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The lodges
and outcamps of
There’s a lot more to Bolivia’s spectacular fly fishing hotspots than just spectacular
fly fishing!
SURE, THESE PLACES boast violent mega-Dorado and fierce Amazon Pacú. But it’s only part of what makes Tsimane great. Guests enjoy marvelous food, superb accommodations, and five-star guide service, along with every fine glass of wine, cocktail or soda, and every amenity (except tackle) is included in these packages.
The only practical way into the jungle home of the Tsimane tribes is a private charter flight from Santa Cruz, Bolivia (included) after an overnight at a quality hotel (also included) in the city.
Fly rodders can opt to fish the fine beats near the lodges or boat and hike to the crystal clear, shallow headwaters and seldom – seen sections of the rivers and comfortable, permanent wilder- ness camps accompanied by guides and overnight rations.
tsimane’s pluma lodge
& outcamps
Pluma Lodge is elegant, carved out of the Amazon forest, featuring fine meals and panoramic views of the river, where packs of ravenous dorado hunt schools of sabalo at all hours of the day and night. Limited to eight anglers each week with access to three rivers and several smaller tributaries. Adventurous anglers may choose to trek up the rugged Upper Pluma or Itirizama headwaters and spend a couple of nights in one of the tented headwater outcamps.
Pluma is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, highlighted by sight-casting to monster Dorado in shallow, clear mountain streams.
 9-night/61⁄2 day package $7,600 per person
tsimane’s secúre
& agua negra lodges
This is over-the-top angling in the midst of the most exotic landscape imaginable. Deluxe, African-style, single occupancy tents await fish- weary fly rodders after each day wading and boat fishing river headwaters, the main river, or either of two tributaries.
A maximum of only four guests spend three or four nights at each of two remote rainforest lodges, switching locations and moving by boat to the other riverside lodge mid-week. Though isolated, no creature comfort is spared, and it’s the perfect angling holiday for small groups.
 9 night/61⁄2 day package $7,600 per person

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