Barracuda & Jacks Tackle & Equipment

Barracuda in the Bahamas get big, and they are very aggressive. They attack a fly at an unbelievable rate of speed, and often skyrocket into the air when hooked. When hooked, few fish can match a ‘cudas initial run for speed and sheer violence…hold on!

Jacks are very fast, pull like a freight train, and will destroy both surface poppers and streamers. Watching them blow up on your popper while you strip it as fast as you can is a sight to remember. Endurance is their strong point, and no jack gives up without a fight that you will remember.

Fly Rods:
Flies for these fish are often large streamers and poppers, so 9’, 4 piece travel rod in 9 or 10 weights are good choices. Your permit rod is also a barracuda rod. Fast tapered rods that generate good line speed like those built by Sage, Scott and Winston are good choices.

Fly Reels:
Fly reels specifically designed for saltwater fly fishing are important. The same reel that you brought for permit, your 9 or 10 weight, will perform well for barracuda fishing.

Leaders for barracuda and jacks can be simple.  We often build a leader with 8 foot of 40# fluorocarbon for jacks, and add a bite tippet of 40 lb. Rio Powerflex Wire Bite Tippet or Scientific Anglers Wire Tippet for barracuda.

Flies for Barracuda & Jacks: