Thatch Caye is a very small private island located about 10 miles off the coast of Dangriga, Belize, Central America.

We are very excited about the permit fishing operation, Blue Horizon/Thatch Caye Resort, in Southern Belize. This saltwater resort is located on a private island dead-center in the middle of the best permit fishing in Belize, if not the world. The resort itself is perfect for non-anglers, with plenty of fun water-based activities, yet their Blue Horizon fly fishing program – headed by long-time, legendary permit guide Lincoln Westby – is designed for the most avid of permit anglers.

Unique in the area, Blue Horizon/Thatch Caye offers the best of both worlds – a small occupancy destination with all the comforts and accoutrements of a classic island resort that also has a world-class fly fishing guide service. Anglers need to realize they won’t be at a traditional fly fishing lodge during the evenings, but the beer is just as cold (and included in the rate with all mixed drinks and sodas!), the rooms and meals are as nice or nicer, and if they would like to bring a non-fishing spouse or family, those people will be entertained and well-taken care of while the anglers are out chasing permit, tarpon, and bones.

A charming little island getaway, Thatch Caye is surrounded by some of the finest permit waters found anywhere as well as an abundance of snorkeling-worthy coral and sea life. More importantly, Lincoln Westby is one of Belize’s top permit guides, and as such is a great source of information about the area. Having Lincoln around makes fishing out of Thatch Caye an experience you will never forget. Moreover, his dawn-to-dark work ethic is world-renowned; he and his guides will do whatever it takes to help you catch permit, and to teach you how to become a better permit fisherman. Most days you’ll be wading your first flat before the sun breaches the horizon, and it’s not unusual for anglers to have landed permit before every other guide in Belize has even had their breakfast.

The permit fishing is excellent and there are few places that offer better shots at this challenging fish. Several of the best flats are only five minutes from the island. This is your classic permit setting for those who love to target tailing fish in very shallow water. Your guide will pole you along the pristine flats until fish are spotted, and then make sure you are in the very best position to make the cast from the casting deck.

The focus at Thatch is definitely on permit, while tarpon, bonefish, yellowtail snapper, barracuda, and an array of reef species are all daily possibilities, as well.

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Reservations & Rates

The 7 nights/6 day package at Thatch Caye Lodge is $4,220.98 USD per person (double occupancy)
• 6 nights/5 day package is $3,575.78 per person
• 5 nights/4 day package is $2,930.61 per person
• 4 nights/3 day package is $2,285.43 per person
• 3 nights/2 day package is $1,640.24 per person

Additional options as well as Single Occupancy are available. Please call for more information.

Included in your Thatch Caye/Blue Horizon package are reconfirmation of international flights 72 hours before departure, boat and taxi transportation between Dangriga and the lodge, all meals and drinks, accommodations at the lodge, and daily guided fishing. The resort is essentially cashless, though you can bring some cash (or just use a credit card) should you want to purchase items from the gift shop, and/or there is an access fee to Glover's Atoll (which is paid in cash), should you decide to visit and fish that island/reef area. The resort has all the rods/reels/lines/leaders and flies as a part of the package, should you not want to bring your own. There are a number of ala carte non-angling options that you can pay for with a credit card (or cash if you prefer), should you be coming to the lodge as a non-angler.

Not included in your Thatch Caye/Blue Horizon package are the roundtrip airline tickets between Belize City and Dangriga but it will be added to your billing invoice so that the lodge can pre-purchase it prior to your arrival. Items of a personal nature. Though it is a cashless resort and staff gratuities are included in your package rate, gratuities for your fishing guide are not included, so you should tip your guide with cash just as you would at any fishing operation, as the Blue Horizon guides are a separate entity from the resort. The lodge does accept credit cards for most other purchases.

The Fly Shop® is not in the insurance business, but we recommend Travel Guard coverage as a service with a desire to see your best interests protected. It is impossible to know when an unfortunate situation (loss of luggage, fly rods, illness in the family, or an accident) may occur. However, such things can and do happen, and this insurance can provide a means of recourse against non-refundable financial losses.

Travel Guard Insurance

Seasons at Thatch Caye

The season at Blue Horizon/Thatch Caye is year around.

Fishing takes its cue from the weather. As long as the weather is good, the fishing is good. Generally speaking, November through February is very good fishing as long as there are blue skies and warm breezes. Northers can blast through this area during our winter time, but the good

news is that they rarely last very long and the fishing, when it has blown through, can be outstanding. As the year progresses through March, April, May and early June, the weather and the fishing is getting better and better. The summer means great fishing through to early October, however one must be aware of hurricane seasons and what they mean to an angler/traveler to this part of Earth. While the fishing is very good, one has to be comfortable knowing that a trip can be blown away by hurricanes. This is actually rare, but it happens. Check out trip insurance and the lodge policy on cancellations due to inclement weather and hurricanes.

Late March through early June are the safest weather-months with very good fishing conditions. Call us and talk this over with us if you have any questions about the seasons and best months to go to Blue Horizon/Thatch Caye.

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Getting to Thatch Caye

Thatch Caye is located 10 miles off the coast of Dangriga, Belize. Please make your flight accommodations as soon as possible to secure seats and the best fare to and from Belize City (airport code: BZE). Travel to Belize is easy, with numerous daily connecting flights into Belize City (Belize International Airport, airport code BZE) through Houston, Dallas, Atlanta,

and Miami. Guests traveling to Blue Horizon/Thatch Caye Resort need to arrive in Belize City prior to 3:30 pm, in order to be able to catch the final Maya Air Flight from Belize City (BZE) to Dangriga. Earlier flights are fine, as there are multiple flights to Dangriga per day, though keeping in mind that there are two boat transfers to the island a day, one at 1 pm and the other at 5 pm. If you arrive early in the morning, it will just mean you will likely have a longer wait at the Pelican Beach Resort restaurant on arrival to Dangriga.

Upon arriving the Belize City airport, you will clear immigrations first, and then claim your luggage and go through customs, where they may choose to inspect your bags…after clearing customs, take your bags to either the Tropic Air or Maya Air counter, whichever one we have informed you that you'll be flying to Dangriga on. Your tickets will already be waiting for you. You'll just need to check your luggage and take your boarding pass to the gate they direct you to.

Upon arrival in Dangriga a Thatch Caye Resort representative (Darrington, who will be wearing a Thatch Caye Resort shirt) will meet you as you de-plane and transfer you to the location of the lodge boat, about a 15-minute drive (unless you're between boat transfers, in which case you'll be brought to the Pelican Beach Resort to relax until the next transfer time). It is about a 20-minute boat ride from there to the resort. The ride can be a wet experience should you experience a bit of rain - you may want to have a light rain jacket handy to keep dry.

Upon arrival to the resort, you will be shown to your accommodations for the duration of your stay and given a brief orientation of the facilities. Later, usually before or after dinner, Lincoln Westby or another fishing manager will give a description of the fishing program and what to expect the next morning.

Reconfirm Your International Flights:
You can have the staff at Thatch Caye reconfirm your departure flight information out of Belize City – best to do this 72 hours before departure.

Depart Belize:
Please reconfirm your flight departure times out of Dangriga and Belize International Airport with the resort for correct transfer arrangements. Blue Horizon/Thatch Caye Resort can accommodate just about any international flight departing Belize City. However, we suggest that you not book any international flight departing before 10:00 a.m., and prefer later departures. Leave plenty of time for check in at the International Airport.

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Lodging at Thatch Caye

The accommodations at Thatch Caye are excellent, with on-stilt double occupancy cabanas, some over the water and others over the sand island itself. Each cabana has a brand-new air conditioner, comfortable twin or king-sized beds, large screened windows for fresh sea breezes and great water views, tiled floors, large bathrooms with hot-and-cold running water, 24-hour electricity, tables and chairs on which to organize gear, and outside covered decks to either nap in hammocks or read a book in

comfortable reclining chairs. The two larger cabanas even have stairs leading to a tiled roof area, where guests can relax and enjoy a drink while watching the moon and stars. The main meeting area is a huge thatched-roof palapa, complete with a bar area, raised hors d' oeuvres tables and stools, comfortable sofas and chairs, and even a wide screen television for those not wanting to miss a favorite sporting event. Dinners are taken either in an adjacent room with a café-tables arrangement, or outside under the trees on large picnic-style tables. There is even an option to use their large, outside, covered, over-the-water Starfish Bar, enjoying your favorite cocktails while watching small fish swim beneath your stools. Well-manicured white-sand trails lead between the various accommodations, and to the water.

Everything at Thatch Caye is simple, first-class, and very clean and comfortable. Power is 110 volt with standard North American outlets (same as US). There is WiFi available by the bar, for checking your emails after the fishing day. Cell service works fine, so texting is easy anywhere on the island, but be forewarned, it can be very expensive!

The flats are just a few feet from the deck, and tailing permit and even the occasional tarpon are not an uncommon site cruising within casting distance of the cabanas.

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Fishing at Thatch Caye

The Blue Horizon fly fishing program – headed by long-time, legendary permit guide Lincoln Westby - is designed for the most avid of permit anglers.

It would be hard to imagine a destination more perfectly suited for permit fishing. Each day anglers are within minutes of a vast array of flats which,

in rising and falling tides are loaded with tailing permit. In a game where the only true hope of consistent success is sheer numbers of shots available, this place is the best we've ever seen. Typically anglers and guides will plan their daily schedules around the tides, fishing whatever hours give the best amount of hours on favorable tides. If the best tides are at 5 am in the morning, your guide will be waiting for you then at the dock, boat prepared and with both breakfasts and lunches in the cooler. These guides are not clock-watchers, and routinely give their clients 8-9 hours of fishing time, beginning early in the morning or staying late into the evening to catch the best fishing. Your dinner will be served not based on a pre-set schedule, but simply whenever you make it back off the water!

Besides the world-class permit fishing, anglers here can also choose to target a limited amount of bonefish flats, as well as having access to a mix of small-to-large-sized tarpon. The bonefish are found on typical hard-bottomed flats, and accessed both from wade-fishing and from the skiffs. The larger tarpon are fished in reef cuts, swinging streamers on sinking lines; smaller tarpon can sometimes be found in small lagoons and jungle rivers. As well, there are barracuda and a number of reef species, for anyone wanting to mix it up.

Blue Horizon guides are seasoned professionals and totally focused on getting their anglers multiple shots at permit, which is key in finding a "player". They have all been hand-selected and trained by Lincoln Westby over the years, and know the local waters like no others. Blue Horizon provided for the guides state-of-the-art panga skiffs perfectly suited for the local waters, boats with huge, clear casting decks, powerful motors, and the ability to be poled in mere inches of water.

What Makes This Destination Special and Unique?

• The waters around Dangriga in Southern Belize provide ideal habitat for sight-casting to tailing permit in very shallow water. Countless small “pancake” flats pop up out of the deep water here; the deep water provides safety for huge populations of permit, while the proximity to the shallow flats allows permit to come onto the flats to feed in the shallow water. There’s nowhere better to target tailing permit than the fishing grounds of Southern Belize!

• Guests fishing with Blue Horizon typically stay at the deluxe Thatch Caye Resort. Thatch Caye is a private island in the middle of these exquisite permit fishing grounds. Run times in the boats average 10 - 20 minutes, allowing more time to focus on finding tailing permit.

• The fishing program at Blue Horizon is based on fishing the tides. That often means early mornings and late evenings, midday siestas, and ultimately more time on the flats, during the best times to be there, and therefore more shots at fish.

• The Blue Horizon guides are led by the world-famous Lincoln Westby, renowned as the father of permit and the most well-respected guide to ever pole the flats in search of permit. With over 40 years of guiding in these waters, he knows these flats better than the fish…and he knows most of the fish by name. You’ll learn more in a day on the water with Lincoln and his personally trained guides than most permit fishermen learn in a year on the water.

• The private island resort location is an ideal spot for non-anglers, couples, and families wanting to get away from it all. The lodge cabanas are the quintessential on-the-water, luxury cabanas. Thatch Caye is a full-service eco-resort, so non-anglers have a lot of opportunities to enjoy the Belizean experience, including complimentary use of kayaks, paddleboards, snorkel gear, and other non-motorized island toys. Explore the surrounding waters, relax in a hammock, or bask in the Caribbean sun, Thatch Caye Resort has something for everyone.

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Making Reservations to Thatch Caye Lodge

To make a reservation, please give us a call at 800-669-3474 during business hours any day of the week, or email us at anytime. We can give you the answers you need, detailed explanations to questions you might have, or check on availability and confirm your reservation in minutes.