On Russia’s remote Kola Peninsula is the Kola Reserve, a new fly fishing destination where anglers will find two rivers — the Lumbovka and the Kachkovka — that are a stronghold for Atlantic salmon.

The Fly Shop is excited to give anglers a glimpse into the fly fishing experience at the Kola Reserve through a new film from The Fly Fishing Nation. In “4 Weeks of Daylight,” anglers take an exploratory trip to see how good the fishing in this area might just be. The Fly Shop’s Justin Miller was among the crew that embarked on this journey, and what they discovered was an Atlantic salmon fly fishing paradise where these fish thrive in good numbers and continuously impress anglers with their size and strength.

Justin raved about his experience. “The rivers of the Kola Reserve were a complete surprise,” he said. “I have looked at the entire Kola Peninsula on Google Earth for years and never really paid attention to these rivers assuming they had already been vetted.

To get invited to come find out for ourselves if two rivers on the Kola were any good, because no one knew the answer, was an unbelievable opportunity. And then to be able to go discover that they were gems, hidden in plain sight … The first big bright fish to take the fly and cartwheel across the pool was as exciting as any fish I had ever hooked into.”

We’re looking forward to returning to the Kola Reserve in 2021. If the exploratory trip gave us any indication of what the upcoming season will be like, it will surely be a season to remember. We have limited availability for the 2021 season. Be sure to check out the trailer for “4 Weeks of Daylight” above, and learn more about this destination at the link below.