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 Small Stream Options
The concept of fishing (or hunting) behind a locked gate and fence is nearly as old as property rights in the American West.
 THE OAK-COVERED foothills gradually begin to shift in character as Highway 44 climbs toward Mount Lassen, east of Redding.At about the point that the first pine trees and cedars start to line the roadside, the temperatures drop and trout coun- try begins in the small, lower eleva- tion trout streams of Shasta, Lassen, and Tehama Counties. Hat Creek, Rock Creek, Battle Creek, and Bear Creek all feed small lakes intermit- tently spaced along their headwa- ters. Sometimes these seem only to be an exceptionally wide spot in the stream built by an enterprising beaver or landowner.
Cool springs and freestone streams feed a few larger impound- ments (vestigal 19th century hydro dams or large logging ponds) on both public and private properties in the area, and multi-faceted fly fisher- man interested in combining both stream and lake fishing really don’t have to look far.
The wild trout portion of Hat Creek is a rifle shot from Baum Lake. Burney Creek and the Pit River dump into Lake Britton near Burney Falls-MacArthur State Park forming the first major fishing im- poundment on the 207-mile long Pit River, and the 3-mile section of the wild McCloud River below Mc- Cloud Reservoir is terrific.
Bidwell Ranch’s ponds near the origin of Hat Creek and Rising River are administered by Wilderness Unlimited and offer fly fishing only to their members. Eagle Canyon to the southeast also offers some excellent catch- and-release, fly fishing only for a modest fee to anglers who want to get some private time on lakes and streams.
So, too, does The Fly Shop®.
OASIS SPRINGS LODGE isa luxurious angling and sportsmen’s retreat nestled on the lower flanks of Mount Lassen overlooking the beautiful, crystal clear South Fork of Battle Creek. The gate to this 3,300 acre recreation paradise is near the south entrance to Mt. Lassen National Volcanic Park and only slightly less than a 4 hour drive north of San Francisco.
The well-appointed, 10-guest room lodge is surrounded by a large grove of valley oaks and landscaped paths leading to a relaxing spa, solar- heated swimming pool, and a lighted tennis court.
The stream, partially fed by springs, has carved a beautiful, tree- lined canyon through this freestone terrain and created fish-rich, quality rainbow and brown trout habitat. This section of Battle Creek runs clear and cold all summer long and is filled from bank to bank with wild rainbows and a few native browns that seldom see a fly.
Small stream enthusiasts will revel in exclusive access to more than six miles of fishing for wild trout in Upper Battle Creek.
Oasis springs ranch is available for only a few weeks each summer and exclusively through The Fly Shop®. The spacious ranch resort will accommodate 18 guests (though no more than 8 anglers are allowed at any one time) and it’s a swell location for large families, groups and the perfect place to plan a small wedding, celebration, or special event.
s $7,500 per week (Thursday through Tuesday) for 8 guests
s 50 per day for additional guests, with a maximum of 18
s Youths 15 and under -
no charge
BAILEY CREEK LODGE isa secluded ranch about an hour east of The Fly Shop®. It’s a wonderful spot for families and groups, with a comfortable lodge, billiards table, pool and hot tub. Guests enjoy easy access to a spring-fed trophy trout lake behind the lodge – full of Juras- sic-sized rainbows – and panoramic views of the Manton Valley below. There is also well over a mile of pristine mountain stream curling just past the back door of the lodge and a trophy bass lake accessible by golf carts (provided).
The lodge opens for guests in mid-April each season and operates through mid-November.
s $215 per night for each angler s 165 per night for non-fishing guests
phone 800-669-3474
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