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 Battle Creek Canyon Ranch
The perfect place for anglers who thrive on small stream fishing!
THIS RUGGED CANYON isaboutanhoureastof Redding.The secluded ranch features more than six miles of private freestone angling and is full of wild, native browns, rainbows and the occasional steelhead. Battle Creek Canyon was custom-made by Mother Nature for physically fit anglers and is a dream come true for the fly rodder who thrives on small stream fishing action.
This is Ishi Country and with the removal of several small hydro projects, Upper Battle has become what many small Sacramento River tributaries once were, a refuge for hard-core anglers and wild trout.
The best fishing in the terraced pools and riffles of this freestone stream begins when the Mount Lassen snow melt subsides.This year we expect fishing and water levels to be awesome by mid-June and phenomenal angling to continue through late summer.
Waders aren’t necessary, but stamina is, because the ranch is not a destination for anglers that aren’t fit, and can’t tolerate exercise or a full measure of trout fishing action and excitement.
s $135 daily trespass fee
s Nearby lodging and campground available
Kutras Ranch on Clear Creek
Nine miles of classic pocketwater fly fishing with two streamside cabins reserved for only half a dozen total anglers.
THE KUTRAS FAMILY won this ranch in a dice game during the California Gold Rush and it’s locked gates have kept what is the longest privately owned stream and the longest free flowing stream in Califor- nia off-limits to the public for more than a century. Nearly every inch of this little pocket water gem is fishable and a generation of painstaking stream restoration has made it even better.
The Kutras Ranch on Clear Creek is a top quality fly fishing-only, catch-and-release experience. It’s the perfect place for anglers who thrive on small stream fishing and it’ s hard to believe this private canyon angling is less than an hour west of The Fly Shop®. The entire stream offers fine dry fly fishing in pools shaded by a mixture of evergreens and hardwoods.
There are two snug cabins nestled along the creek. Each cabin has access to an exclusive section of Clear Creek reserved for the use of its guests. Each of those sections is “rested” for a couple of days every week to insure a quality experience as well as a sense of privacy.
The Kutras Clear Creek Ranch cabins are fitted with double bunks, propane cook tops, barbecues, flush toilets and hot showers and limited to 2 anglers (a maximum of 4 total guests).They’re ideal for a couple of guys or a small family and might be well-described as camping out indoors. The lower beat cabin sits close to the stream with decks that hang over the creek and the mid-ranch cabin might be considered a bit more deluxe.
The rugged, uppermost beat has foot access to more than nine additional miles of upstream pocket- water fly fishing for small native rainbows.
All of Clear Creek is full of caddis, small forage fish. and surprisingly large population of unsophisticated and aggressive Clear Creek rainbow trout.A selection of cad- dis pupa and dries, along with a few small streamers is all that’s needed to be successful.
s $175 to $195 per angler, double occupancy packages s 250 per night single angler.
phone 800-669-3474 25

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