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 Antelope Creek Ranch
Northern California’s
finest private fly fishing lodge Val Atkinson photo
Antelope Creek Ranch is surrounded by more than 2,700 square miles of the Klamath National Forest. There isn’t a street light or another fisherman for 50 miles.
This northeastern corner of California is only two hours north of Redding and The Fly Shop®, yet it’s one of the least populated parts of the American West.
 NESTLED AT THE BASE of the remote north slope of Mount Shasta, the fences of historic Ante- lope Creek Ranch surround hun- dreds of acres of meadowland, two miles of serpentine stream, and a couple of lakes that both harbor an incredible population of trophy-sized trout.
Antelope Creek Ranch is the pri- vate resort of The Fly Shop’s own- ers.The accommodations, food, and service are all first-class with an emphasis squarely on the fishing. It’s a great spot to spend a holiday with a few fly fishing friends or family and enjoy terrific trout fishing in a peaceful, remote outdoor setting.
The gate to the ranch opens each year in early May and the lodge con- tinues to host guests through mid- October (or the first snowfall). Fly fishermen are free to set their own schedule and self-reliant anglers usually revel in the casual, do-it- yourself, no pressure approach to fishing on the property.
Antelope Creek is unique. Like the McCloud, this small stream bubbles out of the ground on the shoulder of Mount Shasta. Its volume increases
and is enriched by snowmelt as it tumbles down the slope toward the Klamath basin before snaking across the lush ranch meadows.
The several miles of stream above
the ranch meadow are a terraced
series of small pools and shallow rif-
fles filled with small native rainbows
and browns. By the time Antelope
Creek winds its way onto the ranch
it has multiplied in size, and each
cutbank and pool is large enough to
harbor surprisingly large rainbows
and resident browns. Then, as the
water exits the ranchland, it courses
over porous lava flows, much of it
disappearing in a matter of several
hundred yards and all of it vanishing
Val Atkinson photo
into the ground within two miles. Fishing on Antelope Creek and the two ranch lakes is very productive.
Val Atkinson photo
Antelope Creek Ranch is the perfect spot for small groups, cou- ples, families, and self-reliant, inde- pendent anglers who prefer to explore the lakes and several miles of the stream at their own pace. The lodge is furnished for fly fish- ermen, and limited to a maximum of eight angling guests.
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