Northern California Private Waters

Decades ago The Fly Shop® recognized that the demand for privacy and quality fishing had far outstripped all but the most remote public resources.

With that in mind, we intensified our commitment to the protection of existing resources, promotion of catch-and-release regulations, and pushing the wild trout concept. At the same time, we began looking for fishing spots where fly rodders might enjoy quality, secluded fly fishing for a modest fee.

The Fly Shop® searched for long-term private leases of property (not previously accessible to the public), and began offering fishing at

several ranches, homes, and cabins in our area along with exclusive access to a few select lakes and trout streams.

Many have required painstaking habitat improvement and restoration. Most, like the Antelope Creek Ranch, Kutras Clear Creek Ranch, Bailey Creek, Rock Creek Lake, Battle Creek, Hat Creek Ranch, and Lake Christine had been posted and off limits for decades. Only Circle 7 and Spinner Fall shares limited

access with the public. All are managed exclusively as catch-and-release destinations, and we allow fly fishing only. Angling pressure is intentionally kept very light on our private waters to ensure a terrific fishing experience. These Private Waters are only available through The Fly Shop. Call anytime for reservations or information. We maintain up-to-the-minute calendars and can help with your choice or confirm any reservation immediately.

Antelope Creek Ranch

This scenic ranch, surrounded by more than 65,000 acres of National Forest, is the jewel in the necklace of The Fly Shop's Private Waters and welcomes a limited number of guests from mid-May through October.

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Bailey Creek Lodge

Bailey Creek bubbles out of two beautiful spring heads and tumbles down through a canyon for only a few miles and then across Twin Creeks Ranch. The riffles and pools of the freestone stream are filled with fish...

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Battle Creek Ranch

Battle Creek is an intimate, wild, terraced freestone stream that is best suited to the physically fit fly fisherman. These six miles of fish-rich Battle Creek opened for the first time in 1999.

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Bollibokka Fishing Club

The Bollibokka Club was established as a private fishing club on the McCloud River early in 1904. The Club surrounds more than 3,000 acres, and slightly more than seven miles of some of the best wild trout fishing...

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Circle 7 Ranch

Circle 7 Ranch on the Fall River is ideally located right in the heart of some of the best access and fishing on Fall River, about an hour and twenty minutes northeast of Redding, CA.

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Clear Creek Ranch

Clear Creek is a narrow, mountain stream that begins in the snow-capped Trinity Divide and runs more than fifteen miles through a rugged canyon before it ever hits a paved road. Much of this property is on the Kutras Ranch, ...

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Gold River Lodge

The Klamath River, historically, was home to one of the most prolific runs of steelhead in the world. Zane Grey, Trey Combs, Bill Schaadt, and countless other legendary anglers once tread its gravel...

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Hat Creek Ranch

The Hermsmeyer Hat Creek Ranch is one of the latest additions to our private fisheries, and it is quickly becoming one of our most popular ranch destinations. This secluded, intimate hideaway...

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Lake Christine

The Young Ranch is home to Lake Christine, located in a park-like setting nestled in a forest of evergreens and hardwoods and watched over by the ever-vigilant bald eagle family that nests in a towering pine just off the shore.

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Luk Lake

We are excited to be able to offer access to Luk Lake, formerly known as Coffee Cup Lake, a great wintertime and springtime rainbow trout destination and year 'round bass fishery. Luk Lake is a 65+ acre lake...

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Rock Creek Lake

Best fished from a float tube, this nine-acre, low elevation lake has good weather and great fishing almost every day of the year! This terrific fishing property lies at 3,200 ft in the foothills below...

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Spinner Fall Lodge

Come fish in the peaceful beauty of Northern California and stay with us at Spinner Fall Lodge on beautiful Fall River where our friendly staff is looking forward to serving you.

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Steiner Lake

Steiner Lake is the home to trophy Bass and the biggest Crappies we have ever seen! This 25 acre lake was the site of the John Steiner Water Ski School. At the time we offered it as a day only bass fishery.

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swarts paonds the fly shop
Swarts Ponds

Located only a stones throw from Steiner Lake, there's no pun inteneded when we know that this rock quarry has bass that kick major.. you fill in the blank!

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