Permit Tackle & Equipment

There are very few permit in the Bahamas. However, they are occasionally seen so if you want to have a rod rigged up, below is what we suggest. Permit in the Bahamas range in size from 3 – 30 pounds. Most often you will sight permit in deeper water (4 to 6 feet), along the edge flats or at the top of a high tide change. We recommend taking a 9 or 10 weight rod if you are after permit and having it rigged and ready in the boat.

Fly Rods:
We suggest 9’, 4 piece travel rods in 9 or 10 weights. We like fast tapered fly rods that generate high line speed. Rods that have been especially designed for the rigors of saltwater fly-fishing are the best choice. In that category we like rods built by Sage, Scott, and Winston.

Fly Reels:
Fly reels specifically designed for saltwater fly fishing are important. Features to look for in reels are smooth drags, plenty of backing capacity, and a sturdy, machined, aluminum, one-piece anodized frame. Large arbor reels are a great choice and take up line and backing very quickly. Reels to consider include those built by Hardy, Abel, Galvan, Ross and Hatch.

Fly Lines:
The Scientific Anglers and Rio saltwater floating lines are a couple of our favorite permit lines. They cast permit crab and shrimp flies with ease, and both are very accurate.

Fluorocarbon leaders are your best choice for permit as they are virtually invisible in water, and highly abrasion resistant. Fluorocarbon 9’ leaders and tippet in 16 & 20 lb. test are standard.

Permit Flies:
There are a lot of permit flies marketed these days, and here are a few of them that have hooked permit.