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There’s a reason we’re named The Fly Shop®
Businesses often lay claim to being the biggest or the best and we’re a bit reluctant to join that crowd of self-absorbed egotists. However, the fact is that The Fly Shop® is the largest independent retailer of flies in the world!
 SELECTION AND QUALITY have been part of the formula for our success. But one of the biggest (there’s that word again) explanations is that we simply know what we’re talking about. It only makes sense that the knowledgeable team of retail experts that answer your phone call here, or answer your questions in the shop understand just what direction to point you when selecting the best flies, tackle, or destination.
Think about it. Every morning our own guide staff comes through the front door and tells us what’s working and why.
Most of the independent guides in the region meet their clients here and begin their day gearing up at The Fly Shop®.Virtually all of the regional experts buy their fly tying materials here.
It’s not like we’re prying, these guys are our friends and we’d have to be blind and stupid to not notice what they’re choosing or ask where they’re headed.And when we’re not working behind the counter, we’re on the water. Nobody else is going to be in position to get that level of accurate, timely intel.
There’s no more reliable, honest, or reputable source of information about local fishing. We’ve fished, guided, and outfitted hundreds of thousands of fly fisher- men destined for our local streams, rivers and lakes. Who better to help you choose the correct selection of flies for your visit?

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