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 The Fly Shop’s
Collection of
Exclusive Access Angling Opportunities in Northern California
1 Antelope Creek Lodge
2 trophy trout lakes and several private miles of stream on the north slope of Mt. Shasta.
2 The Bollibokka Club
Clubhouse, cabins and 7 miles of the McCloud closed to the public for more than a century. Clear Creek
Access to the longest privately owned
stretch of stream in California.
4 Circle 7 Ranch
Our beautiful fly fishing retreats on the bank of California’s most magnificent spring creek.
5 Rock Creek Lake
Our most popular and productive private stillwater now features optional cabin accommodations.
6 Oasis Springs Lodge
This fashionable fishing ranch east of Red Bluff is the perfect streamside family or group retreat.
7 Battle Creek Ranch
6 miles of rugged, terraced fishing for native trout less than an hour from Redding.
8 Bailey Creek Lodge
The lodge and pool are a short walk from a private, fish-filled stream and trout lake.
9 Pedrotti’s Bass Ponds
Private foothill trophy bass ponds
just minutes from downtown Redding.
Luk Lake
Mid-winter and spring trout and bass fishery
Gold River Lodge
Dead-center access to California’s coastal steelhead
12 Sugar Creek Ranch
Eight picturesque, trophy trout-filled lakes in the shadow of the Siskiyous, just west of Mt. Shasta
13 Wilk’s Pond
Private bass pond just minutes from Redding.
12 1
In 1984 The Fly Shop® recognized that the demand for angling privacy and quality fishing had far outstripped all but
the most remote public resources. Then we did something
about it.
MIND, we intensified our commitment to protecting existing fisheries, our promotion of catch-and-re- lease regulations, and pushing the wild trout concept. At the same time, we began looking for fishing spots where fly rod- ders might enjoy quality, secluded fly fishing for a modest fee. That meant searching for long-term property leases in our area that could offer fishing along with exclusive access to a
few select lakes and trout streams.
As advocates for public fishing, we decided right away against
exploring any private waters that were historically open to the public. Most of our current private waters fishing destinations have been posted and off-limits to the public for generations. Some have been behind locks and fences for more than a cen- tury, and only Circle 7 Ranch on Fall River shares very limited access with the public.
All of our Private Waters are managed exclusively as catch- and-release destinations, and we allow only fly fishing with bar- bless hooks.The angling pressure is kept intentionally light in order to ensure each guest enjoys as fine a fly fishing experi- ence as possible. In fact, we manage our properties with our own high standards and common sense in mind, and have found that those guiding principles serve all of our guests well.
The Fly Shop’s team has been developing our Private Waters concept for nearly forty years.
We began with topographical and road maps in hand and spent a big part of the first two decades exploring every pos- sibility within reasonable driving distance of Redding.
Fee fly fishing was not unique in the West when The Fly Shop® began developing our Private Waters. The great Yamsi Ranch and Take It Easy Ranch near Chiloquin in Southern Ore- gon, Arcularius Ranch on the Owens River, and Hot Creek Ranch in the Sierras were all well-established. All served as proof of the viability of the concept.
Today, we’re still on the hunt for great new destinations, only GPS, GoogleEarth, and the Internet have replaced more anti- quated mapping systems and made our search more effective.
We’ve opened up – and continue to discover – some great fly fishing opportunities formerly held captive behind gates, all for what is now considered a modest and reasonable fee.
If popularity is a good yardstick, the purchase of Antelope Creek Ranch (page 18-19) and the restoration of that great mountain stream and meadow may be our crowning achieve- ment. It’s been the perfect location for a private fishing lodge, the ideal home for our fly fishing schools and FishCamp, and is a personal triumph for our shop.
The Fly Shop® also manages the historic Bollibokka Club.
These are great spots to get together with a few fly fish- ing friends or family, disconnect from your normal angling routine, try new water, and make the most of your limited holiday time. There’s something terrific here for every angler
and budget!
Our PrivateWaters
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