Fishing Report
December 30 – January 6, 2024 #1

Angler holding a sea-run brown trout at EMB LodgeAlthough for Tierra del Fuego the fishing season begins in November, a month in which we already receive guests only for La Villa, last week we received the first group for EMB Lodge. This was a closed group made up of family and friends with whom, as well as last year, they returned to celebrate the arrival of the New Year 2024.

Clearly fishing itself was not the priority but something more recreational and, since many of the group never fly fished before, everyone was able to experience the magic of fishing the Rio Grande. This season is starting out very promising, with a river in excellent structural and water level conditions, so we have very high expectations for what is to come. We thank our outfitters and coming guests for the trust and for choosing us, so looking forward to seeing you soon. SALUD!

Water color and visibility: Low water, clear, perfect visibility. The level of water is normal for this time of the season. Water temperature: 7º / 11º


  • Air temperatures: 5º/18º
  • Wind speed ranges from 18  TO 65 km/h
  • Rain during the week: 4 mm

Angler holding a sea-run brown trout at EMB Lodge

Condition of the river is very good. Fresh and colored fish mixed in most of the pools.

EMB –  nymphs, salmon flies, Rio Grande Queen, wooly buggers and leeches at dark.

FLY LINES (tips, heads, lengths, densities, etc.) mostly used:

  • Skagit/Scandi head, multi density head (game changer, 3 D, FIST)
  • Set of tips from 3 ips sink rate up to T20
  • MOW tips
  • Floating
  • type 3-6-8 etc.
  • Length and strength of tippet and leaders: 4 to 9 feet. 12 to 20 pounds

Week 1 group at EMB Lodge


  • Jon N. (USA)
  • James N. (USA)
  • JJ N. (USA)
  • William (USA)
  • Jon T. (USA)
  • Greg (USA)
  • Greer (USA)
  • David (USA)
  • Jeff (USA)
  • Kevin (USA)
  • Peter (USA)
  • Kirk (USA)

Genaro Molinolo
January 8TH, 2024

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Happy New Year from the guide team at EMB Lodge
EMB Guide Team