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 Most of our guided fishing
is less than an hour away. Many of the best spots are right in our back yard and most are only minutes from the front door of The Fly Shop®
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The Fly Shop® guide rates
Our fee is identical, whether pack- ages are for one or two anglers. Lunch is provided. Fly rods, flies, and tackle aren’t included (but available in our all-inclusive packages).
Package options:
NORTHERN CALIFORNIA is a diverse angling Mecca, with a tem- perate climate and reliable fishing nearly every day of the year. Dedi- cated fly fishermen can target rain- bows, brown trout, brookies, steelhead, spotted bass, largemouth, smallmouth, stripers, and shad.
Our back yard has made its mark as a destination for discriminating fly fishermen looking for a productive and peaceful outdoor adventure.
Guides seldom repeat the same float on our local rivers, except on request. We often target several dif- ferent rivers or species during a multi-day trip.
Give our team a call and we’ll tai- lor a trip that matches your schedule and passions. We can help with local hotels and restaurants, non-angling options, and whatever else is neces- sary to ensure that your trip to our area is memorable.
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$500 Full-dayGuidedTrips
375 Half-dayGuidedTrips
300 LowerSac“EveningHatch” 50 additional fee includes all the necessary fly rods, flies, and any terminal tackle.
$600 jet boat trips on the Lower Sacramento River tailored for shad, stripers, or steelhead.
Walk & Wade Guided Trips on Nearby Rivers
Pit River is notorious for tough wading and broad- shouldered, heavy hitting rainbows. It’s now open year round, with a new flow regime that makes it well worth exploring in the winter months. Ideal flows this summer season will translate into easier access to the entire river.
McCloud River rainbows are the most famous trout on Earth, and its hefty browns are a reward for the angler willing to work into the rugged river canyon water. Spring, mid-summer and fall fly fishing on this fa- mous freestone river is excellent, and every visitor is further rewarded by some of the most spectacular scenery in the American West.
Upper Sacramento is a favorite walk-and- wade stream featuring classic pocket water, riffles, and pools. Nearly 40 miles of it is easily accessible from the Interstate. With all the simple access, it’s always easy to find un-fished waters.The Upper Sacramento is open year ‘round, with the best fishing from mid-May through December.
Hat Creek is renowned for great hatches, selec- tive rainbows and the experience is a proverbial chess game of spring creek fly fishing.This is western selective trout fishing at its finest and a quality guide helps anglers learn the ropes.
Guided Drift Boat Trips with The Fly Shop®
The Lower Sacramento between Shasta Dam and Red Bluff is a year ‘round trout fishery and the starting line for most of the angling begins only a rifle shot from our parking lot.We’re blessed by a very temperate climate, with a couple of warm mid-summer months, a spectacular spring and fall, and a pleasant, brief winter.
Our guides use drift boats to cover approximately 50 miles of the broad, rainbow trout-filled river. Steelhead are a top target each fall and a rare chance to chase fish in relative solitude with either a single-hand or spey rod.
The Trinity River is home to incredible returns of steelhead each fall and winter, and the go-to destination for both dedicated steelhead addicts and those anglers wanting to tie into their first ever sea-going rainbow.
Fall River is renowned for prolific hatches, and the birthplace of many of today’s best known spring creek patterns. One of the finest spring creeks in America. Our guides use quiet, low-profile motorized prams that are custom-tailored for the experience. s 800-669-3474 11

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