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 Lake McCumber
This mid-elevation lake just east (45 minutes) of Redding is a bright jewel in the necklace of stillwater oppor- tunities surrounding Redding. Mo- tors aren’t allowed, insuring a peaceful day on the water. The rich, fertile lake bed translates into in- credible hatches and dry fly fishing can be spectacular.
McCumber is a great spot to stop for an evening of angling on the way to a weekend at Hat Creek, the Pit or Fall River, and is a local favorite.
McCloud Reservoir
This reliable winter hotspot serves up outstanding trout fishing on a regular basis. Successful fly fishing here is often with a full, high den- sity sinking line and a box full of streamers. The growth rate of these fish is slow, but they are pro- lific and notorious fighters. It’s not unusual, when you stumble on the right combination, to land dozens of trout. There are a few lovely, unimproved campgrounds nearby, and it’s one spot that you are likely to have to yourself.
Manzanita Lake
This postcard perfect lake just inside the entrance of Lassen Volcanic Nat’l Park boasts spectacular hatches and superb fly fishing. Callibaetis mayflies, flying ants, or adult damselflies often trigger a veritable trout hysteria on the lake surface, with fish striking with abandon. Manzanita is choked with snow most winters but is an ideal spot for wade-fishing the shal- low coves or float tubing during spring, summer and fall.
Baum Lake
Baum Lake is our “Ace in the Hole”, and a favorite winter fishery. Baum is part of the Hat Creek system, and the lake remains clear throughout the winter.When every other piece of water on the West Coast is dirty, Baum Lake is crystal clear. Dry flies, suspended nymphs, streamers and chironomids all work well at Baum.
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