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The Bollibokka Club
The finest 7 miles of the world famous McCloud River
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 BOLLIBOKKA isjust36milesnorthofTheFlyShop® on the southern slope of Mt Shasta.The Club is bordered upstream by a dozen more miles of private property and is surrounded by a roadless portion of the Shasta Nat’l Forest. All of it extends to the high ridges on either slope of the McCloud canyon. It’s been some of the most jealously guarded California angling for over a century.
The seven miles of McCloud River that makes up Bol- libokka is broken up into two beats. Either can be re- served by club members.The larger, lower beat is home to the historic Clubhouse, featuring the dining room dat- ing back to the late 1800s, a farm-style residence, fully fur- nished guest cabin, and a private, stone cottage a roll cast from the river.The Clubhouse complex collectively han- dles 14 guests, but is limited to 10 anglers.
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The upper beat features the Way Station cabin, perched on a rock outcrop gazing down on a classic river pool below, and sleeps up to 6 anglers.
Club memberships are perfect for individuals, groups of friends, companies, or organizations.There’s nothing fancy about the place, but Bollibokka Club’s informal atmosphere is enhanced by its rustic charm, fishing legacy, and isolation.
Annual Membership dues are $500 a year. Memberships are extremely limited and sought-after, and members have exclusive access to reserve a week or two at any of the club facilities. Call us today to get on the wait list for fu- ture memberships.
Bollibokka Club is administered exclusively by The Fly Shop® More details can be found on our website.
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