for their records. After informing the airline, report the loss to the lodge’s local representative.

The Mexican currency is the Peso. U.S. currency is widely accepted and we recommend not exchanging dollars for pesos.

Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are widely accepted in Mexico. The current exchange rate is approximately 18 MXN Mexican Pesos to $1 USD.

Note: ATM machines oftentimes do not work in Mexico. We recommend gathering enough cash for your trip prior to arrival into the country.

Time Zone:
The Yucatan Peninsula is on Central Standard Time. The Baja Peninsula is on Pacific Standard Time.

Inoculations & Health:
There are currently no inoculations required or recommended for traveling to Mexico. However, you may want to check with the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta for their recommendations on health precautions Toll Free: (800) 232-4636 or

The Yucatan Peninsula

The Yucatan Peninsula is in the country of Mexico South of New Orleans, Louisiana. The peninsula is bounded to the North and West by the Gulf of Mexico; to the East by the Caribbean Sea, and to the South by the countries of Belize and Guatemala. The major portion of the peninsula sits on calcareous rock, and is constituted by jungle without surface rivers, but with a lot of cenotes, big holes with water, and subterranean rivers connecting the cenotes. The average temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average humidity is 70%. The Yucatan Peninsula is well known by the endless wonders of The Mayan World. This land is rich in wildlife and tropical jungles that envelop ancient archeological sites. The mysteriousness of the Mayan People still exists in this land. Land was sacred for the ancient Mayas. They worshiped the gods of nature, building temples in their honor, making offerings in caves and cenotes, and revering the birds and animals they saw around them. Botanists have identified approximately 8,000 species of flowering plants; 600 bird species and approximately 1,200 species of butterflies. For almost 100 million years, the Yucatan Peninsula developed in isolation, leading to the evolution of endemic life forms, different from those found in neighboring regions. It was also a land bridge between North and South America. Tropical plants and animals from both continents are found in the area.

The Sian Ka’an Biosphere:
ESB Lodge lies at the Southern edge of the vast Sian Ka’an Biosphere, one of the largest protected wild areas in the world. This 1.3-million-acre ecosystem was designated as a reserve by presidential decree on January 10, 1986. The Sian Ka’an is part of the International Network of Biosphere Reserves and has been designated by the United Nations as a World Heritage Site. In the local Mayan dialect, Sian Ka’an means “where the sky is born.” With its vast stretches of tropical forests and seemingly endless views of blue skies and turquoise waters, it’s certainly a fitting name. It is comprised of roughly one third tropical forests, one third wetlands and one third marine environments. And Sian Ka’an’s barrier reef, the Gama Reef, forms part of the second longest such reef in the world.

It’s great, shallow bays are important nurseries for spiny lobster. As you might expect, the plant and animal life within such a diverse reserve is equally varied. Over 1,200 species of plant life can be found in the reserve. Hardwood hummocks, called “petenes,” occur like islands among the wetlands, some of them with sink holes i.e., huge natural wells more than fifty yards in diameter.

Several cays scattered in the bays serve as nesting sites for thousands of water birds, making a trip through Sian Ka’an a birdwatcher’s dream. There have been 325 species of birds identified in the reserve including the osprey, roseate spoonbills, ibis and the rare six foot tall “Jabiru.” Both Ascension Bay and Espiritu Santo Bay support thriving populations of manatee. Four different marine turtles, Loggerhead, Green Sea Turtle, Hawksbill, and Leatherback nest on the beaches, protected by the second longest barrier reef in the world. The reserve serves as habitat for wild cats such as jaguar, ocelot, margay, jaguarondi and cougar, two species of crocodiles, howler and spider monkeys, tapir and West Indian manatee among other species, as well as forest birds such as the oscillated turkey and great curassow. There are dozens of species of brightly colored tropical fish in the many lagoons.

The Province of Quintana Roo:
The Mexican State of Quintana Roo is located at the eastern part of the Yucatan Peninsula. Esb Lodge sits on the Atlantic Ocean (Caribbean Sea). Quintana Roo is bordered to the south by Belize and Guatemala and to the north and west by the Mexican states of Yucatan and Campeche.

Mayan Country:
The Yucatan Peninsula, the location of Esb Lodge, is the ancient home of the Mayans, perhaps the most fascinating of all Meso-American cultures. The original Mayans emigrated from Belize during the eighth and ninth centuries, considered the Classic Period of Mayan civilization.

At the zenith of the Mayan Empire, between the sixth and eighth centuries, there were separate dynasties stretching from Yucatan to El Salvador and Honduras. Populations of Mayans during this time have been estimated as high as 15 million. Today Quintana Roo is home to some of the last remnants of Mayan culture. Many locals still speak a dialect very similar to that spoken before the Spanish Conquest in the 16th century.

Using the Clock to Spot Fish:
On the flats, your guide will often spot fish before you do. When this happens, your guide will refer the numbers on a clock to give you the fish’s general direction. For example, the bow (front) on the boat would represent 12:00 O’clock. Exactly perpendicular to the boat off of your right shoulder (starboard) would be 3:00 O’clock; perpendicular to the boat off your left shoulder (port) would be 9:00 O’clock, etc. In addition to the direction, the guide will also refer to a distance measured in feet. For example: “Okay, two fish coming at 11:00 O’clock — 50 feet”.

Our Recommended & Mandatory Items List

Packing and Gear Checklist

Recomended Items

▢ Hat with bill

▢  Polarized sunglasses (2 pair - amber/copper/brown)

▢  Buff or comparable sun gaiter

▢  Lightweight long-sleeve fishing shirts

▢  Evening wear shirts

▢  Lightweight/breathable rain gear

▢  Lightweight fishing pants

▢  Sun gloves

▢  Shorts & Swimsuit

▢  Wading socks (neoprene)

▢  Wading shoes/boots

▢  Sandals/Camp shoes

▢  Belt

▢  Waterproof sunscreen

▢  Lip balm with sun protection

▢  Hand lotion

▢  Insect repellent

▢  Pocket knife

▢  Line dressing & cleaner

▢  Forceps/pliers/hook file/line clippers

▢  Reel lube/oil

▢  Flashlight or Headlamp

▢  Roll of finger tape and/or finger guards

▢  Toiletries

▢  Camera

▢  Small binoculars

▢  Wading pack

▢  Airline tickets

▢  Notebook & pen

▢  Passport

▢  Reading material

▢  Cash & credit cards

▢  Emergency contact numbers

▢  Prescription glasses & extras

▢  Pre-trip information

▢  Aspirin & prescription drugs

▢  2 copies of passport

▢  Smartphone/Tablet/Charger