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The McCloud
MCCLOUD RIVER RAINBOWS are noted for Just belowAh-Di-Nah Camp the McCloud enters a
 their beauty, fight and strength. At the same time they’re slow growing, fragile creatures with DF&W an- gling regulations and limits to protect them. The Mc- Cloud was the last known habitat of Bull Trout in California, a species now considered extinct in our state and endangered in the Pacific Northwest.
The Upper McCloud is small, narrow, brushy, and an ideal spot for light rods and dry flies. Small brookies, rainbows and browns often cohabit in the same shallow headwater pocket water and pools.The upper river cas- cades over a pair of spectacular falls above Fowler Camp. Near that point tens of thousands of gallons of water each minute pour into the river from lava fissure springs along the river’s edge. In the several miles below Fowler Camp the river quickly doubles in size and har- bors larger trout before entering the private Hearst property dumping into McCloud Reservoir.
There are only two public access points below the reservoir and little of the river is accessible by road. Three rugged, roadless miles of river separate the reservoir and the Ah-Di-Nah Campground.
10-mile corridor owned by the Nature Conservancy, where the number of anglers is strictly controlled.Angling is allowed on only half of that section.
The last eighteen rugged miles of river between the Nature Conservancy and Shasta Lake flows through three private properties that have been off-limits for more than a century. Rafting through the private properties border- ing the Lower McCloud is possible, but impractical. The day-long trip allows little fishing time and requires an ar- duous, 85-mile portage over difficult roads.
High-floating dry flies (Caddis patterns, Humpies, Li’l Yel- low Stones) are the rule on the river surface. Green Drakes are common during the early part of the season and there is a major hatch of Golden Stones (Calineuria) in the summer. Large, late season brown trout migrate up- stream from Shasta Lake and veteran anglers wouldn’t be found without a bunch of streamers and the Great Pump- kin of fly fishing, the October Caddis.
If you’re headed to the McCloud for the first time, consider using one of our expert guides to learn the ropes, and insure your holiday success.
Lower McCloud River Public Access
There are three roadless miles of the river‘s section stretching from Ash Camp (at the dam) to Ah-Di-Nah Camp.Travel south in cen- tral McCloud on Golf Course Road, and follow the signs to Ah-Di-Nah or continue past the dam and turn right to Ash Camp.
Upper McCloud
Public Access
The Upper McCloud is small and full of miniature rainbows, browns and brook trout. The area is easily accessed via the spi- derweb of USFS roads connecting Fowler Camp (8 miles east of McCloud just off Hwy. 89) and the Upper and Lower Falls.
McCloud & Mount Shasta Lodging McCloud River Inn
800-261-7831 McCloud Hotel 800-964-2822
Mt. Shasta Ranch 530-926-3870 Mt. Shasta Resort 530-926-3030
Best Western 530-926-3101
Nearby Campgrounds
Ah-Di-Nah Camp Ash Camp
Fowler Camp Nature Conservancy reservations
San Francisco office 415-777-0487
Guide Service
The Fly Shop 800-669-3474
Facts about the McCloud River

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