Don’t forget about Dad this year! Find the perfect fly fishing gift for your angling father right here.

Not sure what to get? Checkout some of our ideas listed below. Don’t see what you’re looking for, you can also view some of our favorite items in our online catalog.

The Fly Shop Gift Card

Gift Card

Give the gift every angler wants!
Take the guesswork out of buying for impossible-to-shop for people on your list with a gift card from The Fly Shop®.

They're easily redeemable at our store or over the phone. Order them in any denomination and we'll send them anywhere (first class mail) at no charge. Can be used for any service or product through The Fly Shop®.
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Guided Fishing Trip

Northern California Fly Fishing

Have we got a spot for you!
The Fly Shop® has got a bunch of amazing local fly fishing options and a staff able and eager to help you plan your next angling holiday in our area. Redding is surrounded by volcanoes, hundred of thousands of acres of National Forest, wilderness areas, mountain streams, lakes, rivers, and ponds.

You can fish everyday of the year around here!

Sun Protection

Protect Your Skin

We know hot here in Redding!
Having the proper protection from the sun can make or break a good day of fishing in our area during the summer months. Make sure dad is equipped properly the next time he hits the water with some great protective clothing.

The Simms SolarFlex and Patagonia Tropic Comfort are comfortable and both 50+ rated.
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Alaska Fly Fishing Trip

Lava Creek Lodge - Alaska

Parent and Daughter/Son Special - Half Price Offer (July 14 - 21, 2019):
One angler pays the normal Grand Slam Weekly rate of $6,000 and your Dad comes for Half Price ($3,000).

Chum Salmon, Oncorhynchus keta (River Tuna) - the most underrated, hardest fighting fly-eating machine that swims in Alaska! Pound for pound, no fish in Alaska fights harder than a bright Chum salmon, fresh out of the sea. Tied tail to tail with an equal sized Coho salmon, a Chum would drown it!

The Fly Shop Fresh H2O Outfits

Fly Rod/Reel/Line Outfits

The best rod for the buck in fly fishing!
Our Fresh H2O Series fly rods are exactly the right choice for most anglers. They're a step away from the ultra-fast action of many contemporary rods and a shift toward a smooth, forgiving action that best suits most of the anglers that step into the boats with our guides or walk into our shop on their way to one of our California rivers, streams, or lakes.

Forgiving actions combined with responsive high modulus graphite. It's a marriage of design and materials.
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The Fly Shop's Private Waters

Fishing with Dad

Looking for a special getaway with Dad that will give you lasting memories and fish stories for years?

The Fly Shop® has a few places here in the shadow of Mount Shasta where you can get together and enjoy great fishing all by yourselves. Fishing ranches that have never been open to the public. We've got exclusive access to thirteen miles of small streams, seven private miles of the McCloud, half a dozen great lakes and three fine foothill bass and trout ponds. All of them without another soul around.

Family FishCamp™

Perfect Family Gathering

Family FishCamp™ is a perfect family destination! You and your family can spend four nights and five days together fishing, tying flies, sharing stories by the campfire, and having fun at the beautiful Antelope Creek Ranch. Families that want to share a wonderful learning experience are encouraged to attend.

You and your family can spend your days attending exciting clinics about fly casting, fly tying, entomology, and the wonders of the great outdoors.

Abel Nipper & Lanyard

Tools & Accessories

We think this is the best nipper made!
Guaranteed to last and cut (anything from 7X to 100# mono) forever, this precision machined aircraft aluminum leader nipper has replaceable jaws and is the best nipper ever made. Period!

The AbeL Nipper Lanyard is strong, lightweight, really neat looking and a terrific addition to an angler’s arsenal. Unlike twisted or woven lanyard cords, the AbeLanyard Cord is highly supple, virtually unbreakable and a joy to wear.
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Fly Tying

Tying Tools & Materials

Is your Dad into tying his own flies?

Our selection of materials and tools for the bench are second to none. We've got the right tools and materials for all levels of fly tying, from beginner to expert. Looking to get started? Checkout the Wapsi Deluxe Starter Fly Tying Kit. If your dad is past the starter stage of fly tying, checkout our higher end tools. The Tiemco Premium Double-Arm Bobbin or Razor Scissors may be the perfect gift item. Not sure what he's got or needs, give him a Gift Card.
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