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Fly Fishing Schools
Fly fishing, in the minds of many, is contagious. Once exposed to the sport, it can affect your soul and you will forever be afflicted with the addiction. Those new to the sport are curious to know its nuances and anx- ious to understand why seasoned anglers are so passionate about fly fishing. Even those who’ve done it for years find themselves thirsty for greater knowledge, or just one more trick to fool one more wary fish into inexplicably taking that silly clump of chicken feathers and deer hair wrapped around a hook.
THERE’S NOTHING thatwecareaboutmorethan introducing our passion for fly fishing to others, and that’s part of why we’ve developed one of the premier fly fishing education programs in the country.
The curriculum includes fly fishing programs for begin- ning, intermediate, and advanced fly fishers, technical sem- inars, and The Fly Shop’s popular FishCamp for kids and our Family FishCamp (see the following page for details).
Our expert teaching staff has a fine-tuned approach to instruction that makes learning the sport easy, fun, and fast.
ANTELOPE CREEK RANCH on the north slope of Mount Shasta is our main fly fishing instruction campus. Our classroom includes two miles of private stream and two pristine, trophy trout lakes. Students will put their lessons immediately into practice and reinforce their new skills on our superb, fisherman-friendly water (see pages 18-19 for lodge details). It’s an ideal learning locale, and a spot that reinforces instruction with angling action.
Our clinics instill a permanent sense of enthusiasm, en- sure success, and guarantee new entrants into the sport will start off with the right habits.
Students will enjoy wonderful accommodations, deli- cious meals, and are taught in an informal lodge atmos- phere. There is plenty of room at the lodge, and it is a superb place to relax.
3-Day Fly Fishing Clinics 2019
Our most popular and comprehensive fly fishing school is intended to give newcomers the skills and confidence to successfully pursue the sport on their own afterwards. The emphasis is placed on fundamental casting tech- niques, the basic knots, stream reading, fly selection, en- tomology, and everything else necessary to tackle any freshwater trout fishing situation successfully.
All the fly fishing equipment, meals, lodging, instruction, workbooks and study guides are included in our compre- hensive three-day clinics.
s $1,295 per person double occupancy
s $1,795 per person single occupancy.
May 9 - May 12,2019 May 30 - June 2,2019
Women’s 3-Day Fly Fishing Clinics
A full-on learning experience featuring our fine-tuned cur- riculum tailored to a women-only audience in a no-pres- sure atmosphere. A wonderful opportunity to learn the sport and make friends in no-men-allowed company. Our instruction-packed seminars emphasize fly casting funda- mentals while introducing students to the basics of fishing with a fly. Clinics are held on the Trinity River at Indian Creek Lodge, 50 minutes east of Redding.
s $1,295 per person double occupancy s $1,795 per person single occupancy.
August 22 - 25 Women only
Dec Hogan Spey Seminar
Dec Hogan, author and world-famous spey instructor will guide students through a comprehensive one-day course. This hands-on seminar is held on moving water and sim- ulates actual situations anglers encounter.
s $280 per person, per day November 8 and 9
Advanced Casting Specialized Seminars
& Private Instruction
Instruction can be tailored for individual anglers, any size group, club organization, or business. We’ll build a curriculum customized to match your schedule, skill level, interests or goals; whether it’s a one-day introduc- tion to the sport, a clinic to prepare for an exotic fishing trip, or an on-the-water workshop covering the fine points of spey casting.
The Fly Shop® team will be glad to tailor a seminar or a private clinic at the location of your choice, at Antelope Creek Ranch, or at a park near your home or office.
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MAKING RESERVATIONS forourschoolsiseasy. Just give us a call at 800-669-3474 during business hours any day of the week, or e-mail us at We can give you the answers you need, detailed explana- tions to questions you might have, or check on availability and confirm your reservation in minutes.

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