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Wilk’s BassPond
Our 22-acre largemouth
bass factory
A few hundred feet from the Sacramento River and only 20 minutes from The Fly Shop®, this bucketmouth bonanza is a great way to fill an afternoon when you arrive in Redding and make the most of your holiday visit
to the area.
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WILK’S POND HABITAT provides a near- perfect environment for bass, bluegill, and crappie. The edges of the lake are lined with overhanging trees and bushes, and the cover just screams lunker largemouth.
The entire lake is loaded with fish. During the spring and mid-summer large bucketmouths cruise the shade and lie below the lily pads, ready to am- bush anything that comes in range.There’s enough heart-stopping top water action from April through November to keep even the most de- manding angler entertained.
Wilk’s Pond is a hard-to-believe getaway. Easy-to- get-to, but far enough from town to provide seclu- sion.And with a constant parade of riparian wildlife and birdlife. Eagles, osprey, deer, beavers, wild turkeys, and other woodland critters are routine visitors.
Weed growth is kept to a minimum by a supply of fresh, cool water percolating in from the nearby river, and the small, lakeside cabin is a swell spot to relax for lunch, get out of the weather or take a break from the action.
Wilk’s Pond is a wonderful, nearby woodland re- treat and the perfect place to spend a spring, sum- mer, or fall day with your kids, family, or a couple of friends. Too, it’s a way to add on some great fishing and make the most of your limited vacation time in the area. This terrific bass fishery is only minutes fromThe Fly Shop®.
s $95 per angler, per day access fee
s 55 per angler, per half day access fee

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