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you just want to be alone
T H E F L Y S H O P ® has a few places here in the shadow of Mount Shasta where you can get together with your family or a few friends and enjoy great fly fishing all by yourselves. Places that have never been open to the
public. We’ve got exclusive access to thirteen miles of small streams, seven miles of the magnificent McCloud,
half a dozen great lakes and
two fine foothill bass and trout ponds.
All of them without another soul around.
Some of our spots feature fine meals and deluxe accommodations,
while you’ll need your sleeping bag at others.
Our Private Waters are available only through The Fly Shop® and our network of regional fly shops Log onto for more information or, better yet, call us at 800-669-3474 anytime for information, rates, or reservations. We maintain
up-to-the-minute calendars and can confirm reservations immediately or can help you select just the right place at just the right time.
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