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Lewiston Lake
Lewiston could be the best kept se- cret in the North State. Less than an hour west of Redding, Lewiston is the tailwater lake formed by Trinity (Clair Engle) Lake. Fly fishing can be excellent any day of the year, but is most notable in the spring and early summer when the callibaetis react to the sudden warming of weather and the entire lake comes alive every morning, like clockwork.
Bullseye swirls of rising trout usu- ally make it easy to locate the pro- ductive areas of the long, narrow, slow-moving fishery.
We recommend light, long fly rods and a full floating line (and a very slow sinking intermediate). Bring along a light anchor for your watercraft, and plan on arriving mid-morning near Easter. Fishing in the Redding and
Trinity area just continues to im- prove in concert with the arrival of warmer weather, and anglers fail to give enough attention to Lewiston as other options mature locally and tempt fly rodders.
The mid-summer fishing at Lewiston peaks in the late evenings, with thick caddis hatches and fish often rising in every direc- tion. By Independence Day, fly fish- ermen usually find themselves enjoying the action alone, or shar- ing the glass-smooth water with a few knowledgeable locals.
Lewiston fish can be selective and the key to success is matching your fly to the correct size, color and stage of the developing insect.
There are plenty of camping spots on the lake, and nearby ac- commodationsatLakeviewTerrace
and in the growing community of Lewiston. The nearest fly shop is Herb Burton’s Trinity Fly Shop.
Keswick Reservoir
Often overlooked and under-appre- ciated, Keswick is the slow upstream section of the Lower Sacramento River – before it becomes the Lower Sacramento River. Fishing is similar to the Lower Sac, except you rarely have to worry about seeing another soul. You’ll spend the day catching wild rainbows that will surprise even the most experienced anglers with their strength and tenacity. Motor- ized watercraft are acceptable on Keswick and pontoon boats are okay, but float tubes aren’t advisable.
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