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 Let our experts help with
your next California fly fishing holiday!
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Drive 30 minutes in any direction and you’ll be up to your waist in trout fishing
There are several hundred miles of ter- rific trout and steelhead rivers, and a bunch of lakes, & streams within easy striking distance of Redding. Much of the fishing is straightforward and ideal for the self-reliant angler. However, there are spots where fly fishermen could use help.
We’ve got a great team of expert guides to do that, and we’ve added our own “Private Waters” to the mix of regional fisheries available to our clientele.
The Fly Shop® staff is happy to point you in the right direction or tailor an an- gling holiday for you and your friends or family that is built around your budget, ability, and interests.
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Have we got a spot for you!
THE FLY SHOP® has got a bunch of amazing local fly fishing options and a staff able and eager to help you plan your next angling holiday in our area. Redding is sur- rounded by volcanoes, hundreds of thousands of acres of National Forest, wilderness areas, mountain streams, lakes, rivers, and ponds.
Most of it is public and easily accessible by the inter- state, highways, and a spiderweb of country roads. Some spots require a 4-wheel drive, and a sturdy pair of hiking boots is needed for others. Most of the places where we fish can be waded, but some require specialized water- craft.We guide nearly every inch of it.
Some local fisheries are protected with fly-fishing -only, catch-and-release and special closures designed to ensure the fishing around here will stay good for generations.
The pages that follow highlight a few of the most pop- ular regional angling options. For those searching for a solitary, slam-dunk, fly fishing experience, we offer a broad variety of diverse Private Waters destinations.
Each of our private ranches offers a one-of-a-kind qual- ity fly fishing experience in locations ranging from rugged wilderness streams, alpine lakeside cabins, luxurious lodg- ing, and even membership in the historic Bollibokka Club on the McCloud River.

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