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More than just Another Lodge
Tsimane is a partnership between the indigenous native communities and private enterprise.
It is a revolutionary model by which all future regional environmental and social development projects will be measured.
TSIMANE WAS BUILT followingthenew,Untamed Angling model that incorporates a partnership between the indigenous native community and pri- vate enterprise. It is a true joint venture involving a mutual commitment to social, business, and environmental responsibilities.
To accomplish this Untamed Angling has partnered with five different native communities on the high Secúre River – the Asunta, Ushwea, Palmar de Agua Negra, Oromomo, and Areruta. Together they’ve formed an Indian association specifically for the Tsimane Project. The Secúre Indian Federation represents the 22 communities of the Secúre River, including the Beni State Indian Federation, the largest Indian Federation in Bolivia.
Guests at Tsimane will not only enjoy phenomenal fish- ing but will also be immersed in native culture, and sur- rounded by native guides who contribute a great deal to the quality and success of each day’s fishing.
of humor and a deep knowledge about their environment.
They require all fish to be released, without exception. Every fish caught furthers data collection for the Bolivian Biological Research Program, documenting sise, health, spawning, distribution, and migration cycle information.
Too, the lodges are models of renewable energy, use state-of-the-art waste disposal methods.
The Tsimane Project is monitored by the Bolivian National Service of Protected Areas (SERNAP) and the Ministry of Environment of Bolivia. It’s more than just another couple of fishing lodges and offers rewards beyond great angling that include the opportunity to help and interact with the Indigenous peoples of this part of the Amazon.
These are people who, other than their garb, have changed little in thousands of
years. They are simple, friendly, and
a curious people, with a good sense
The angling operator, Untamed
Angling (the same people who
brought La Zona and The Marié to
the world of fly fishing) have
worked together with the native
community to develop an awareness
and practices aimed at protecting
entire riverine environment, and the native way of life.
PHONE  800-669-3474
The small tribe of indigenous Tsimanes participate in the operation of the lodges and camps. They form a majority of the labor pool and take an ever-increasing role in the development and protection of their own fishery.
both the forest, the

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