Bailey Creek Lodge

Bailey Creek bubbles out of two beautiful spring heads and tumbles down through a canyon for only a few miles and then across Twin Creeks Ranch.

The riffles and pools of the freestone stream are filled with fish and covered with a canopy of alders, streamside bay trees and oaks. Bailey Creek is a gorgeous stream and as it courses through the ranch it seems to cascade into pool after pool with some riffle sections in between. This stream is incredibly rich in aquatic insects and the health of its rainbows and browns certainly testifies to that. The relatively low elevation, rich spring water and temperate climate translates into a long growing season, and fast-growing fish, so catching trophy sized trout in the creek is commonplace.

There are also two fabulous lakes on the property. The upper lake has some giant bass and scores of bluegill, while the lower lake has some monster trout that are often measured in pounds rather than inches. With spring-fed currents, the lower lake especially stays ice-cold all summer long and boasts remarkable hatches of mayflies, damsel and dragon flies. Both lakes can effectively be fished from shore, but one can float tube them with great success as well.

Bailey Creek Lodge is an ideal vacation spot for couples, small groups, or even families. The upstairs spacious lodge room has a warm, welcome feeling, enhanced by the open fireplace. It is the perfect spot to end each day and share stories over a glass of wine and fine food. This great room is topped off with a deck that looks down onto the creek. Each of the four downstairs bedrooms has a private bath, and they are all in close proximity to the pool area and Jacuzzi, both of which sit right by a huge lawn area and look down over the creek. This wonderful ranch is just the spot to enjoy easy access fishing for some remarkable trout, with great amenities for after fishing relaxing.

Bailey Creek Lodge is right in the heart of our regional fishing and within easy striking distance from Battle Creek and Rock Creek Lake.

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Reservations and Rates

The cost of the daily rate for the Bailey Creek Lodge package is:
• $215 per day/night (per person)
• $165 per day/night (non-angler)
• $135 per day (daily rate)

Included in your lodge package at Bailey Creek Lodge is accommodations, and access to all the ranch facilities for the anglers, and there is a two-night minimum stay.

Not included in your lodge package at Bailey Creek Lodge are fishing license, waders, rods/reels, and terminal tackle (flies, tippet, etc.) These items are not available at the ranch, so you’ll want to bring your tackle and equipment with you to the lodge, and plan on purchasing your California Fishing License ahead of time.

The Fly Shop™ is not in the insurance business, but we recommend Travel Guard coverage as a service with a desire to see your best interests protected. It is impossible to know when an unfortunate situation (loss of luggage, fly rods, illness in the family, or an accident) may occur. However, such things can and do happen, and this insurance can provide a means of recourse against non-refundable financial losses.

Travel Guard Insurance

Non-angling companions are welcome at a more modest fee of $165 per night, per person. The non-angling packages include accommodations. Non-fishing companions have the run of the entire ranch. Within an hour of the ranch is Lassen National Park and another 1/2 hour will bring you to Subway Caves on Hat Creek. Add 20 minutes more and you find yourself at Burney Falls State Park, and in between is the Radio Astronomy Observatory. Other non-angling guests may simply choose to relax in the lodge, play a game of billiards, enjoy the shade-covered deck and patio, or lounge beside the pool and Jacuzzi.

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Seasons at Bailey Creek Lodge

Bailey Creek is open to fishing from the last Saturday in April through November 15, though off-season fishing on the lakes is also permitted in the winter and spring.

March, April, & May:
Cold and high water is the norm for this early part of the season. You can be fishing in rain and occasionally snow, or in beautiful sunny weather. It will be cold to cool at night and you may need to dress warmly during the day, although sometimes all you will need is a light shirt, and this can be especially true as you get into late April and May. Usually hatches, especially in the first month or two, will be few and far from prolific. None of this means that the fishing will be poor; on the contrary, some of the best days of the season come in these months. The fish are coming off of a long, cold winter and are ready to take on some calories. They are hungry, this hunger making them gullible at times, enough to make even novice anglers feel like a pro. They can be tough at times as well, and knowing a few techniques for lake and stream fishing will really pay off during the early season.

March will mean off colored, cold water and only the lakes can be legally fished. Anglers may not see many rising fish, though the trout are often aggressive towards streamer type flies so you will want to have a good supply of various buggers and baitfish imitations. The larger sizes (#6-#8) can work at this time, but be sure to have some of the smaller patterns as well. Midges seem to be a factor every month of the season, so having midge nymphs, emergers and some dries will be necessary. Something to remember is that when you are faced with cold water situations a slow to slower retrieve can be the ticket. That can be true when using these streamers and also with some nymphs. You can get away with heavier tippet in off colored water, but keep that slow retrieve in the back of your mind.

By late April and May the Callibaetis mayflies begin to hatch, so you will want dries, nymphs and emergers of that large mayfly species. Crippled patterns seem to out fish dries by quite a good margin. There can be other mayflies hatching and usually these will be small (#16-#18) and light yellow, tan or sulfur in color. There is one insect event you could see in May and that is an ant or termite flight. You will know it is going on because every fish on the ranch can be feeding on the surface and you will catch more trout during the flight than at any other time on the lake. Carry winged ant patterns in May!

The stream opens to legal fishing starting on the last Saturday in April. Bailey Creek has a good population of Golden Stones and Green Drakes. You may have action on Stonefly drys and for certain of the nymph patterns of both. Big attractor dry flies such as yellow humpies and stimulators work well, too.

June, July & August:
Summer is always associated with warm to hot weather which means light weight clothing while on the water and maybe a warm jacket or shirt for the evenings, which are usually cooler. This warmer weather also means that every kind of insect in the lake and stream is becoming active. June is considered Callibaetis month in this country, but you will see mayflies, caddisflies, midges, dragonflies, damselflies and the terrestrials (beetles and ants) throughout the summer season.

June and a good part of July can bring an amazing cast of insects doing their thing at Bailey Creek Ranch. We left off with a tip on the early season about always carrying winged ant patterns and that goes for the month of June as well. We have found that using callibaetis cripples is the best dry fly pattern for the callibaetis hatch. Midges are active every day of this season and here is another tip- watch carefully during this hatch and you will see that the trout are most likely taking the midge before it comes to the top of the water. They will almost always eat the midge when it is stuck in the bottom of the surface film (meniscus) and will ignore anything sitting on top of it.

Fishing mayflies and caddisflies in the surface film (using cripples or emergers) can sometimes mean the difference between success and failure. Streamer type flies will work, especially those that mimic damselfly nymphs, but you must use the smaller patterns. This season is terrestrial time and you will want to have beetle and ant patterns in your fly box. Beetles in size 14 and ants in size 16-18 seem to produce the best. These patterns will take fish anywhere, but all terrestrial fishermen know that these insects seem to like to fall off of trees and bushes that hang out over the water- enough said! One last thing you might keep in mind is to use a loop knot to attach your streamers or nymphs when fishing the lake, since it will help keep the fly looking natural and you can use a size larger tippet. Many anglers like to use a dry fly and hang a nymph underneath it, especially on the creek. Also, keep in mind that just going down to smaller size nymphs can really pay off in the stream and lake as well.

September, October & November:
All the information above about summer time fishing will hold true for a good part of the fall season. As the nights get colder and colder the hatches will get fewer and fewer, with the exception of the midges. They seem to hatch out everyday, sometimes for just a bit and sometimes off and on all day. Callibaetis will provide some action much of this season, but the flies themselves will be a size or two smaller than the June variety. Terrestrails will work in at least the first month of the Fall. During the first part of this season you can almost always get action early and late in the day. However, as the colder weather comes you will find that midday fishing is great.

Bailey Creek Lodge closes the stream to fishing for the season on November 15th of every year. The lake fishing is still fabulous and available until the opening of the stream the following April.

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Lodging at Bailey Creek Lodge

The fishing at Bailey Creek Ranch has been tailored with the self-reliant angler in mind.

Guests are asked to time their arrival for the late afternoon (3:30 P.M. or later), allowing plenty of time to get settled, organize tackle, and be ready to fish in the evening. The lodge host or housekeeping staff will show you to your room, and offer a quick, informal orientation. The orientation is short and allows anglers time afterwards to enjoy the evening hatch

activity on one of the lakes or stream.

The fishing at Bailey Creek Ranch has been tailored with the self-reliant angler in mind. It is particularly suited for the fisherman that prefer the sense of accomplishment associated with a well-earned bend in the rod rather than the hand-held, guided experience. That said, guides can be provided through The Fly Shop for an extra charge for added instruction or assistance fishing on the lake or stream.

Guests will be responsible for their own meals, which can be cooked in the kitchen, as well as their own beer, soft drinks, liquor, and mixes. Ice tea, lemonade, and unlimited bottled water is always available in the outdoor refrigerator.

The lodge is located roughly in the middle of the property, with lakes and stream both above and downstream from the accommodations. The creek and the lakes are yours to fish whenever you wish, and all of the fishing is within walking distance of the lodge.

Coffee is ready at first light and there is no hurry to be the first on the stream or either of the lakes.

Guests are asked to vacate their rooms after lunch (to allow them to be properly cleaned for any arrivals) and to depart no later than 3:00 on the afternoon of their last day at the lodge.

A few points to remember:
There is poison oak on the property and poison snakes are around, but almost never seen. The lodge is a non-smoking facility and guests are welcome to enjoy cigars or cigarettes on the deck or anywhere outside the lodge on the ranch. This is a fire-prone area, so please be very careful with ashes from cigarettes or cigars.

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Getting to Bailey Creek Lodge

Bailey Creek Ranch is located on the west side of Mount Lassen.

From Redding:
• Travel East for 32 miles on Hwy 44 to Shingletown and the Wilson Hill Road. The Wilson Hill Road is at the east edge of Shingletown.
• Turn right on Wilson Hill Road and go 7 miles to the Junction with Rock Creek Road (stop sign).

• Turn left (hard left) or east on Rock Creek Road and go ¼ mile to Battleview Rd.
• Turn left on Battleview and travel to Linman.
• Turn left on Linmen and go to where it dead ends in Battleview.
• Turn right on Battleview and go 100 yds to the driveway leading to Twin Creeks Ranch. Just past this driveway you will see an open field and house on a knoll.
• Turn left into the driveway and follow it ¼ mile down over Rock Creek. As you travel down the driveway to Rock Creek you will go past the home on the knoll. This is not the ranch. You must go another 300 yards to reach the lodge entrance.
• Just after you cross the narrow, metal bridge the road will fork. Take the gravel road in the middle that borders a steep bank. Go up the short section of steep, gravel road and then follow the driveway over to the lodge. (The gate combination will be provided to you upon receipt of deposits).

From Red Bluff:
• Turn right on Antelope Blvd-Hwy 99 east and travel 3 miles to Hwy 36.
• Turn left on Hwy 36 and go 11 miles to Dales Station and turn left on Road 6 (the Manton road). Follow the Manton road or Hwy 6 approximately 16 miles to Manton and the Manton store.
• Turn left at the store and go 1 mile to the junction of Wilson Hill Road and Rock Creek Road.
• Take the right fork and follow the direction details above from this point on.

From the Burney Area:
• Go north on Hwy 89 to Hwy 44 junction. Follow Hwy 44 to Shingletown and Wilson Hill Road.
• Turn left on Wilson Hill Road and then follow directions detailed above from this point on.

Additional Information

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Making Reservations to Bailey Creek Lodge

To make a reservation, please give us a call at 800-669-3474 during business hours any day of the week, or email us at or anytime. We can give you the answers you need, detailed explanations to questions you might have, or check on availability and confirm your reservation in minutes.