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The cutting edge of fly fishing
Who knows what new sport fish species still lurk in the heart of the Amazon? It may be that Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, or Paraguay are the next fly fishing horizons.
THERE ARE TWICE as many varieties of fish found in the Amazon than have been identified in the entire Atlantic Ocean. It is hardly any wonder then, that new fly fishing targets are being recognized every year.
Top on that list of new experiences may be sight fishing for Arapaima, the largest scaled freshwater fish in the world (up to 9’ long and 440 pounds). These monsters hold close to the surface as singles, pairs, or even schools fish, hunting smaller fish and birds. If they’re there, you’ll see them. No blind casting, it is searching the surface of lakes, channels and rivers, much like hunting flats and mangroves for tarpon.
When mature, they have no known predators, and when hooked they explode into the air, obviously pissed that anything would challenge their alpha role. They are more than big, Arapaima are strong and a battle is usually long and punctuated by repeated jumps and runs.
They often cohabit with other terrific fly fishing quarry: Pacu, Arowana, peacock bass, and a number of other great sportfish.
pirarucú 2015
During the fall of this year, we’ll be the first to explore the fishing in a vast Amazon reserve more than 600 miles from Manaus. We expect the fishing to be action- packed and the trip to be fascinating. Our destination, Mamirauá, is the largest Arapaima reserve in the world, covering more than 2.5 million acres, and it is only because of a recent special pact crafted among the local native tribes and endorsed by Brazilian fisheries and environmental officials that permission has been granted for this project.
While it is remote, and little is known about the angling potential, Pirarucú will not be at all uncomfortable. The floating lodge is simple, utilitarian, and beautiful. It was built of stunning hardwoods, with floating duplex cabins connected to a larger dining room, kitchen, living area, and bar. It is all used in other seasons by eco-tourists for birdwatching and wildlife viewing (this is one of the top 5 birding locations in the Amazon).
Though the river, lake, and channel system is immense, it is not necessary to travel far for action, and angling guests return each afternoon for lunch.
This is a rare opportunity to be among the first
allowed to fish this region, and to assist the native community in developing their fishery as a catch- and-realease, fly fishing only preserve and a vehicle for sustaining their indigenous lifestyle.
The package includes Manaus airport reception and transfers, Manaus hotel accommodations on the night prior to the 600 mile flight to Tefe, liquor, fine wine and meals, lodging, guides, and every imaginable item with the exception of tackle, tips, and personal gear.
 7 night/6 day fishing package $4,250
Not included is a 10% Native development fee
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