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The upscale Tsimane jungle safaris are the most exciting jungle destinations to arrive on the South American angling scene in decades and gets our vote as
one of the three top exotic fly fisheries on Earth!
AN G L E R S A R E A C C O M PA N I E D each day by skilled, fly savvy, bi- lingual Argentine guides and a team of native boatmen to any one of several nearby freestone fisheries. They’re often as clear as any western trout steam, and though the occasional tropical storm may reduce clarity, the rivers usually return to normal within hours.
All the fishing is done on foot, quietly wading or care- fully stalking the brightly-colored fish from the bank. Wading isn’t risky or difficult, but there’s a lot of it. These packages are often strenuous and are best suited for physically fit anglers with a spirit of adventure and an appetite for exotic, trophy fish-
ing beyond the conventional.
The entire experience is enveloped by exotic, tropical vegetation and cut to a sound track that’s choreographed by nature.
The best time to fish this part of the world is from May thru October, the Bolivian dry season. The headwaters of each of the rivers harbors huge, res- ident Dorado, whose numbers are bolstered by the arrival of more and more of the predators following a parade of migratory
baitfish that begin their journey in the spring months.
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